1. I missed the Michael/gym moment, but I saw John Krasinski help explain the idea with the promos we’ll be seeing during the Olympics. He was dressed as Jim.

  2. I saw the John Krasinski clip … but i haven’t seen the promo yet – but i’m watching hard!

  3. S5E01 is “Weight Loss,” isn’t it?

    Has anyone else seen this promo that can take another look?

    If that wasn’t Michael, then I really Schruted this up.

  4. I watched it in slow-motion and saw a brief shot of Michael from “Back From Vacation” with the beads in his hair quickly followed by Randy from My Name is Earl in a gym with a Camden cheerleading outfit on. Aside from John talking about NBC’s fall line up, there is no new Office footage. :(

  5. Boy, I really feel like an idiot now. I’m sorry, everyone. I think I was so excited to see it, that I kind of made myself see it.

    I feel like an idiot, I’m sorry, guys.

  6. Don’t worry, Matt! It went by so quickly, it was tough to tell.

    It’s like seeing a mirage in the desert known as…”The Office summer hiatus”.

  7. When does John Krasinski’s clip show up during the Olympics on NBC? Is it shown in the first hour of the Olympics?

  8. oh man that is so great!! John looks so good…although when doesn’t he? haha

  9. They just aired a promo with new footage. Jim was messing around with Dwight and then Andy got involved. It looks like a special promo though and not from an episode or anything. I’m sure it will turn up on YouTube later tonight.

  10. Tanster, I really hope you’re able to post the commercial that just aired with Jim, Dwight and Andy! It looked great (unfortunately I was on the phone).:(

  11. It’s about 11:35 pm EST and I’m watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Did anyone catch the hilarious promo featuring The Office? Let’s just say it involves slapping :D

  12. Wow! That clip of Jim slapping Dwight and Andy just now was all I needed to get back in the Office-mode full throttle! So. Exciting. Also: hilarious.

  13. There’s a new promo that just aired, where Jim invented a new game that involved him slapping Dwight and Andy in the face.

  14. There was a new commercial around 11:30 ET. Not footage from the new season, but a promo with an Olympic theme starring Jim, Dwight, and Andy. It was nothing less than AMAZING!

  15. They just had an Olympics promo! I won’t be a spoiler, but Jim mentions a sport, and Dwight and Andy are involved. HYSTERICAL. I’m sure it will be up soon, I don’t have DVR to catch it :(

  16. There was just a fake Office promo aired with Dwight, Jim and Andy. Jim invented a game called “Slapface” and well..you can guess what comes from it. :P

  17. Did anyone else see the promo for the office that aired right after the chinese team finished the athlete parade? Where Jim asks Dwight about a patent for the olympic games, calls the game “slap-face” and then both he and Dwight slap Andy?

    It was ridiculously brilliant and I want to see it again.

  18. Heads up! There is a new Office promo! Jim, Dwight, and Andy try out the new Olympic sport of ‘Slap Face’. I think it’ll catch on.

    It’s on right after China finishes their walk around the Olympic stadium.

  19. Watch for a second one towards the end of the broadcast! (I think it’s after the parade of nations but don’t remember exactly when)

  20. There was an office promo during the opening ceremonies and it was awesome.. Slapface. I hope someone can get it on youtube soon.
    It happened around 11:35 or so Eastern time. if that helps anyone grab it. I almost cried laughing.. haha

  21. Hm, I guess the other, more exclusive Office promo hasn’t aired everywhere yet. It’s a good one :D

  22. Dear Tanster,

    With the summer Olympics upon us, I have changed my home page to OfficeTally (which will likely be permanent) to avoid seeing any results accidentally on my previous homepage, NYTimes.com. I don’t know why you would do so, but please refrain from posting Olympic results. OT is a safe site to avoid unwanted coverage, I feel.

    However, post all the JKras Office promos you want!

    Thanks Tanster! (You don’t need to post this to the comments)

  23. THAT is awesome! I’m so excited for all the S5 promos we’re bound to start getting with the Olympics.

    ETA: Literally as I was writing this post I checked out the end of what I had taped of the Opening Ceremonies and saw a really cute special made-for-the-olympics promo with Jim teaching Dwight how to play his made-up Olympic sport “slap-face”! (I forget if that was the exact name, it was something like that…). It was too cute! Did anyone else see it?

  24. ShruteFarms, I saw it too! Only a little bit at the end though… hopefully someone will tip off Tanster and it can be posted! Because I’m in dire need of Officeness!

  25. Woo hoo I can’t wait for season 5 and promos for it now too. I’m glad John got rid of the Grizzley Adams facial hair. That was making his hotness points decrease a bit.

  26. Oh Jim Halpert…. how I’ve missed you.

    Please someone post slap face soon. I died laughing. Seriously- my ghost is writing this. :P

  27. I never thought of this before but NBC seriously has the hottest guys on tv-John(obvs!), Milo, Adrian, Zachary, Adam…God Bless television:)

    Is it September yet?

  28. I got so excited when I saw Hiro and Chuck…and then JIM was on my television set!! My parents said, “There you go.” He truly is the cutest guy in the world. *Sigh* Is it September yet????

  29. mMmm… they’ve got some hotties in that commercial =D
    I was soo ecstatic when I saw it on tv!

  30. Can someone please sum up the Catching up with Jim and Pam video?? I live in Canada and can’t view it :(

  31. #53: It’s “The Waiting” by Tom Petty. Great song.

    SO excited for September 25!

  32. The Waiting by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is probably the best song to describe Jim and Pam relationship.

  33. I saw another very simple one today. It was just clips we’ve already seen of The Office people working, and Pam says “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam.” That’s about it. But still exciting!

  34. Well the recap of all the Jim and Pam stuff seems to hint that the premier will focus on that story.

  35. phyllis*farm never heard that song. And ma nerds, I don’t think the premiere will focus exclusively on Jim/Pam they seemed to find a balance in season four between Jim and Pam and the other storylines.

  36. 62, ma nerds-

    These are NBCs promo’s, not The Office’s. They always focus heavily on the Jam stuff.

  37. Hmmmm…. that’s true. I am also basing that on what Mindy said about resolving the story from the finale. But it is just a promo. I think that the weeks of summer format is going to be a good way to address all the different stories in the finale that were left open ended without (hopefully) seeming like too busy of an episode.

  38. The Office + Tom Petty? Um, if that isn’t the perfect equation I don’t know what is.

  39. Um. I do not remember the “Jim and Pam become one” part from the JAM clip. PERHAPS SOMETHING FROM S5????

  40. Tom Petty and the Office! Wow. My favorite band and my favorite show. I must be the epitome of the Office demographic.

  41. OH MY GOSH I love Dwight! “the decathalon is for wimps.” hahaha I love the writers of this show, they are the greatest!

  42. haha I just keep watching this over and over and there is something new everytime! my favourite: “cabinet making”…with his pause from intensity. And the little icons?? so funny!! haha “hamster hiding” I can’t stop laughing!

  43. hmmm… that article calls greg daniels exec producer of the office. what about paul? do they just not know the dealio?

  44. oh, and i love that murder checkers is just checkers with a gun! this is one of the funniest office things i have ever seen!

  45. The writers and cast of “The Office” might be the single greatest collection of comedic minds in the history of man! Pure, unadulterated, genius.


    That might be the greatest thing I have ever heard of in my entire life.

    No.. no, wait…

    Yes, yes it is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard of in my entire life.

  47. There is so much brilliance in that Centathlon promo, I don’t know where to begin. “Voting” – lol!

  48. I’d do Dwight’s centathalon in a heartbeat. My specialties would be “Pain Tolerance” and “Murder Checkers”.

    Am I disqualified if I’m not old enough for “Voting”?

  49. These are so great! I still like Slapface the best though.

    I literally cannot wait until 9/25.

  50. I laughed so hard during the Centathalon promo. Hide the hamster, cabinet making, and MURDER CHECKERS! Oh my flippin’ goodness!

  51. I just saw another one! About why Michael likes girl’s beach volleyball– so funny!

  52. They just played a Michael commercial with him talking about women’s volleyball… so hilarious!

  53. Seeing all these promos during the olympics is making me so nostalgic! I really can’t wait for September 25th

  54. “murder checkers” and “voting” are my favs! The icons are what truly make that one hilarious, though. Would love to know what Rainn came up with that was NOT included!

  55. I just saw a new NBC ad that had Jenna doing the chimes sound at the beginning of the commercial. It was pretty Heroes heavy, but she was at the beginning, and Rainn was in the middle.

    [from tanster: BM, what timezone are you in? thanks!]

  56. I saw the Centathlon promo on the Olympics today without the icons It’s still funny, but not nearly as much.

  57. Oh man, the icons totally make that promo. I could so beat Dwight in die casting.

  58. jenna and rainn are in the latest chime in. Jenna did the chime. It was so cute :-)

  59. I am so thankful for these Olympics promos. They’re so awesome! (esp. the icons in Centathlon) Like a little taste of the Office to get us through until Sept. 25. :)

  60. the michael one totally reminds me of him saying personally he thinks a woman is most beautiful when she is totally naked (versus sexy underwear).

    i love all this anticipation building! it is fun and exciting.

  61. I saw the one with Dwight (centathalon) last night on TV, but it was a much shorter version. I’ve seen all the others except for Michael’s beach volleyball one.

  62. I wish Jenna’s voice had been used in Walk Hard. I’m thinking that JAM needs to have a karaoke singing contest — against Dwangela, the Vance’s, and the Gruesome Twosome (Michael/Jan)!

  63. Bum, BUM, bum… LOVE IT!
    Did you notice the office people got the best parts?
    Jenna got to do the chime and rainn got to say, “THE SUPER BOWL!”

  64. Is there such thing as “Videogenic”? If not, that is my new adjective for Miss Fischer.

  65. I love Jenna, and I love Office commercials. I feel like the announcer man actually cares…lol, well, maybe not, but he does a good job at faking it…

  66. I can watch Jenna sing the chimes over and over all day. She is just so great, I would love to give her a hug!

  67. Best one yet! I could just see that hitting Andy. Thank goodness it didn’t.

  68. Weston: I agree.

    And besides Murder Ball and Murder Checkers,

    does anybody think Pain Tolerance would get really high ratings were it to be an actual event (not that anyone would be incredibly excited about entering–it sounds like a one-time event for the competitors. Those fingers don’t grow back.)? Or am I just morbid in thinking people would tune in to watch Dwight be tortured?

  69. thanks for posting all the vids tanster! haha i love dwight’s olympics.. but i can’t watch the pencil javelin one cos i don’t live in america.. can someone please post it on another site or something? or does anyone have any other link to watch that video? thank you thank you thank you! =)

    [from tanster: you should be able to watch the javelin vid now. :) ]

  70. i saw a different ad last night, and it used clips from like season 2 and 3 episodes.

  71. Thank God for the internet! Consolidating all of The Office goodness into one great place like Office Tally means I don’t have to sit at home watching hours of television waiting for my favorite commercials to come on!

    Thanks for keeping it up Tanster!

  72. The pencil javelin one just started working for me – it’s very funny, though I still love the slapface

  73. Could Sept. 25 come any slower? i need my dose of the office to get me through the week. Jim halpert is my hero x D

  74. I love the addition of Amy Adams as Holly. That quick couple seconds of her and michael was hilarious and i can’t wait to see it in two weeks! I had my office fix tonight, but i hope there’s more to come!

  75. wow…I love Amy Ryan! I don’t know if it’s possible, but I hope she stays on. She’s a great addition to the show.

  76. Come on September 25th! I love Jim and I think Amy Ryan is my new hero with that lovely wiki wiki wa wah. :)

  77. Weeeee!!!! I can’t wait. I am loving Amy Ryan more and more. I was hoping for a JAM moment on film though. Doh. Even the teaser promo of last year’s recap didn’t have a current one. Come on!

  78. In the first new scene, with Jan and Michael, who is the person in the blue shirt going to the copier??? New receptionist???

  79. In the pics we have of the episode so far, Michael is wearing the same tie, but none of the staff are wearing a bright blue shirt, and none have a haircut like that. I’m pretty sure that’s the new receptionist!

  80. The promo that was just shown at the end of job fair showed Michael going into the conference room in a fat suit and Jim kissing Pam in her dorm room. All good stuff. Hurry up Sept. 25th

  81. OMG I so saw that promo at the end of the episode! I can’t wait I can’t wait, it’s going to be awesome. And yes, JAM fans it’s something!

  82. OMG, I love Holly/Amy Ryan so much.

    And I adored Michael/Holly so much in the finale. Oh man. NEW SHIP.

  83. Tanster – there is another new promo that aired at 10:59 on the East Coast. It’s a combo one with Earl with even more footage.

  84. WOW, did you see Pam and Jim? Looked like they were in a kitchen or something. This season looks amazing, the 25th can’t come soon enough!!

  85. I hope Holly and Michael end up together. They are better together than Michael and Jan. I do think that the baby is Michael’s.

  86. Oh my gosh!!! I am so excited to see those promos! I don’t usually watch them during the season, but I couldn’t help myself! I can’t wait…and I’ll probably watch those promos 100 times until the premiere! THANK YOU for posting them so quickly. :)

  87. I’m not sure why I think this, but I think Nancy Walls is the new receptionist. I’m not sure if she’ll be playing Carol as the real estate agent-turned receptionist (which would be weird for various reasons), but I really feel as though she is the woman who will be playing the person we are all speculating about.

  88. I just lost my freakin mind! That was such an awesome sneak peak! Loved the dorm room kiss, Michael’s big suit, who’s your daddy… Based on just that snippet I can tell it’s going to be a great season! Amy Ryan is such a perfect addition–wish she was sticking around. Now I need to go watch those previews three more times!

  89. Oh my gosh! HOW ON EARTH have I been able to wait this long?! It’s always the last week that absolutely kills me!

  90. Holy crap! Is that jim and pam kissing? *squees with joy*
    Ah, life is good :)

    P.S. “wicky wicky wicky what” is absolute win! XD

  91. man, everyone’s talking about JAM, but did you catch that half second moment of chemistry between Michael and Holly? as a male, i thought that was the cutest thing i’ve ever seen…wish Holly could stay…

    and i’m hoping for some JAM drama this season…to be honest, seeing them happy all the time isn’t that fun anymore

  92. I hope Jim and Pam just get engaged or stay away from the drama.

    Michael/Jan/Holly and Dwight/Andy/Angela-enough drama and tension there.

  93. Can words explain how excited I am? NO THEY CANNOT. THE WAITING IS THE HARDEST PART! 13 days, people!

  94. Perhaps Michael asked his mum to fill in for Pam. I always kind of pictured Michael’s mum as a Joan Rivers type but maybe she is the mysterious blond lady…

  95. Amy Ryan! You are all things awesome!!! Thank you for adding this new and fun element guys, I was wondering when the British version of Karen would be cast.

  96. My mistake people, I meant Carol. In the British version there was a woman in the last episode called Carol who totally got David Brent.

  97. i caught this on tv tonight and i definitely freaked out at the JAM kiss =P!! i second, third, fourth, etc everyone who wants amy ryan to stay…she’s such a great addition to the cast and hellooo, that chemistry with michael is so refreshing!

  98. Did you guys see where Pam and Jim were kissing?
    It looks like it’s their apartment. So many things going through my mind right now…

  99. I can’t wait! The JAM kiss was awesome…where were they? I would be perfectly happy if Jim and Pam avoid a lot of drama. A little would be ok, but not as far as a breakup. That would be a deal breaker for me.

    Holly/Michael; it’s gonna be great!

  100. Win. Pure win.
    especially that half second clip of Jam at the beginning of the first one!!! :)

  101. Dear Office Producers,

    Please, please, please keep Amy Ryan for longer than originally planned. You ruined the Jan character for me last season, and I love Holly.

    P.S. Good work on that JAM kiss in the first promo.

  102. Why is Pam doing a talking head at the office when she’s supposed to be at Pratt?

    I cannot wait to find out!!!

  103. Awww! A JAM Kiss and Holly & Michael being so cute! These promos have got me totally stoked now.
    The office ending we never saw coming? What about Andy and Angela? they didn’t really give us anything about them…. interesting.

  104. Amy Ryan is amazing! I am so sad that her gig is only temporary! I watched the Jam kiss like 100 times! I didn’t get to watch this last night because of the hurricane coverage, but I know I can always count on OfficeTally! Speaking of hurricanes…please hope my house doesn’t blow away. I am one of the lucky ones in Houston! Thank you for posting these promos, Tanster!

  105. I sat there last night watching these and thinking to myself, this is going to be a great season. Then Holly breaks out WICKY WICKY WICKY WHAT! and I was done. I was laughing at least for 5 mins straight. Everything about that 3 second clip was hilarious and it was only 3 seconds. I can’t imagine the stuff they’ve come up with for this season. I can’t wait.

  106. 1. I finally saw Gone Baby Gone the other night and now have the utmost respect for Amy Ryan. Wow! 2. “The Waiting” always gives me chills.

  107. Season 5 looks sweet! I think the JAM relationship will be stressed with Pam in NY and Hopefully Michael goes for Holly!

  108. I nearly lost my stuff when I saw the JAM glance in the second promo. Seriously I could not stop rewinding my DVR. I’m almost ready to burst with excitement.

  109. OK – so my theory is that Michael’s plan is to wear the fat suit for the intial weigh-in and group photos – making it look like they’ve got another member of staff. The blonde woman does look a little like Nancy from the snippet but could Michael really convince Carol to help him out in order to win a contest?!? Think it’s far more likely that Michael hires her after the announcement of the contest and the interviews take the form of which ever candidate weighs the most gets the job – then he’ll fire her before the end of the contest to bring the overall weight total down when Pam comes back! Just a theory.

  110. Oh and I nearly forgot – Holly must stay! How heartbreaking will it be if she really falls for Michael and Jan screws thing up – more than I can bear that’s for sure.

  111. Now I am motivated for the premiere. Holly and Michael are awesome togther. Michael has met his match! I am super curious about JAM but am trying to keep modest expectations.

  112. Ahhh…anyone else getting a ‘this video is no longer available’ message? Ugh. I’m dying here. I just want to watch it!

  113. Aw I’m so excited! Holly better be sticking around!!! (That JAM kiss was quite adorable too!!!)

  114. The promo with JAM made me all warm and fuzzy and tingly inside. I have missed them!

    Also, more Holly, less Jan. Please and thank you.

  115. Maybe it’s already been mentioned before…I think it’s at least been hinted at by what I’ve read.

    My prediction: Jan/Michael/Holly is the new Roy/Pam/Jim

    Michael (who is Pam) should be with the amazing Holly (Or Jim), but he maybe feels stuck with Jan (Roy)?

  116. i kind of think that blond lady might be phyllis. i know we’ve seen pics of phyllis from the new season with her usual hair but the finale lasts the course of 8 weeks so her hair could change. i think it could be amazing and hilarious if phyllis bleached her hair! also, i thought we would think the person who replaces pam was “funny” (according to spoilers) and i always assumed that meant the person was someone we already know. i mean anything is possible and it is hard to see but i am voting that the blond is phyllis!

  117. Wow, I thought the waiting couldn’t get any harder, and then I saw these promos. I completely lost my mind with that Jam kiss, and I’ve been squeeing all morning. The next two weeks are going to be brutal!

  118. This is why I love OfficeTally:

    So I’m flipping through channels last night, to the sound of my girlfriend’s snore, and spot the last few seconds of the promo. Yearning to see the whole thing, I ran to my computer and tried to google the promo. After clicking on links & links with no success, I thought, the promo just aired tonight so it’s probably not on OfficeTally yet but let me check anyway… and wallaaah! It was there the whole time! I should’ve known better. Thank you Tanster. You’re the drug dealer to my Office fix.

    [from tanster: yay! :) ]

  119. I second that. I’m in the UK, so I don’t get the full benefit of adverts of the new season (though to be fair, the seasons UK tv broadcast get a good deal of advertising)

    I check here at least three times a day now.

  120. words can not express how excited I am for the new season! I am happy for Michael, I hope he ends up with Holly because they are a great match.

  121. omgosh that jim pam kiss is adorable. what does the two one thing that pam does mean? anyway her hair looks really cute there. i’ve been okay with missing the office so far, it’s nothing compared to the strike, but these promos made it way harder for me to wait. (twss) COME ON SEASON FIVE!!! wicka wicka what!

  122. Nothing to add, just wanted to say to Purse Girl (#211) and to all Texans and others on the Gulf Coast good luck getting through the hurricane. Hope that you and your TVs come out okay and that you can watch the premiere with the rest of us. Stay safe!

    PS – the promos RAWK too!

  123. Oh wow! I love Michael and Jan together, but Michael and HOLLY!?!?!?!? EVEN BETTER! They are more than perfect for each other! I love Michael’s face when Holly does her ‘wicka wicka wicka what?’ Lmao!

  124. I noticed the short haired blonde woman as well – she’s with Dwight, Holly & Michael looking through the shelving in the promo and you see her at the copy machine when Michael says “Who’s your daddy?…”

    Anyone have any ideas??

  125. See, it’s stuff like this that makes me love this site. I watched these previews this morning but I completely missed that it was Jim and Pam kissing! I think I just watched it 10 times in a row knowing it’s them.

    I’m in the camp that thinks the blonde is Phyllis. Also, Holly/ Amy Ryan is all kinds of awesome.

  126. patience is the one trait i wish i had… especially in times like these.

    i seriously cannot wait!! :D

  127. Holly is my favorite character right now…and she’s only been in one episode. They could not have written that character any better, nor picked a better actress to play her.

  128. Holly is hilarious! I’ve watched the promo several times now, and she never fails to make me laugh. She and Michael are so perfect for each other. I want her to be a full-time member of the cast immediately!

  129. Also, can I just say that the Tom Petty song in the background saying “Waiting is the hardest part…” is quite accurate to how I feel after watching these previews. Well done NBC.

  130. i want to hop on the pro holly train. when i heard toby was leaving i was devastated because i love his dynamic with michael so much, it was the first time i felt really uncertain about where the writers were going with this and how i would feel about the new addition (just because i am sooo pro toby). well, i was wrong to worry, holly could not be a better, more appropriate perfect addition. she adds a whole new element. whoever compared her to ed helms/andy hit the nail on the head. she is the missing link we didn’t even realize was missing!

  131. On this promo, I am trying to see if in the clip where pam looks like she is doing a talking head and she is doing something with her fingers if you can see an engagement ring. I need some help with this. what do you guys see?

  132. Okay, I totally didn’t notice that the kiss at the beginning of that promo was JAM until about the third time I watched it. Then of course I proceeded to watch it about 10 more times and squee with joy every time!

    I will seriously cry if Holly turns out to just be a temporary character. I know they said that she’s already finished shooting but I hope they bring her back! She’s perfect for the show! A much better addition than Jan.

  133. Re: the blonde woman specualation: IMDB lists Dale Raoul as playing a character named “Ronni” in the premiere. (She’s currently on the HBO show “True Blood.”)

  134. Just so everyone knows there’s a new preview up at NBC.com. It has new footage, you find out who Pam’s replacement is. There’s also a hilarious Kelly/Creed moment.

  135. How could I be so dumb! The blond lady is Amy Poehler!! Wasn’t she the one who said a couple of weeks ago she was going to play in some episodes of The Office? Or am I wrong :D ?

  136. Is that really Jim and Pam kissing at the very beginning of this promo? I’m not convinced it is them. I think that may be part of the My Name Is Earl promo.

  137. So the larger woman with the short blond hair is most likely Pam’s replacement while she is studying in NYC.

    Michael probably hired her because she was a bigger woman, and thus, could stand to lose a lot of weight in the weight-loss contest. He probably wanted to make it look like his branch was losing a lot of weight.

  138. I have two questions: What on earth is Andy wearing? and Can someone translate Kelly’s comment? All I’m hearing is “something, something tapeworm last night. Creed sold it to me.” Thanks!

  139. A tapeworm? LOL. I love Kelly. And Creed. Is there anything Creed won’t sell?

  140. L-O-V-E the promos…I can hardly wait!! And the Jim/Pam kiss just gets me EVEN MORE EXCITED!!! So much to look forward to!! :) Emmys on the 21st then the premiere on the 25th!! GO OFFICE!!! :)

  141. Finally, a clear view of Pam’s replacement. I feel dumb because at first I thought it was Phyllis and there would be a funny story line about her getting a blond bob or something.

  142. Michael wearing the goatee and oversized suit looks like he’s channeling Keith from the original series, or maybe he’ll riff on Tony (AKA Fat Chip Guy) from Stamford.

  143. I think it was Kristen who said that we’ll be surprised at Pam’s replacement. That makes it seem like there is more to “Ronnie” than just a temp. (I was in the camp who thought it would be Ryan or Jan!). So…. could she be Michael’s mom or something? I am calling it now!

  144. I wonder if Pam’s replacement will make the office finally realize how much they take her for granted.

  145. IMDB for the episode says that Dale Raoul will be guest starring. She is a woman with blond hair, so there you have it, Pam’s replacement.

  146. Ronnie? Okay then. Guess it’s not Ryan or Jan at the reception desk.


  147. I’m so sad..
    I can’t watch the third promo because it’s only available in the U.S.
    But I guess it’s better that way, because if I watch it, I’m going to be even less impatient lol

  148. I think that andy is wearing a trashbag, which is a tactic that people use to lose weight, because it makes you sweat more

  149. I hope we get to see how much Jim has hated hearing “Dunder Mifflin this is Ronnie” all summer. Lee and Gene are awesome writers. I can’t wait. Hurry up 25th!

  150. Emmys on the 21st, The Office premiere on the 25th, and the first Presidential Debate on the 26th.

    That is one busy, busy week of television. I’m SOOOOOOO excited!!

  151. In the third promo, did anybody else notice the room Jim and Pam were kissing in? I can’t wait for the 25th!!

  152. Did anyone else notice Pam’s fingernails? they are like acryllic with black at the tips. maybe i am just too observant

  153. Laura-
    I don’t think they’ll show Michael’s mom yet. Although I would like to see her this season.

  154. that “wiki wiki wiki what” clip has gotten pretty old. i wish they didn’t put it in every promo.

  155. It looks like Jim and Pam are kissing in her dorm room, and I think Ronnie is one of Phyllis’ friends (not the fat softball player friend though-that was Sandi) or her mother.

  156. Ok, that JAM kiss clip is like a millisecond. I totally missed it until the 4th viewing of the clip. Wow. What a great teaser though…they got me with the Tom Petty lyric as well. Apparently, I enjoy that they’re teasing me.

  157. gosh I can’t see the third promo because i’m in Canada… can someone describe it please? :)

  158. 272 (Callan) – that’s exactly what I was thinking. Michael would only want a hot young girl as Pam’s replacement, unless of course, it would help him win the contest. I’m kinda betting he asked the temp agency to send him the fattest woman available. Poor girl, I can already imagine her first day being the target of all Michael’s fat jokes.

  159. #296- I think what you are seeing are actually shadows off her hand. But I see what you mean.

    The 25th can’t come soon enough!!! This is tortuous.

  160. Wakawaka-whutt? She is SO the female Michael.
    And I can’t see the third promo because I’m in Oz, anyone know where there’s a transcript or something?

  161. #277 – i also totally thought the blond was phyllis, don’t feel dumb! i was imagining a hilarious reaction from michael when she showed up with a bleached blond bob! i also thought that jan would be working reception. oh well, i am sure what the writers have come up with is even better. plus, i am glad i don’t *actually* know what’s going to happen!

  162. “I swallowed a tapeworm last night. Creed sold it to me.”

    “That wasn’t a tapeworm.”


  163. OK, my stomach hurts, I actually got nervous seeing those promos, but now, having found OfficeTally I don’t feel alone anymore I can be overtly excited about The Office with all you guys and not be ashamed LOL :)

  164. Wow, I am freaking out! I think the Jim and Pam kiss is in NY because I don’t recognize that room. I guess it’s when Jim comes to visit her. This is going to be the longest 10 days of my life.

  165. Love the third promo! Very promising!!!

    (glad I get to see it, just got my power back from Ike)

  166. aww great new promo. but who isn’t a JAM fan “boy you’re cute” :) and “i’m tone deaf” and “put your tv pants on” was funny too. i can’t wait for kath and kim as well.

  167. Okay I saw that promo on tv and when the guy from Earl says “put your tv pants on” I felt like he was talking directly to Danny.

    (and Jim and Pam at the end made me giggle with excitement to the horror of my non-Office fanatical sister)

  168. Wow. It’s only about 1 second of JAMness…but that one second just made my night.
    That’s what she said.
    No but really, is it the 25th yet?

  169. i totally agree Jessica, i need more season 5 Jam moments too, it will get me through these last days…. i hope it goes by fast.

  170. “Boy you’re cute” Awwww! It took me a few tries before I actually could hear what John Krasinski said.

  171. This is so exciting! I cannot wait. That one scene of JAM is killing me. I better not have a soccer game that day or I will be very upset.

  172. I gotta say…I’m a little disappointed. It was a GREAT JAM moment, don’t get me wrong. Tres adorable. But when I read “JAM fans will approve” my sleep-deprived mind imagined something…more, I guess. More than 1.5 seconds, at least.
    But still. I’m way more excited about JAM now.

  173. I don’t know why, but I feel that was a sarcastic “Boy you’re cute.” Like Jenna just sneezed or said something inappropriate. Either way, it makes me giggle!

  174. My thoughts after multiple viewings (i.e. watched the whole thing once, rewound the 2 seconds of Jam 10 times):

    1) No 30 Rock representation?? Maybe I missed it…

    2) This proves that Jam is the #1 NBC couple, and NBC knows it:)

    3) I don’t know why, but to me it seemed more like interaction between ‘John and Jenna’ rather than ‘Jam’… ‘JOHNNA’!

  175. Hmm, I’m with the people who thought it was a little weird. Oh well, it’s not an episode or anything. Only 8 more days and we’ve got the Emmys this weekend. Yay!

  176. Pam is standing on the scale?! Is Ronnie going to be around before or after that? (Tanster-You’re a huge fan. How do you handle all of this?! lol I’m so excited!)

  177. it was random in so far as it had NOTHING to do with the fact that the new season is coming and it was odd that they were seemingly interacting in character while everyone else was talking about the premiere of their shows, so obviously not in character. but it was soooo cute and sweet, whether it was a jam moment or a jenna/john moment. and it helps get me through this last tortuous week!

  178. Hey, Pam is right behind Michael in the “ex-squeeze you” part of the promo! What could that mean? Isn’t she supposed to be in New York?

  179. VERY adorable…one week from TODAY!! I can HARDLY wait…PLEASE don’t disappoint with JAM…we L-O-V-E them!! :)

  180. @350

    If it’s from the premiere, it would have been from over the summer.. her classes may not have started at the time. Who knows though.

  181. #312 I totally agree… I think she comes back to Scranton to represent the 212 (New York’s area code) in the rap video that it looks like they’re making. Jenna hinted at the kitten rescue event that it was an attempt by Pam to be ‘hip’… so that would make sense.

    We’ll see in 1 WEEK!!!!

  182. There was a new promo tonight during the football game, with a couple scenes that were not in the previous promos. Sorry, I don’t have a link for it.

  183. can you put the clip up where Pam does the bum BUM bum chime and THEN Jim says “Boy, you’re cute”?

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