1. WOW I was happy just to see Captain Jack and Mr Brown but then, wait for it……. SQUEEEEEE Ed Helms too.

  2. Awesome! I love that he had his old Daily Show look, with the hair and glasses.

  3. I know the answer!

    Mr. Brown from “Diversity Day” and “Gay Witch Hunt”


    (I know you meant Andy…but still.)

  4. That’s fantastic – thank you! I just realized how many Daily Show “correspondents” are also affiliated with The Office – Larry Wilmore (Mr. Brown and consulting producer), Rob Riggle (Captain Jack), Ed, Steve. My two favorite shows go great together!

  5. Oh, what a surprise/treat that was last night!! Put a smile on my face as I headed off to sleep.

  6. Larry Wilmore has been on the show for awhile now. He is part of the “cast”

  7. I was so mad when I saw him on the show last night – I went to the taping on Thursday evening – so close, just one day off! Ed was too funny, though…what a fantastic piece of journalism!

  8. When this first started, I thought “Rob Riggle and Larry Whitmore (Mr. Brown and Capt. Jack) are always on the show. Ed really threw me for a loop.

  9. The “Party Captain” AND Mr. Brown! This is better than fried twinkies!

  10. I love Wyatt jumping in the background to try to be seen. How perfect would it have been if they could have gotten Steve too?

  11. hahahaha! that was hilarious! I love Jon Stewart so much!! I still get intense feelings of hatred towards Andy because of the season finale, but Ed Helms was pretty funny in this, too.

  12. For the first minutes I though you were talking about Larry (Mr. Brown), and I was just like ‘well, yeah.. he was part of the office’ until Ed appeared :P Pretty funny.

  13. OK. Why don’t we just defer to Mr…
    Mr. Brown.
    Ah. Oh, right! OK. First test. I will not call you that.
    Well, it’s my name. It’s not a test.

  14. What a blast from the past that was! Thanks for posting – I normally watch The Daily Show every night, but last night I fell asleep and missed it. Ed was such a great correspondent. I hope he continues to pop up like this every now and then. :)

  15. Can’t believe I missed this last nite! Thank goodness for the internet ;) – I’d love to see Ed do more guest spots during the conventions or up to the election if he could, though I’m sure he’s quite busy now with his movie roles and The Office starting up again soon!

  16. Man, I forgot there were 4 Daily Show folks associated with The Office! Are there other people I’m forgetting, like writers?

  17. I thought the post was referring to “Mr. Brown” and was surprised when Ed Helms popped in. Although I ended up being disappointed because I suddenly expected Mo Rocca and Steve Carrell to show up as well.

  18. LOVE Ed Helms, but if Steve could be a guest correspondent some time…my life would be complete.

  19. I watched The Daily Show last night, and when I saw Ed poke this way through the crowd of correspondents, I really couldn’t believe my eyes. And he wore his good ol’ Daily Show glasses too. Hilarious. Great seeing him on the old show. (Anyway we can persuade Steve to do a little “Produce Pete with Steve Carell” segment next time he’s in New York?)

  20. Oh, man, this made my day. Ed was one of my favorite correspondents, but I still love all of the current ones too. Rob Riggle and John Oliver came to my school to do stand up, and they were both hilarious!

  21. To 34:
    Yeah, Steve’s wife who played Carol Stills (I can’t remember her name … Nancy … something, I believe) was on The Daily Show, as well.

  22. 36: Steve did go back as a ‘guest correspondent’ once after leaving TDS…but I can’t remember when, but some smart keywords could get it on thedailyshow.com, I’m sure.
    And Nancy Walls was an awesome correspondent. Check out We Love Hollywood, which was Steve and Nancy as Entertainment Tonight-ish ‘anchors.’

  23. The new guy Wyatt was actually in Michael Scott’s improv class in Email Surveillance, too. I’m not sure if he was in the footage that aired, but he was in a small part of the deleted scenes.

    It was totally awesome that Ed showed up. I was actually not expecting it, which just made it that much cooler. :)

  24. And did anyone else catch the slight shout-out to Scranton last night? It’s unintentionally Office Week on The Daily Show! :)

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