Happy Canada Day

Learn all about Canada’s territories and provinces, courtesy of The Office’s Dwight Schrute.

Dwight Canada Song lyrics

There’s Newfoundland and Labrador,
Saskatchewan, Ontario,
Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia,
Prince Edward Island’s very small,
But British Columbia tops them all!
But before I finish up my story
You should know the territories
There are only three so I’ll be quick
Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut.
If you want to have a ball
There’s Saskatoon and Montreal
And if you want to pack your sax
We’ll be going off to Halifax
And if you’re looking for a wife
Be sure to visit Yellow Knife
Natural resources!
Perennial geraniums
Nickel, zinc, uranium
Are filling up my cranium
The exports that they boast

This promo aired during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and can be found on The Office Season 6 DVD, disc five.


  1. Jim, Pam and Dwight – Happy Canada Day indeed. Thank you OfficeTally!

  2. Happy Canada Day, to all the Canuck-Tallyheads!
    I love this scene!

  3. I have no clue how any of them kept a straight face through that. Happy Canada Day!! :)

  4. Two observations:

    1. It’s cute how Erin is never annoyed by things.

    2. I really want to hear Dwight’s Lesotho song.

  5. I absolutely love this clip. i wish they had found some way to actually put this in an episode. And i definitely want to hear Dwight’s Lesotho song.

  6. Thanks Tanster!

    (p.s. My favourite Canadian reference ever was when Michael said that a concierge was the Winnipeg version of a geisha!)

  7. I may have to borrow this song, alter it, and use it to teach my students the continents, oceans, etc. Thanks Dwight! ;)

  8. #3: Warren,

    The Animaniacs came to mind immediately for me, as well. Ah….miss those guys. So educational!

  9. Shout out! Thanks, tanster and Dwight – BC *does* top them all (even though I’m Albertan).

  10. That melody sounds familiar. Could it be from the intro to that old cartoon “Super Chicken”?

    Me thinks so!

  11. I just love all the references to Canada that The Office made. Even if this was a promo for the Olympics, the thought was still there! Happy belated Canada Day, everyone!

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