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The OfficeThe Office’s Jenna Fischer blogged today about the filming of the wedding episode this past weekend, and includes a link to some of the photos that were taken, including this one.

Jenna looks absolutely radiant. I mean, like, WOW, right?

See Jenna’s blog for links to more photos!

Link: Jenna’s latest blog

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  1. She looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL like really you’re right WOW amazing!
    john also looks cute but really jenna looks unbelievable =)

  2. Jenna could have on no makeup wearing a beet sack and she’d look beautiful.
    I am sure the wedding ceremony when televised will be quite the tear jerker.

  3. i almost started crying when i saw this picture and all the others. the moment we’ve all been waiting for is coming! she looks breathtaking in that dress, and i’m so happy for the both of them =)

  4. I definitely teared up looking at these pictures. Seeing Pam with a baby bump and all of the wedding pictures is seriously just….gah! It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for and it’s so amazing.

  5. Ok I’m now 100% convinced these are FOILERS! Tanster never puts info like this so open on the site. No way the Office folks suddenly decided to embrace/promote spoilers. Especially for an episode this big. No way.

  6. Is it just me, or does Jim’s tie look like it’s been cut off halfway down? Possible Michael or Dwight high jinx?

  7. Jenna looks completely gorgeous. I am so looking forward to this episode. What wonderful payoff for the loyal Jim and Pam fans who have followed them for so long. So exciting!!

  8. Halpert, Jim Halpert.

    Jenna looks absolutely beautiful in that wedding dress. I wonder how similar her real life wedding dress will be? Maybe she’ll borrow this one! Something new, old and borrowed in on. :)

    I love how Radar Online doesn’t know what happened at the end of Season 5.

  9. GMMR —

    Are you saying the wedding pictures are foilers? Doesn’t it seem too big of a production to have the entire cast/extras dress up and go on location simply to fool fans? I could understand if it were a simple snapshot taken by a cast member on set (i.e. David Denman wearing a wedding ring courtesy of Ms. Fischer circa S3), but this seems too elaborate. Maybe I’m wrong…

  10. I love Jenna in these pictures! I can’t wait to see the wedding.

    There are no way these are foilers. There’s way too many pictures to try and fool anybody.

  11. GMMR–I don’t think we can even really consider the fact that the wedding is happening a spoiler, therefore the pics can’t be foilers. We knew PBJ were engaged and planning a wedding as fact from last season. Also both writers and cast have been very open since the start of filming about the fact that the wedding was going to happen this season. I think the producers probably made an executive decision that it was easier to be open about the general fact that it would happen and just keep a lid on most of the details/specifics of when, where etc. Although, some of those have leaked in true spoiler form through the usual sources and hints. Also mb has a valid point: It’s unlikely they spent all this time and money staging a big hoax to throw the fans off.

  12. O.M.G.

    John Krasinski in a tux. I think I just died and went to heaven <3

    Oh, and Jenna looks good too :]

  13. I don’t think there’s any way that these pictures are foilers. As others have said, the writers have been very open about Jim/Pam getting married this season. Heck, the actual wedding date has been mentioned several times. It’s not as if we’re seeing these photos without any written evidence to reinforce their validity.

  14. What’s up with Jim’s tie? I agree, it looks like the bottom half is cut off. Can’t wait for the season to finally start!

  15. I originally was thinking like GMMR, that it very uncharacteristic that the powers that be would let a big spoiler like the wedding out but it seems to be fairly common knowledge that is the 4th ep, etc. I wonder if it won’t come off as expected.

    I have to agree that Jenna/Pam looks gorgeous (as always) but in a couple of pics, John/Jim looks VERY nervous! LOL!

  16. I don’t think it’s a foiler because what good would it do the network to keep it secret? They want a big audience, they want word to spread about the episode before it airs. Keeping it secret would be like keeping Jack Black’s superbowl episode appearance secret, a wasted marketing opportunity.

    Anyway, yes Jenna looks very nice in the dress. :)

  17. I know this is a random little tidbit, but I started researching around, looking for Pam’s dress and I think I found it – it is a Galina dress (the listing number is 11036) and here is a picture of it.


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