The Joseph Podcast interviews Jenna Fischer

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Joseph and Joseph follow the success of their first celebrity interview (Angela Kinsey) with a nice long chat with Jenna Fischer!

If you watched Drug Testing last week and also hang out over at James’ Watercooler, you know how much I have been gushing over the “hi/hey” scene, where Pam brings Jim a soda to finally break him of the Jinx.

Jenna provides some juicy tidbits regarding the shooting of that scene, and I am proud to say, I was the one who furnished the question! Not only that, but I think the question was partly responsible for the podcast being tagged for “explicit” language. Hee hee.

That’s all I’m gonna say. Now go listen already! (The hi/hey stuff happens around minute 28.) Link no longer available.

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  1. Congrats, Jennie on getting your questions answered! Jenna’s insight into the hi/hey scene was wonderful!

  2. I bet! I’ve listened to her answer three times already. It’s just so cool to hear that the actors feel the same kind of “magic” we fans see watching at home.

  3. Thanks, rspad! It was a *thrill* to hear Jenna talk about my favorite scene!

  4. aww that was awesome!!! it’s good to see that even she’s suprised at the magic between the two…guh she’s just awesome.

  5. can’t download. :(

    Mac is saying…
    “We’re Sorry
    You have requested a page that is not currently available due to data transfer restrictions. If the page you requested is yours, click here for more information.”



    hi/hey is the ringtone on my treo. *is dork*

  7. LOL, witchoo! :)

    Wow, hi/hey *would* make the perfect ringtone, now wouldn’t it?

  8. I shouldn’t say this but what if they fell in love like Pam and Jim in real life. *Knock on wood* sorry James! ;)

  9. Can someone tell me if this podcast is still available? I’ve tried several times to download it, but Apple tells me it’s no longer available! Help?

  10. Yeah, I couldn’t download it either. Did someone make a transcript of the interview, perhaps?

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