The Office Peeps Contest, 2010

Credit: Matt Collins

Back by demand, here are the details of The Office Peeps Contest, 2010 edition!

Your task: depict a Season 6 scene from ‘The Office’ using Peeps, for a chance to win an gift certificate! (Here are last year’s finalists, for a little inspiration.)

UPDATE: contest is now closed. Finalists (and poll) will be posted on Thursday!

How to submit an entry

  1. Go buy some Peeps.
  2. Depict a scene from ‘The Office’ using Peeps.
  3. Take a photo of your scene, and upload it to any photo sharing site.
  4. Add a comment to this post with:
    – The Office episode name and scene depicted
    – a link to your Office Peeps photo
    – any details you would like to highlight
  5. Include a valid email address in the Email field of your comment.

You’ll see a [from tanster: received] note in the comment when your entry has been officially received; please allow 48 hours for this to happen. All entries will be hidden until finalists are announced.


  • Use scenes from Season 6 broadcast episodes only (no webisodes, no deleted scenes, etc).
  • Characters must be made of actual whole Peeps.
  • You may add clothing, backgrounds, and props only if they are part of the original scene.
  • Do not add captions, labels, voice bubbles, etc. to the scene or photo.
  • Don’t enhance the photo with special effects, Photoshop, etc.
  • Submit only ONE photo. Keep in mind that if your entry is chosen as a finalist, I will resize your photo to 450 pixels wide to post here at OfficeTally.
  • One entry per person.
  • Violation of the rules will disqualify your entry from winning prizes.


  • Grand prize: $30 gift certificate
  • 2nd place prize: $15 gift certificate
  • 3rd place prize: $10 gift certificate

Because prizes will be sent via email and there are no physical shipping fees involved, this contest is open to international entries!

Prizes will be awarded only if there are at least 20 entries submitted.


  1. I will pick 20 finalists.
  2. The finalists will then be entered in a fan poll.
  3. Tallyheads will vote for their favorite three entries.
  4. The top three vote-getters will receive prizes as listed above!


  • Fri April 2: contest announced.
  • Sat April 17, 11pm PT: deadline to submit entries.
  • Thu April 22: finalists selected, poll posted here at OfficeTally.
  • Wed April 28: poll closes.
  • Thu April 29: winners announced!


  • The rules, the prizes, and the schedule are all subject to change without notice. (Although I will do my best to not let that happen.)
  • All decisions are final.

Need scene ideas? Check out LiveJournal Office icons, photo archives, or for Season 6 video. Go forth and peepify!


  1. The scene I chose and made is in black & white, can I b&w the picture so it’s exact?

    [from tanster: i know exactly the scene you’re talking about. :) since it is shown in the episode in B&W, yes, you can B&W the photo, but no other photoshopping effects. thanks!]

  2. Tanster- Can I submit an entry just for fun? I live in Canada. I don’t mind if I can’t win anything. I just think it would be fun!

    [from tanster: worldwide entries are accepted — see “Prizes” section!]

  3. QUESTION! Does it have to be peeps bunnies or can we use the duckies?

    [from tanster: any]

  4. Okay, now I’m really curious. What scene was in B&W? I don’t remember that at all, but I know haven’t missed an episode.

  5. Are we allowed to use an image that was used in the scene we are depicting? i.e. print out the original image and use it in the Peeps scene?

  6. My BFF just said she’d help me make one! Yay! Now I just need to think of a scene that everyone else won’t do…hmmm….

  7. @ 4 (jj)

    I’m 99% sure they’re talking about the security-tape footage of Michael’s fall in ‘Koi Pond’. Great scene, can’t wait to see your entry!! :]

  8. I think that the B&W scene is probably the security footage from Koi Pond. I was thinking about doing that scene too, its a great one.

  9. Where are all the entries people? Kick it up a notch, BAM! Can’t wait to see them all.

  10. We had to wait until after easter to get the on-sale peeps :) I was thinking of doing the koi pond scene, too. I have some good ideas for it so I still might. I have some other ideas, too, so we’ll see.

  11. A scene I am thinking about doing has a Vance Refrigeration sign in the background. Can I include that?

  12. Can we use scenes from “The Banker” that previously aired in other seasons?

  13. Hi all, if I didn’t answer your question, it’s because you asked it after people started submitting entries.

    Just do the best you can with with the guidelines provided. Thanks! :)

  14. wooo 11 entries!

    [from tanster: at this point, every entry is a finalist. :) ]

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