Jenna Fischer MySpace blog: The Christmas Episode!

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated December 5, 2005:

It’s Christmastime at Dunder-Mifflin this week! Fun things about this episode:

  1. Snow! We have snow falling outside the office windows this week. Our Art Department Rules! When we go to our cars at the end of the night, the parking lot is covered in snow. Some interesting things about fake snow: the snow that falls outside the windows is different from the kind you use for ground cover. The stuff that they use for ground cover is cold to the touch so it’s very surreal. We even had a “snowball” fight.
  2. Phyllis has a boyfriend! On our set we have a fake 2nd business by the elevator. It is named Vance Refrigeration. Phyllis is dating Bob Vance!
  3. Todd Packer returns! He crashes our Christmas party wearing mistletoe on his belt. Yuck!
  4. We shot the party part of this episode over 3 days. The bowl of egg nog sat out for 12 hours a day…it was SO DISGUSTING by the last day. At night they would cover it and put it in the fridge but it was pretty gross otherwise. The cookies and pigs in a blanket all got really hard and stale. It was funny. If you see people eating a lot of pretzels that’s why.
  5. The actor who plays Roy is actually a REALLY cool guy. I love when he is on set. We gab the whole time. He’s a very interesting, classically trained, actor from New York. I had the best time hanging out with him and the actor who plays Darryl. We had to be careful to tone ourselves down when the cameras started rolling.
  6. My favorite scene of the week was the one where Angela and I are trying to put a tablecloth on the table in the conference room. She is being all controlling and Pam is passive-aggressive. It totally reminded me of when I used to work in an office. It was very subtle and mostly done with facial expressions. It probably didn’t make the final cut but it was a blast to shoot.
  7. This episode features partial nudity. That’s all I’m going to say.

Happy Holidays!

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