1. Angela WOULD spontaneously produce the world’s most boring Mad Lib. And with Dwight’s talking head? That scene was perfect.

  2. #1: Not only did Angela produce the world’s most boring Mad Lib, she thought it was funny!

  3. I think Mr. Helms’ story just beat everyone else’s…though it comes pretty close to John’s lawn dart story :-P

  4. HAHAH Ed Helm’s Al Gore was perfect.

    and Angela’s mad lib was great! Haha “a man eating cat food.” Can’t wait for tonight!

  5. Ed Helms is too awesome! He was the second guest, meaning his segment was shorter and it he managed to make me laugh the entire time. What a great guy!!

  6. His character was a great addition to a cast I didn’t think needed one….He’s such a talented comedic actor.

    BTW….Andy Bernard seems to be the front runner for the spin-off

  7. a) Ed Helms is totally awesome.

    b) I can’t WAIT for tonight’s episode. BJ definitely writes the best “classic” episodes of The Office, and just hearing that perfectly normal and mundane Mad Lib gives me great faith for tonight’s episode.

  8. There appears to be confusion now. I don’t think BJ wrote this episode, but Kate claims he did in her blog. Who’s right?

    Oh. Ed = hilarious. That clip was amazing.

  9. I’m looking for the Daily Show segment where he passes out at the spin room on their Website, if anyone finds it post it.

  10. I laughed for like 2 minutes straight at that clip after Dwight’s talking head! HILARIOUS!

    I can’t wait one bit more for tonight’s episode. It’s going to be awesome!

  11. Ed Helms.. I love you! And Dwight’s talking head… Dawesome! Yay it’s Thursday everybody!! Whoowhoo.

  12. Loved the Al Gore bit.

    That clip is hilarious! It’s actually nice to see Angela smile, if only for a moment. Can’t wait for tonight!

  13. Brent Forrester and Justin Spitzer wrote ‘Did I Stutter?’ They’ve already agreed to do a Q&A about it. :)

  14. Tanster – You deserve mad mad props for all the hard work you put into officetally.com. It truly is the best fansite out there. From all the interviews, clips and spoilers to the new Q&As with the writes, this is the perfect site for fans.

    I LOVE the writers Q&As! Please let them all know how grateful the fans are for their willingness to answer questions. They provide unbelievable access to their fans. What an awesome crew!

    Thanks again Tanster!

    [from tanster: you’re welcome, megan! i love the Q&As too. the writers are AWESOME for doing it. hope i can keep this up! (that’s what she said.)]

  15. Did anyone else laugh at his comments about people who go to conventions for anything are always the nerdiest? Meaning, anyone else who was at the Scranton convention last fall haha?

  16. I know it’s only a short clip, but this episode looks awesome.

  17. Ok, so, I’m new to cable. Ed Helms is as new to me as season 3 is. I did not like him AT ALL at first. He was irritating and over the top, but with every episode…Andy grew on me. I started realizing (perhaps through the eccentricities of my own co-workers) that his character adds so much to the show. Now I think both Ed and Andy are brilliant. I LOVED the Al Gore impression. Too Funny! Thanks for such an….ummm…candid story, Ed!

    “Every success I’ve ever had in my job or with the lady folk has come from my ability to slowly, and painfully, wear someone down.”

  18. Ed Helms = Love. He has really grown on me this past season. I HATED him last season, but I can’t help but like him now. If anyone but Ed Helms played him, it would be horrible.

  19. After watching that video, I would like to take this opportunity to propose marriage to Ed Helms. My boyfriend might have a problem with it, but I can’t help it. I love Ed.

  20. Tanster, you rock! Thanks so much for all the hard work you do on this site. It is by far my favorite fan site!
    And…Ed Helms…yummy! I am so crushin’ on him after seeing that clip!

  21. Yay! The news about the writer Q&A for this episode is terrific, tanster!!! Easily my new favorite feature on your site :)

    Ed Helms is just a terrific guy, and I’m so glad he was on The Tonight Show. Without a doubt, I can’t imagine the show without Andy anymore. The Andy-Angela romance is hilariously lopsided :)

  22. It is hard to imagine The Office without Andy anymore. Like most everyone else, I couldn’t stand him at first.I didn’t realize he was growing on me until “Launch Party”. No, not the singing scene- actually, it was the “I can’t tell if he’s mocking me” scene with Jim and Dwight. What can I say? It’s the little moments.

  23. RE 21 & 22:
    I think it is a testament to Ed’s talent- he started out as an intentionally unlikeable character, but then the writers turned him into a major character that we are supposed to like. It seems like with a less talented actor, that might be a potentially horrible move, but it worked for Ed! We all love him now!

  24. So, Ed, does that mean only Office “Nerds” go to the Office Convention??? *slinks away*

  25. Ed did a pretty good Al Gore impersonation last night! He was great on The Daily Show as well.

  26. That clip for tonight… so funny. I love how happy Angela is and how Dwight is… um… happy too! Can’t wait for tonight! Justin and Brent were great when they wrote Product Recall. I’m sure they have another winner in their hands! YAY!!!

  27. Ed Helms is AWESOME!!!!

    What a great addition he has been to the Office.

  28. Ed looked like a hottie last night- when I was flipping through channels and saw him on, I jumped outta bed (got a small screen tv) and flew to the TV to watch it closer… LMAO
    The tree house story was hilarious!

  29. I just want to chime in the Ed Helms love, too! He was so handsome and charming on Leno last night! I was cringing at the tree house story, though, but it was too, too funny when Ed was like, “there’s no structural damage,” after Jay told him that’s why he’ still single.

  30. Sorry JKras…I think Ed Helms has now won my heart! He is too adorable!

  31. #34, I am in agreement. He is charming, and funny and easy on the eyes. His Al Gore bit was hilarious.

    #21, I also didn’t like “Andy” at first, but, he started to grow on me once he was “wait-listed” for the finer things club.

    Ohkrasinski will now be known as Ohhelms.

  32. ouch. i feel bad for ed. it explains so much (haha just kidding).

  33. Love him :) Did anyone see him when he was on Conan a month or two ago? He was great there as well, even sang a song from Les Miserables.

  34. Ed’s impressions are amazing (Brokaw, robotic/gay Al Gore). Andy and Jim should have an impressionn-off someday.

  35. When I heard that new characters were being added in season 3, I was nervous. Now Andy is one of my favorite characters. What a great addition to the show.

  36. Ok, the video is ‘temporarily unavailable’… so what happened to him in the tree house story?

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