1. angela would probably be the best talk show guest in history. they’ve got to get her on conan or something.

  2. didn’t know where to add this, I was on myspace and saw Jenna’s page. she has a big “rumor patrol” thing on there– have there been rumors that some cast is leaving? It’s been awhile since I checked her myspace out but figured you would know.

  3. I’m guessing Us Weekly isn’t exactly US News & World Report. I found this in EW this week, in the feature on Kate Winslet…

    “For young women to look at her as opposed to the girls in Us Weekly is terrific. Everything about her just screams smart. I think she’ll keep going and going, giving great performances at every age.”

    Kind of implies Us Weekly girls don’t “just scream smart,” which in light of Jenna’s current appearance doesn’t seem quite fair.

  4. It’s Us Weekly. I’ve seen it in the tabloid section of the grocery store and nowhere else. Whether accurate or not, there’s a stigma that’s going to be attached to it.

  5. Pete- I think that is in reference to rumors going around they are “grooming” Ed Helms to be the next “Michael”.

  6. Actually that rumor patrol info has been on her myspace page since late April, so I’d look absolutely nothing into that at this point.

  7. They look so cool! These are the people who should be in magazines instead of Paris or Lindsay!! The Office Rox!

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