The Office Finale Party Guide

The Office Finale Party Guide by OfficeTally

While you may not feel much like celebrating the end of The Office on May 16, you might as well go all in with the menu, right?

Inspired by Pam’s comment, here are food ideas for your Office finale party!

Savory Food

  • McDonald’s filet-o-fish sandwiches (Hot Girl)
  • Ham and cheese sandwiches (The Secret)
  • Tuna fish sandwiches (Gay Witch Hunt)
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches (The Client)
  • Caprese salad (Frame Toby)
  • Chicken pot pie (Company Picnic)
  • C-shaped bagels (New Boss)
  • Osso bucco (Dinner Party)
  • Beet salad (Dinner Party)
  • Hot dogs (Beach Games)
  • Baby carrots (Murder)
  • Cup o’ Noodles (Email Surveillance)
  • Chili’s Awesome Blossom (The Client)
  • Chili’s babyback ribs (The Client)
  • Chili (Casual Friday)
  • Hooter’s chicken breast, hold the chicken (The Secret)
  • Fettucine alfredo (Fun Run)
  • Cheesy pitas (The Fire)
  • Bologna, tomato, and ketchup subs (Michael’s Birthday)
  • Bacon grilled on a George Foreman grill
  • Swanson chimichangas (The Return)
  • Potato salad (Cocktails)
  • Samosas (Diwali)
  • Cheese balls (Michael Scott Paper Company)
  • Soft pretzels (Initiation)
  • Pigs in a blanket (Viewing Party)
  • Make your own pizza (Viewing Party)
  • Lasagna (Secret Santa)
  • French toast (Dream Team)
  • Square pancakes (Michael Scott Paper Company)
  • Meatball parm subs (Heavy Competition)
  • French Onion Sun Chips (The Fight)
  • Pizza (Launch Party)
  • Sushi (Launch Party)

Sweet Food

  • Ice cream sandwiches (Health Care)
  • Donuts (Michael’s Birthday)
  • “Fudgie the Whale” ice cream cake (Survivor Man)
  • Peach pie (Survivor Man)
  • Chocolate pudding cups (The Injury)
  • Tiramisu (The Surplus)
  • M&Ms (Office Olympics)
  • Double fudge brownies (A Benihana Christmas)
  • Mixed berry yogurt (Pilot)
  • Kit Kat (Local Ad)
  • Jell-O (Pilot)
  • Jellybeans (receptionist’s desk)
  • Baklava (Weight Loss)
  • Mint chocolate chip ice cream cake (The Alliance)
  • Soft pretzels (Initiation)
  • Whatchamacallit candy bars (Business School)
  • Pay Day candy bars (Business School)
  • 100 Grand candy bars (Business School)


  • Grape soda (The Secret)
  • Peach iced tea (The Secret)
  • Orange vod-juice-kas (Moroccan Christmas)
  • Scotch with Splenda (Two Weeks)
  • Nogasakes (A Benihana Christmas)
  • Lemoñadé (The Return)
  • Kool-Aid (Local Ad)
  • Coke in cans (Drug Testing)
  • Vodka (Christmas Party)
  • Espresso drinks (Cafe Disco)


  • Brown, black and grey balloons, only partially filled, and a sign saying “It is the finale.”


  • Dunder Mifflin name tags
  • Flonkerton (Office Olympics)
  • Drinking games: drink whenever (1) someone says “that’s what she said”), (2) a character looks into the camera
  • Play The Office board games
  • Play “Deserted Island”
  • Play “Who would you do”
  • Play “Hilary Swank: hot or not”
  • Guess how many jellybeans in the jar
  • Charades (Dinner Party)
  • Sumo suit wrestling (Beach Games)
  • Call of Duty
  • Dunder Ball

What’s missing? Post a comment!

And don’t forget to check out OfficeTally’s party archive for more ideas…


  1. Lol ! Thanks for posting this Tanster ! I have thought of more since then . . . .

    French toast (Dream Team)
    Square pancakes (Michael Scott Paper Company)
    Kool-Aid (Local Ad)
    Meatball parm sub (Heavy Competition)
    Whatchamacallit (Business School)
    Pay Day (Business School)
    100 Grand (Business School)

  2. For drinks, you are missing ‘Scotch and Splenda!’ “Tastes like Splenda gets you drunk like Scotch.”

  3. Breyer’s Ice cream, brought to you by Malone’s Cones
    Gabba-Gool with a side salad, but the salad better not be on top. (you’re on your own for this one)

  4. Very important note: If you will be serving JELL-O, something MUST be encased in it… JELL-O is not a tribute to the Office unless there is something suspended in it.

  5. chicken pot pie
    mung bean sprouts
    blue flavored power drink
    filet o fish
    hot plate of garbage pizza by Alfredo
    soy milk
    Mayonnaise and olives
    roasted goose
    peanut butter sandwiches
    rhubarb pie
    brownies with and without nuts
    sausage egg and cheese biscuit

  6. Who could forget the “Skillets Of Cheese” from “The Dundies”??

  7. Chocolate pudding cup, from The Injury! I even thought about sprinkling a little sugar on top, to represent the aspirin that Ryan put in because Michael was a little fussy. You’ll feel the blood coursing through your foot veins!

    [from tanster: lol, very clever with the sugar on top!]

  8. This is the best party guide I’ve ever seen!! Wow!! So cool! How about a coffee/latte machine like in Cafe Disco?

  9. Another drink: milk and sugar! Other snacks: French Onion chips. Also you could play The Office Trivia game or Office Clue!

  10. Even though you get extra points for putting office supplies in jello (I have actually done it a couple of times), you can also have Jello cups because that is what Jim is eating when he denies having anything to do with Dwight’s stapler.

    Also, from Drug Testing, a can of coke :-)

  11. Starbursts (receptionists desk “take your daughter to work day”)
    Vodka (Christmas party)

  12. Feed me all the Osso Bucco you can,
    Give me all the baby carrots in the world,
    Bring me an endless supply of Kool Aid on tap,
    Let’s play Office board games all night,

    The only true way to enjoy an Office finale party right, is just to be with the people that matter the most; the characters.

  13. Donuts (michaels birthday)
    Fruit and veggies (“weight loss” vending machine) lol

  14. You’re welcome for all the contributions haha. Love the show just as much as you.

    P.s. make sure you list Herrs Chips from grief counseling.

  15. 7 and 7 with eight Maraschino cherries, sugar on the rim, blended if you can. (Casino night)

  16. Shae beat me to adding mayonnaise and black olives for dessert. ;o)

  17. Make sure on the Awesome Blossom that you order it Extra Awesome! I did this type of thing for the Seinfeld finale and it was a blast! But my husband wants this week to be just us watching in tribute to our favorite show. I can handle that since I want to hear every line!!!

  18. Have Mr. Bean playing in the other room, and Pink Panther movie playing in your office. And make sure others don’t empathize. You’ll wallow, so keep conversations light. (The Chump)

  19. What about decorations? We’re decorating the room in black (and all wearing black) since we’re in mourning, but previously have decorated the way Jim and Dwight did for Kelly. Something made of ice. Something in Jello. Bobbleheads.

  20. Personally I will be getting a thing of Mr. Noodles for the finale. I remember falling in love with this show while eating a bowl of it one night in first year of college.

  21. What about an old favorite from “Kevin Cooks Stuff in The Office” (special feature from season 3):

    -Creme Brulee (tapioca pudding and sugar packets)
    -Quesadillas a la Kevin (chips and squeeze cheese…you can even get creative with circle and flower designs if you wish!)
    -Home/work brewed beer (aka, bacteria filled yeast water)

  22. Milk & sugar!!

    I wanna say that’s from Michael Scott Paper Company…?

  23. Great list and ideas! Too bad I will be in a car and missing out on the finale until I return home (my sis better know I love her! Going to her Masters Degree graduation)

  24. @30 Carla-my work friend and I also put on a Seinfeld party like this and had props like a puffy shirt, fishing rod with a marble rye, etc. Great fun !

    How bout another activity: guess how many jelly beans are in the jar

    This list is amazing and can’t believe how many food and drink references there have been !

  25. Is there a decorations category? Brown, black and grey balloons, only partially filled and a sign saying “It is the finale.” (Lecture Circuit) Oh, for the dessert list and from the same episode, a cake with Kelly spelled Kelley and a Chiclet (to represent a pillow or a TV).

    I say this because after the finale I plan to curl up under a table and sleep – it is my only defense against the sadness…

    Oh, plus a suckling pig!

  26. For the Office party I threw a couple years back I used the grilled cheese idea but I also added a little twist. I purchased a relatively cheap George Foreman grill and a foot shaped cookie cutter on amazon. Guests then made their own foot-shaped grilled cheeses in homage to Michael’s incident with the George Fireman grill. We also had the soft pretzels and I set a station with sweet and savory toppings for them.

    [from tanster: that’s fantastic!]

  27. Drinks-
    A shot of Midori, perhaps? (The Convention)

    Charades (Dinner Party)
    Sumo suit wrestling (Beach Games)
    Call of Duty
    Dunder Ball
    Who can put the most M&Ms in their mouth
    SlumDunder Mifflinaire (Company Picnic)

  28. @44 Reagan – love the grilled cheese idea ! That’s hilarious !

    So Tanster, what time should we all start showing up at your place on Thursday ? 7:00 ? 7:30 ? . . . . .

  29. “Dos Long Island iced teas, s’il vous plait – bad decision in a glass.”

    I live in Hong Kong so the Office will air Friday morning for me. There may well be some ill-advised daytime imbibing!

  30. Thanks so much, Tanster, for this website! Been following for many years.

  31. I love this idea! I went out to buy hotdogs, pigs in a blanket, jelly beans, M&Ms, vodka and orange juice! I tried to find samosa, but I think in this country it’s called something ridiculous like “chicken pastry” for the not-internationally inclined people lol. Maybe I can find potato salad.

  32. We are picking up a fudgie the whale cake tomorrow, and cheese balls…not sure what else yet…I plan to hang a banner “it is the office finale…..” outside…and will get brown black and grey ballons, only half full…and tissues..lots of tissues….

  33. I spent the last few months rewatching every episode and have created Office Jeopardy! Two complete boards and we’re playing by real rules. Should be a blast!

  34. We are going to have a red velvet cake using beets instead of food coloring.

  35. Hot Tamales
    Coco Leche (The Lover)
    “Fish sticks are not an aphrodisiac. You’re thinking of deer penis.”

  36. Don’t forget the gabba gool (Mafia season 6) oh and no seafood. lol Love the idea of the banner reading, It is the finale. Hilarious.

  37. For sweet food there’s Baby Ruth(email surveillance) and another game to play is Zombie Soccer(China)

  38. At your party, be sure to play the Police, in honor of the Police tribute band Scrantonicity.

  39. While doing the activities (not during the actual show of course) listen via an ipod to a selection of songs that have been on the show over the years like Sing by Travis (listened to by Jim and Pam while leaving the office in The Client) I will Remember You by Sarah McLachlan (Sung by Andy at the end of Living the Dream) Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol (used in the DVD Jim gave Pam in A.A.R.M. to reassure her that she’ll always be enough for him) Rainbow Connection (sung by Andy to Pam in a season 3 prank set up by Jim) Love Fool by The Cardigans (Jim and then Andy sang this in a high falsetto to bug Karen in one of the Stamford episodes) and I’m sure there are MANY more. Those are just off the top of my head.

  40. Stanley’s 3×5!!!! And I am making a cake with the quote from Stanley, “If I don’t have cake soon, I’ll die.”

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