Jenna Fischer talks to Sound of Young America

Jesse Thorn of the public radio show ‘The Sound of Young America’ has a terrific interview with Jenna Fischer.

Jenna speaks of her single-minded pursuit of an acting career, how she approaches comedic acting, some interesting new details about ‘The Office’ audition process, and her favorite conference room scene of Season 5.

Link: The Sound of Young America


  1. That was an AMAZING interview! I love Jenna so much! You really can tell how dedicated she is to acting and being part of a ensemble.

  2. This interview is wonderful. I have so much admiration for Jenna. She’s been such an inspiration to me as an aspiring actress.

  3. Aww – this was great! He’s genuinely interested and entertained by her. Love it!

  4. Jenna seems really down to Earth. She’s a wonderful actress, the whole cast of The Office is great. The Office is the best show in the entire world!!

    –TEAM JAM–

  5. Such a good interview. Jenna Fischer seems like such a cool person; it’s so inspiring to hear her talk about the work she put into getting to where she is today. I loved hearing about the 30 minute “work sessions” they had when they first started shooting, it’s so funny that the “cat party” conversation/storyline was improvised! I want to go back and rewatch that scene now. Thanks for posting this!

  6. Can we please get Jenna her own radio show? I can’t decide if I prefer this one to the Terry Gross one from last year, but I absolutely love her candid interview persona. Oh, and every word out of her mouth goes on to further prove that our show is the best one on earth. No contest.

  7. This was a great interview — loved listening to it! I admire Jenna’s honesty and openness in discussing her life as an actor. She has such a great work ethic, and the anecdotes are really entertaining. :-)

  8. Dear Jenna,

    Keep up the amazing work on and off THE OFFICE. Your stories are incredibly fun to hear about. Some of the best interviews are from you because you keep a constant level of interest. Love it!


    Tiffany (MIN)

  9. What a great interview! Jenna’s stories are so interesting and amusing. I love her reflections on acting (because there’s a part of me that wishes I could be one) and her little factoids about stuff on The Office. :)

  10. Wow, Jenna is one of the best interviewees I’ve ever heard. She always has such interesting things to say, and even the stories I’ve heard many times before (like her wanting John to get the part of Jim and vice versa) are still interesting. If I had any complaint it would be that I wish the interview had been longer. I could listen to Jenna for hours! I also loved hearing the clip of Pam and Jim from Chair Model, which is one of my all time favorite scenes.

  11. This is one of many great interviews on TSOYA. I encourage everyone to check out some of the others. My favorites are the Dan Savage/Neil Strauss, Demetri Martin, and Zach Galifianakis. Jesse is well-prepared and thoughtful, and that rare combination of being knowledgeable about the sophisticated and sophomoric. If you like him, donate, because he does the show from his living room.

  12. Yeah this interview specifically and all the TSOYA interviews are wonderful. Jesse Thorn really makes EVERY interview that great, because he only gets interview subjects that he’s truly interested in. No pointless interviews that a couple of agents set up. He really does do it out of his living room so keep listening!

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