1. Jenna looked great and I love how Rachael kept saying she wants Jim and Pam to get it on.

  2. Haha- that made me laugh too Denise. That was a good interview- glad I didn’t miss it.

  3. How cute was she? Adorable. And so far I’ve only had to see myself on TV once, and that’s a GOOD thing.

  4. Ah, I loved Jenna’s responses to the cocktail questions, esp. how she buys jeans that actually fit. She also looked so bewildered (in a cute way!) in the kitchen. I hope Rachael didn’t make Jenna feel guilty about not being a home cook. Jenna’s on set 12-14 hours a day. Of course she doesn’t cook! I think somebody should go through and count how many times Rachael actually said “office” in that segment.

    GMMR: Was the cupcake snack-of-the-day tasty? :D

  5. Thanks for putting it up on Youtube, tanster! :)

    I don’t know about you guys, but I think Rachael is a bit too annoying for my taste, yaiks. Jenna was cute however, as always!

  6. I don’t understand why I don’t care for Rachel. She’s so popular, but I’ve always found her annoying. Is there something the matter with me?!!?!

    Jenna was great, however!

  7. I did NOT enjoy the show. I DVR’ed it and it was ALL about Rachael and not much about Jenna. I had the feeling that Rachael wanted to talk about herself and her viewpoints more than getting to know her guest. I dunno. I didn’t laugh or smile at all, and it looked like Jenna was being bossed around. *shrug*

  8. That was a cute segment. Jenna’s hair looked awesome. I’ve never seen her wear it like that before. I loved watching her in the kitchen. You could tell that she was a little uncomfortable trying to cook. I feel you on that, girl! :)

  9. if you go to Rachel Ray’s show website and look at the note’s about Thursday’s show there are 2 video clips of Jenna (actually a lot more telling then her whole segment on the show). In one they surprise her w/ tapioca pudding and in the other she compares the office actors to their characters

  10. They should give Jenna her own talk show because Rachael was pretty hard to watch. I actually tried out that recipe last night and it was really good…and easy to make. My husband helped and it took about 20 minutes.

  11. Yes, watched the show and it was super cute and of course I love Jenna…but I really LOVED her sweater…anyone know where it’s from??? Thanks, CMoore

  12. Re: Carley #11

    I too am the same way! Rachel Ray has her moments I’ve found, but overall I think she’s too much all at once. I want to take her by the shoulders and be all “Bring it down a notch damn it!” haha glad to know I’m not the only one with issues with her.

    Meanwhile yes, Jenna did seem a little uncomfortable, but I think that again goes to Rachel’s personality overshadowing Jenna’s. Overall Jenna was adorable and I loved her stories – especially the one about her husband giving her a painting of their cat. Amazing. So she’s got the perfect guy on TV & at home. Lucky. :)

  13. haha meanwhile – did you get the feeling that the whole time they’re making that chilli Jenna was thinking “man I will never make this again in my life – sure that looks like enough cumin. What the hell is cumin? ” too cute.

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