1. Looking at the cover, Lee Kirk is one lucky man.

    So glad that Jenna is getting the recognition she truly deserves. She is a class act.

  2. Haha, all the comments are from the boys. Ok as a girl I’ll join in, Wowza. :)

  3. Wow!! Time for me to get on my elliptical machine!
    She looks great!
    I love working out to Britney’s music too! :)

  4. Been in love with Jenna for ages but still didn’t expect her body to be THAT incredible. Amazing. Five stars.

  5. WOW! She looks awesome! Wish I looked like her even a little. Maybe I should cancel that burger lunch order and get a salad lol

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! It sounds like she works incredibly hard for that figure. It pays off. Most beautiful woman in Hollywood!

  7. Wowza… I also have had a huge crush on Jenna since season 1 but man, Lee Kirk is going to be one lucky dude!

  8. Wow Jenna, those Pam outfits apparently hide everything! I know she worked hard for it according to her myspace blog so good job to her!

  9. That’s why Oscar would do her, haha. When Jay Leno showed the cover when she was on, I was even like woah! haha

  10. 24. Amy: A 26 translates to about an American size 4. Many high-end, brand name jeans (True Religion, Joe’s, etc.) size that way.

    Love the cover (yeah, *girl crush*), but dang she’s making me feel bad about my body. I’m thinking sit-ups are in my future!

  11. A co-worker brought doughnuts into the office this morning. I resisted as long as I could, but I finally caved … and my guilt is now tripled. Thanks a lot, Jenna! ;)

    Seriously, she looks amazing – so happy and confident. Good for her!

  12. I hate her fiance. I’m drooling over my keyboard right now. She is just so beautiful and so real. Gotta love Jenna.

  13. Honestly, I don’t feel surprised that she looks this way– I’ve always thought how tiny she is on the show! Since season 1!! I mean her tiny little arms in those cardigans.. and who looks good wearing tights and tennis shoes (in the episode w/ the Michael Scott Paper Company)!? She does for sure…

  14. You’re torturing me. Showing my Celebrity Crush like that. God, if I ever met her, I’d be tongue tied beyond belief.

  15. I really did not need any more reason to think Jenna was perfect. Just ridiculous how hot she is. Lee Kirk is both my most most hated and admired man on Earth!

  16. I signed up my sister for a subscription for SHAPE and the issue came today. Usually, I don’t look at anything besides the cover, but I made an exception this time. Jenna looks fantastic and the exercises look interesting. Time to lose weight!

  17. Jenna’s blog was great. I just started going back to the gym this week after a 2 month hiatus. I even downloaded some episodes of “The Office” from iTunes to entertain myself :)

  18. She is such a cool person. Beautiful, smart, funny, etc. One of the many reasons I love The Office.

  19. Ummm…I have nothing of value to add except I adore Jenna Fisher. Also, I got two copies of this issue of Shape because it’s Jenna on the cover.

    P.S. – This story needs to be on top of OT all the time…or at least the first page.

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