E! Online talks to Kent Zbornak

SPOILER WARNING! E! Online got a chance to chat with The Office’s Co-Executive Producer Kent Zbornak about Season 4:

I heard that the first four episodes are the one-hour episodes.
That is correct, and they will air back-to-back. Starting Sept. 29, our first hour will air, and then the following Thursdays our other three hours will air.

Link: Office Scoop — See What’s in Store for Pam and Jim …


  1. oh come on! Two months after the lovely “I’m sorry…what was the question?” moment?! I really wanted to see them closer to that point. oh well. At least they’ve taken a “step up.” yay!

  2. “hausfrau” just made my day. Kent Z. rocks :) I am a little put out that the season premiere is set so far after The Date…but I’ll probably get over it. Also, Kent said new couples, with an S…Karen/Ryan and Kelly/Andy?

  3. September 27 needs to hurry up and get here. I’m so jazzed after reading the interview with Kent. … This is an amazing writing and producing team, and if we Dunderheads don’t always get what we’re hoping for out of certain relationships on the show, it’s because we’re being short-sighted whereas the writers have the big picture in mind. Whatever happens with Jim and Pam, let’s remember that these are well-rounded characters who grow and evolve over the course of the season. That’s part of the show’s greatness.

  4. I was a little surprised too that the show picks up after so much time has gone by, but in retrospect that is how it was last season too. Jim had already been in Stamford and Pam had long since called off her wedding. No matter what it seems like lots of changes are in store.

  5. Well they have always said the show is in “real” time. So of course it would pick up two months after “It’s a date”. But hopefully they might do some flash backs like they did on the “BeachDay Moment” on The Job. (thats my little dunderwish)

  6. Intriguing article…I like how he specifically says that things will be very clear. Is it really only July 27th? Argh!

  7. Wow. Maybe Pam is living down the block from Karen now. Two blocks away ;)

  8. I can’t wait until the premiere! Too bad I already broke the promise I had with myself about reading spoilers…oh well.

  9. Maybe they decide to take it slow and we don’t start seeing them dating dating until the beginning of the season….like they;ve spent the summer just getting comfortable as friends again. then we’d still see the beginning of an actual relationship :)

  10. I’m not too happy that they’re letting two months slip by from when Jim asks Pam for dinner. We miss out on the best part of the relationship! Seeing those first awkward moments…. Very sad that we’ll miss out on all that!

  11. they could absolutely still do flashbacking. Esp. to see what happened w/ Karen before Jim left the city to go to Scranton & ask Pam out. I just hope if we can’t see the FIRST date with Jim & Pam, we’ll at least get to see A date b/t them at some point. And I wouldnt mind waiting until they’re more comfortable w/ one another and know for sure their friendship/relationship is back on track.

    Even still, I kind of hope Jam are pushed a BIT more into the background for the first part of the season, just b/c I want things to go back to when they were just so comfortable and easy going with one another in Seasons 1 & 2. And the rest of the cast is so deserving of their own frontburner storylines.

  12. He meant Sept 27th right? And what is the time slot it got again? I’m putting it into my pocketpc thingy b/c it makes me happy. :o)

  13. I’m concerned that they aren’t going to let JAM happen…or something really sad will happen, denying us yet again, of watching these two develop a relationship. There better be some serious flashbacks to satisfy those of us who want all of the awkward, joyful moments b/t the two of them!

  14. I was surprised to see that the first episode was going to take place only 2 months forward since “real time” would be more like 4 months. That means we’ll see the situation in an earlier phase than what I expecting. Personally, I’m pleased with this news.

  15. I would love the first scene to be Jim sitting back at his original desk looking over Pam then Ryan walks in to meet with Michael. That’s my prediction.

  16. Ryan’s the boss. Kelly’s a scorned woman. Hell hath no furry . . . Sadly, this might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back on interoffice dating.

    That said, we could see Pam/Jim go underground ala Dwight/Angela.

    Viva La Résistance!

  17. I think something bad will happen to Jim and Pam. And I don’t like the two month window, because that will mean it’s only July???? Or maybe like a flashback sort of thing may happen? I don’t know, but it’s killing me!

  18. aahh! my dad keeps telling me to bug me that jam won’t happen and that in the first episode they will already have broken up! pleaseeee! i hope this doesn’t happen with all my heart!

  19. “Q. One last question. Is Jan really moving in with Michael, and will we be seeing Melora Hardin in stretch pants?
    A. [Laughs.] That’s a good question. You guys have done a lot of great homework.”

    How does watching an episode qualify as “great homework?”

  20. I’m not quite sure why everyone is up in arms about the Jim/Pam comment. I guess people are still just so burned by last year’s premiere, which I totally understand. I didn’t read anything negative into what he said. It’s not like he was going to come out and say “YES THEY ARE TOGETHER AND THEY ARE DOING [email protected]!!!!” in this interview. Where’s the fun in that? ;)

  21. hi Danna, yes it’s Sept. 27, and the new timeslot is 9pm. “The Office” has actually been consistently getting higher ratings in adults 18-49 than “Grey’s” during summer reruns at the top of the 9pm hour. I know summer ratings are no indication at all of the numbers we will see when fall season rolls along, but I want to keep deluding myself while it lasts :)

  22. Yeah, the new timeslot worries me a little. But considering how far downhill Grey’s has gone in the last season, I think the Office will be ok. Plus Grey’s is available online, so people can watch it later.
    Wouldn’t hurt if the Office picked up some hardcore Emmys!

  23. New couplings? I wonder who will be coupled..
    I like that it’s going to be in real time, it is so much more realistic, but that’s just me. Plus, I didn’t see anything in there that said there wouldn’t be flashback.

  24. In regards to a couple comments about real time and that two months later is July: remember we are getting 4 one-hour episodes to start the season which might be a way to get in those summer months unlike past seasons. I think someone has mentioned this as a possibility in another post but I don’t remember. Another very good possibility is that he misspoke and meant four months later. :-)

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