Jenna Fischer hosts Kitten Rescue fundraiser

On Sunday, September 14, Jenna Fischer hosted Kitten Rescue’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser, “The Fur Ball at the Skirball” in Los Angeles.

UPDATE: Photos of Jenna | Lindsay’s fan report | Kristina’s fan report

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Sept. 5

On Jenna’s MySpace blog, she says:

There will be live entertainment, an awesome multi-course dinner, and a silent auction — featuring MANY, MANY signed items from the Office cast including a signed mug, signed script, signed DVD, a limited edition “Dunder-Muffin” suitcase (it was a joke inscription made exclusively for the cast and crew of The Office) and more.

Sounds like it will be a wonderful event. If you are attending, please report back afterwards!

Read Jenna’s blog | Buy tickets to the Fur Ball | Make a donation to Kitten Rescue


  1. The Office AND cats? Officetally and Cuteoverload colliding? I think this is my slice of heaven.

    …now if only I were in LA to partake in the festivities!

    [from tanster: ah, but the office and cat worlds have collided once before … ]

  2. Just when I think it’s not possible to admire Jenna any more…she does this!

    Oh for enough dough for a plane ticket!

  3. “Love Love Love is all you should be thinking of…”

    Now i’m gunna have that song stuck in my head.

  4. I think the shelter would get a lot more money if Jenna auctioned herself off for dinner and a movie!

    If I could participate, I would.

  5. Hey Tanster! I’m also a Kitten Rescue volunteer so I’ll be attending the Fur Ball and will totally give everyone the scoop and hopefully have some pictures to share! I’m so excited kitten saving and Jenna Fischer in the same night… BLISS!

    [from tanster: awesome! :) ]

  6. I was the 17th person to buy tickets and I will be following Jenna like a sad little pup–NO, I mean a sad little kitty cat all night long! Poor, Jenna! Growing up in Brentwood (common celebrity neighborhood in LA), I know all about proper celebrity spotting etiquette, but all of that is going out the window at this fundraiser! THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY! I’m so honored and grateful that I can attend!

  7. Jenna looks beautiful! Her dedication to this cause and continued volunteer work is so admirable. It’s awesome that the event sold out and was so successful. I adopted two tiny, sick feral barn kittens from a rescue shelter 8 years ago, and they’ve turned out to be wonderful, happy, healthy pets that bring so much joy (and, well, furniture scratches)into our home. Huge kudos to Jenna for promoting this great cause. Given her schedule, it was probably no easy feat!

  8. You often see celebrities hosting charity-type events but rarely do they have a personal connection, let alone work with them! Reason #597 why Jenna is awesome:)

    And because I’m a girl, I have to go there: yellow is soo her colour, she looks gorgeous! The dress she wore to the creative emmys was great too… Anyone else excited to see what she’ll wear to the Emmys?!

  9. You have no idea how much I disklike the colour yellow, but that dress may have just changed that. What I know for sure, she looks superb!!

  10. Wow that was such an awesome fan report! What I would give to have that same opportunity! It is so great of Jenna to be so dedicated to such a charity.

  11. LINDSAY – I am so jealous of you it’s ridiculous! That must have been absolutely amazing for you, though. If I walked around with Jenna Fischer for fifteen minutes, I think I would have melted or something.

    Dunder and Mifflin are adorable!!

  12. I can’t read that since the myspace is for friends only. You should copy and paste it onto the site

  13. Love it Kristina! Those were the best 15 minutes EVER!! Sounds like you got bonus time!!

    …totally jealous.

    But for realsies… Jenna is THE BEST… better than any Ashley Tisdale.

    We should totally meet up and go again next year!

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