1. Could Ellie be any cuter? That was just adorable, how she was all nervous and then she and Craig bonded over frozen custard and fried ravioli. Perfect show. If I was ever famous I’d want to be on Craig Ferguson as my first show as he’s just so nice! It’s not like there’s anything planned or he’s got a list of questions to ask, it just seems so natural and you can see the real side of all these celebrities because they’re just sitting down to talk with him.

    Great clip, thanks for posting!

  2. LISTEN!!! How adorable is Ellie? I kind of want to be her best friend. I love how Craig’s show is unplanned, so there’s so many awkward/strange moments. How great. Side note: I have that teeth falling out dream like every other night, but my teeth keep multiplying, like there’s millions coming out of my mouth. What’s THAT about?

  3. Oh, is she the sweetest thing! I love Ellie, she’s been such a fantastic addition to the show.

  4. Adorable Ellie! But poor thing…she was nervous and Craig kept cutting her off, interrupting every few seconds. Nerve-wracking!

  5. With that interview it is now official, Ellie has overtaken Jenna Fischer on the cuteness scale.
    I think Craig was cutting her off/interrupting since Willie Nelson was coming back out. Hopefully she really does come back and do a cooking segment!

  6. who now wants to add “LISTEN!!!” to their regular vocabulary….that was SUCH a fun interview!!! Love it. I know actresses, esp newer-ly famous ones, are of course supposed to be cute-appearing when on talk shows. But seriously….this was super cute. Seems like any one of us, totally unfamous people, would have reacted in much the same way to an interview on Craig Ferguson. Awesome job, Ellie – we love you!!!!

  7. “Listen!”

    “It’s like you were there!””

    “I am a woman of mystery!”

    “You would be blown away!”

    I love Ellie!

  8. oh crap i wanted to watch this interview again. it’s totally bizzare and interesting. She, I read is very good at improv so I got the feeling some of that was going on. I felt like I was part of her dream.

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