1. 200 words just isn’t enough to explain how jealous I am of Lee Kirk. :(

    Jenna is amazing

  2. This interview made me think about Jenna’s next job. Ricky Gervais brought The Office to the U.S. from England. How about doing something similar with Black Books (2000 – 2004), a BAFTA award winning British TV comedy by Dylan Moran?

    EXCEPT, do a little reverse engineering. Have London be the setting. Jenna would be an ex-patriot American (and owner of the bric-a-brac store) playing opposite Hugh Laurie, owner of the bookshop next door.

    What makes this work? Hugh Laurie and Jenna Fischer have been on long-running hit TV shows in the U.S., and they have a flair for comedy and drama. Fischer’s warmth may play well opposite Laurie’s intelligence and surliness. House MD ended in 2012; The Office ends in 2013. Both Laurie and Fischer are Emmy-nominated actors (who deserved to win).

    If such a show ran on HBO, then they might air 12 episodes a year, leaving both actors free to pursue other interests. Finally, U.S. audiences love Downton Abbey–one connection is to Elizabeth McGovern, who plays American Cora Crawley. I think U.S. audiences might enjoy seeing another American woman holding her own amongst the British–but this time, in a modern setting. Thoughts?

  3. So much for my idea … looks like Hugh Laurie is set to star in the new action-adventure series Crossbones on NBC (playing Blackbeard the pirate). Great fit for him!

  4. How about Martin Freeman instead of Hugh Laurie? Freeman was the original Jim (Tim) in the British version of The Office. He even played a doctor in the pilot episode of Black Books.

    Freeman playing opposite Fischer would be like two worlds have collided. But, I doubt that Freeman would be available, either–he just played Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. Okay,I promise, Tanster, this is my last post on the subject!

    Best wishes to the entire cast of The Office with their future careers!

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