Jenna Fischer in SELF Magazine

Jenna Fischer appears in the February 2009 issue of SELF Magazine:

… When SELF dared the 34-year-old Emmy nominee to make a few healthy changes in her jam-packed life, she didn’t just go for the softballs: “I tried to pick a few that were easy, a few that were hard and a few that were up in the air,” she says. How did it go (besides hilariously)? We’ll let her tell you.

Links: Article Part 1 | Article Part 2 | Article Part 3 | Cover photo

The video is adorable. And I just dusted off my crockpot, so I am definitely going to try that recipe …


  1. Holy Airbrushing, Batman! I wouldn’t even recognize her if I didn’t know it was supposed to be Jenna.

  2. The article has a little, very little spoiler. But it´s really interesting (and Jenna looks so good!)

    Nice advice. I need to try some recipes.

  3. People are saying it looks photoshopped, but if you watch the video you can clearly see that they did her makeup a certain way… she looks the exact same in the video as in the spread.

  4. Somebody at Self needs to turn off the Photoshop and walk away. Our beautiful Jenna looks like another person.

  5. May I just say that I love Jenna!? She is the most real and down-to-earth celebrity I have ever seen, and I hope she never changes! A-MAZ-ING.

  6. I think it was just a bad color choice in makeup. Jenna has natural beauty but a lot of these magazines do it wrong. Her best photos were from People and the Parade shoot (even though she hated the article).

  7. She’s amazingly real and fabulous at the same time… I just love her!

    And I also need Britney to workout…!

  8. What a beautiful woman! SELF should have gone with Jenna’s look, not a generic celeb look. More Jenna videos!

  9. I couldn’t tell if she was playing it straight or not in the interview…I mean Britney Spears? Hanson?

  10. Wow – great article – Jenna has such a fresh and realistic voice (the kind that makes you want to be her new best friend!) and actually the self-help challenges weren’t too cheesy either. But that photo – yikes! I don’t think I would have recognized her – I can’t put my finger on why – maybe the pale lips? But it doesn’t look a thing like Pam, and not like Jenna either. It’s actually kind of a creepy photo. I wonder if she’ll say anything about it on her blog.

  11. I love her! I noticed something funny that I am sure makes me sound like a crazy Office fan, but if I can’t let that out here, where can I right? Anyways, I was looking over the playlist and I noticed that she had the Indigo Girls song “Closer to Fine” on there (I love them too). I just thought it was funny because that is the song that Jim and Andy sing when they are drunk at their desks in Stamford. It was just so random and hilarious that they were singing that song at that they both knew the words that it stuck in my head and I thought it was ironic that it was on her playlist.

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