1. Jenna was hilarious and endearing as always

    The thing is though she has been on Leno about 5 times now and Jay always gets really pervy with her. Quit slobbing over her Jay, kind of creepy. She may have to use her new found boxing talents on you.

  2. hahahahah, hers was good and it showed a great clip from the Superbowl Special. I don’t want to spoil it though. Definitely better than Rainn’s appearance yesterday.

  3. hahaha…if it were an ipod, it’s be a shuffle….I can not wait for this episode after the superbowl!!!!!!!!

  4. Jenna, you looked gorgeous as usual! Loved your story about the hotel. The Superbowl episode is looking better and better!

  5. Just another post about how awesome Jenna is… *sigh*

    the entire interview was hilarious, Jenna, stop being so awesome it’s making everyone else look bad (kidding)

    also, Lee Kirk, you are the luckiest man on the planet and i envy you so much right now

  6. Jenna looked stunning tonight, which she always does. Agreed, the story with the hotel was great. I’m looking forward to the show Sunday night more than the game… and I’m a guy. lol

    btw, looks like Angela Kinsey is on Carson Daly tonight after Conan.

  7. Jenna is so wonderful. Her latest blog is so much fun. How thoughtful of her to take photos and post them for her fans.

    And Pam in that scene in the clip? LOVE HER!!!!

  8. Excellent interview as usual, Jenna! Gorgeous, funny and talented. A perfect combination for any guy.

  9. Jenna is the best. Does any other show have a cast this awesome? No.

    Man… “If it were an Ipod it would be a shuffle.” I need to know who wrote that. AMAZING!

  10. Haha, yea you can tell she DOES watch a lot of crime shows…she said “perp” when she was talking about self-defense. Hahaha, awesome interview! Love her!

  11. I just love her! She’s so great and so charming. And SO beautiful!! I can’t wait for the episode Sunday…after seeing that clip, I just know it’s gonna be one of the best of the season. :)

  12. Like GMMR said, I will never look at an iPod shuffle again.
    I hope we can get another Q & A to ask who wrote that line! (No pressure though, tanster. You do enough already. twss. Oh sorry. that was supposed to be a nice compliment (: )

    I really need to stop watching these clips! I feel like they are giving too much away!

  13. LOL, Justin Long…yeah, I think about half the guys in America would not mind being the perp for Jenna to do her workout with.

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