1. I’ve been a die hard fan since season two and I consider this the single funniest moment of the entire series.

  2. The wig montage reminds me a lot of a skit in the Dana Carvey Show (Carell was a writer and costar) called “Bob Dole Undercover”

  3. This seriously might beat Meredith getting hit by Michael’s car. I woke up everyone in my house when I saw this.

  4. Oh the wigs! Can’t stop laughing. Paranoid Jim psyching himself up to hit Dwight then only getting the window, followed by everybody’s and his own reactions? Incredible.

  5. Agreed with #1 – this was the funniest sequence that The Office has ever brought to life! The insane look on Dwight’s face as he spins round in the Meredith wig…OMG best ever!!!!!!!!

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