1. I think the best line is Oscar: “I think men bone women, I think that I’m correct in that”. I would have liked some more time with everyone else at the office – I miss them when they’re not around as much!

  2. Michael’s eye peeking out of the bathroom was classic! I love seeing the everyday interactions among the staff – just sitting around having lunch while talking about the latest Michael’s antics.

  3. Ha! Loved when Meredith suggested that a hot girl might replace Dwight if he was fired and Kelly’s concerned “Oh my god I had not thought of that.” Love Kelly.

  4. Hahaha! Even this clip was brilliant! Truthfully, I was a tad sick of sympathetic Michael.

  5. Wow they should have kept the second part in, sure they could have trimmed some stuff and squeezed it in.

  6. I love Kelly’s line about replacing Dwight with a hot guy and Oscar agreeing! This deleted scene was awesome!

  7. #8. Dan – “they could have trimmed some stuff and squeezed it in.”

    That’s what she said!

    Okay, on topic, that was one of the best deleted scenes ever!

  8. Hehe, I with you #12!

    I love it when Jim gets called James and I have no idea why! :)

  9. #12 and #15, you’re not alone. i love it when jim is called james for some odd reason. lol.

    this scene is hilarious! they should’ve kept it in.

  10. I also love it when Michael calls Jim “James.”

    I think it brings me back to that (Season 3?) gag reel footage when you can see how hard Steve tries to make John break. He’s just ruthless…and I love that these comedians are so talented and continue to challenge each other to be funnier.

  11. The talking head with Jim and Pam feels improv’ed, and it is hilarious. I love how Jim/John can’t keep a straight face as he moves off camera.

  12. Andy: I was raised to be a gentleman around women. But, when your fiancee is Satan, THAT DOESN’T WORK.


  13. That was too funny. “I like your top… the color, but not the cut.” LOL. Never thought I’d hear that out of Kevin Malone’s mouth. Maybe Oscar, but not Kevin. ;)

  14. That second deleted scene was so full of hilarious gems that it felt like a webisode! And the Jim and Pam talking head especially should have been a keeper in the episode–I loved the way they both cracked up at the end.

  15. I love that Andy’s trying out his new dating techniques with Kevin – hilarious!

    Great Jim/Pam talking head. Love that Jim/John is laughing as he moves out of frame. The quote that screamed out in my head watching it was, “We’re not dating. We’re engaged.” a la Hot Girl S1. :)

  16. I generally thought what they left in was better than the deleted scenes for the first four seasons, but I don’t know anymore… I couldn’t believe they left out the scene in Prince Family Paper where Andy tells Darryl he should only get half a vote. And now this too! I thought the Kevin storyline needed one more scene and this definitely would have done it.

  17. #27, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought that during the deleted scene. I immediately flashed back to that scene from Hot Girl as well.

  18. I LURVED that second one! They are finally bringing back fun & awesome PB&J. I hope there’s a producer’s cut for this episode, even if it’s just on the dvd.

  19. AH! That second one should have stayed in. It was so funny! Sometimes I feel like the B story lines are cut too much for the A ones.

  20. that was purely awesome! they really should have found a way to keep that stuff in the episode.

  21. Clip Two has got to be one of my all-time favorite deleted scenes, of all seasons. Pure gold, from start to finish. Sometimes I truly pity these editors, for being forced to cut such wonderful material!

  22. Bwwahhhhahaaha!! These two clips together had me crying. A producer’s cut is a must of this one!

  23. They really shouldn’t have cut out that talking head with Andy about how his fiancee was Satan. That explained a lot about why he was giving Kevin such bad advice that seemed out of character given his previous wooing of Angela and his pride in being a great wingman. I think it actually hurt the episode to have that cut out.

    And Jim and Pam are funny and adorable together. I guess I can see how deleting their talking head didn’t really change the episode, it just would have been a great moment to leave in.

    I wouldn’t have missed some of the Michael/Dwight stuff if they had left that out and put these scenes in instead.

  24. That second deleted scene is absolutely pure gold. Andy is great in the talking head!

  25. oompa loompa dompity dawesome,
    they should have kept this clip,
    because it was totally awesome!

  26. Haaaaaaank! (translation: how could they have deleted a scene that contains the great Hank?)

  27. -“Got a friend for your stroll there, Dwight?”

    Those were some golden ticket scenes they cut out there.

  28. #34 I totally agree, it must be so difficult to cut any scenes, these are totally awesome.

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