Jenna Fischer on ‘Ellen’

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Jenna Fischer visited ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ today!

And Jenna blogs about her appearance in her MySpace blog: “… you get to see a super-sneak peak clip of The Office. It is for the episode that airs in 2 weeks!” (Which is coincidentally called, ‘Two Weeks.’)


  1. I forgot how short the interviews on the show really are. Jenna’s dad sounds just like mine, fixing everything and most impressed by the food at the show.

    Also Jenna looked just as great after Ellen got through with her as she did before. I don’t think she could be anything but beautiful though.

  2. I’ve never TiVoed Ellen before today and I probably never will after today (unless it’s Office related!), but I’m going to make an exception today since I’ll be at work when the show airs in my neck of the woods.

    Zach Braff is the icing on the cake since Scrubs is one of my favorite shows too.

  3. Ellen should think about becoming a “bump-it” hairstylist, haha! Jenna was such a great sport!

  4. My cheeks hurt from smiling so widely during that! Both the clip from the Office epi and the part with Jenna on the show were hilarious and adorable! Her mom and dad must be SO proud of their gal!

  5. Having Ellen test out the bump-it on Jenna was hilarious! Jenna was too excited when she was surprised by it, that was a great idea for interviewing her on the show.

  6. That was a fun interview, but too short! I love how excited Jenna was about the bump-it, and thought it was cute that her dad was wearing a DM shirt.

  7. That was hilarious! Ellen makes an interview so much fun. Jenna was a great sport, and her reactions to the hairspray and posing with the many bump its were hysterical. Loved that her parents were in the audience. The preview was fantastic–the spilled coffee and cat gnawing on the cord were too, too funny!

  8. So cute…her sweet dad coming to fix all the stuff in her house and he’s wearing the DM shirt!

  9. Jenna is just adorable – and her parents! So cute! Loved the hairspray action. Tanster, be sure to ask Jenna (if you can) whether or not the hairspray left any lasting damage. Ellen went crazy with that stuff!

    Such a great segment. Jenna is always the best guest of the week whenever she’s on shows. Love love love it!

  10. #10 That was awesome, I watched the clip to just to see 3:40 and see if “that’s what she said” would work and it did!! So funny.

  11. Jenna’s genuine excitement about the Bump It was so adorable! And her parents are so adorable and so midwest-normal-looking. I love it.

  12. Such a cute interview! Jenna was so funny (as always!)!

    And was it just my imagination or did that cat in the clip look a lot like GARBAGE?! Could it be?? I’ve been waiting for his return for ages now!

  13. So Pam was right to get the chairs….the office still got a copier eventually.

  14. Oh my gosh, hilarious! I am obsessed with the Bump It commercial also, but am on the fence about ordering one… now probably I won’t… but so funny!

  15. Several things:

    1. Awesome interview! The thing I love so much about Ellen is that she’s always doing something wacky or original. You know it’s never going to be a straight forward question and answer interview.

    2. Why is Creed putting quarters into the copier?? Hilarious.

    3. I REALLY hope Ellen called Jenna’s dad to come over to her house. How much fun would that be??

  16. I love Ellen! (And Jenna, but that goes without saying). And I won’t be ordering a Bump it… :)

  17. It’s 4am, I’ve had a tough day and I dislike Ellen tbh.

    Then I see Creed putting coins on a printer followed by Jenna Fischer looking great as usual and I feel almost instantly better!

    Funny how Jenna’s mom also has this one expression that Jenna does all the time (the one Jim mocks when he’s playing cards with Pam).

  18. So much hairspray probably made Jenna’s hair crunchy…haha. What a fun interview! #10, I totally thought the same thing!

  19. #17 — ohhelms – I totally yelled, “That’s what she said!” when Jenna said, “I want to touch it!” I was SO hoping Jenna would scream it really loudly… that would have been SUCH a shout out to Office fans!

  20. hahaha I love Jenna……. this was hilarious. Her dad in the dunder mifflin shirt was priceless too!!! what sweet parents!

    oh and i’m totally buying a bump-it. I’ve wanted one forever now and this just sealed the deal :P (I can’t believe the Bump-it people haven’t sent her a free one yet!)

  21. That was too funny and a great preview of the new copier. Loved Creed, Kevin and Garbage treating the copier so bad. Ellen and Jenna were very funny. Yes and a perfect TWSS moment.

  22. Wow, I tried to sit through Ellen to get to the Jenna interview, but what an insufferable show. We get it, you enjoy dancing in any form imaginable. I love The Office, but no one should ever have to sit through TV that terrible to see a new trailer.

  23. I kind of think that was very uncool of Ellen to do her! I felt bad for Jenna!

  24. Oh man, Ellen is fantastic! What a great interview…that was so funny! And I’m sure Ellen had people take care of Jenna’s hair afterwards…they wouldn’t let her go to dinner like that!

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