1. I saw this ad a few days ago and sat drooling on my computer desk for about 5 minutes. I love it! I’m going to Gap tomorrow, but I doubt they will let me have the posters when they’re done with them. Anyways. Thanks for posting!

  2. Yess I’ve seen this lovely ad poster’d up in the mall. I wanted to take a picture, haha.

  3. A few days ago I got a Gap ad in the mail and I saw that John and Amy were in it. I was so surprised! So I went to the Gap today to ask what they did to the posters that they hung in the store when they were finished with them and if I could have one. But the guy working said that they have to cut them up and throw them out! But I kept the ad I got in the mail, so I still have those little pictures.

  4. Yeah, this poster is at the bus stop where I catch the bus to go to class. Not a bad way to start the day. Not bad at all.

  5. There is a big J.Kras Gap billboard down the street from me, I just about die every time I see it. As for Miss Amy Adams, where is the thread where we can all gush about how adorable she was in Enchanted? :) Happy Holidays everyone!

  6. YEAH, there’s a huge one outside the Gap at my city’s mall! I made my friends take a picture of me with it… they thought I was weird but HELLO?? IT’S A GIANT JIM!! AH. I could stare at him all day *drools*

  7. Those are cringe worthy awful poses they made him do. On the plus side, more publicity to help the series when it returns, so that’s good.

  8. I like the second picture
    …but the first one??!!

    it’s like the photographer consciously tried to find the worst angle, facial expression, and body language possible for John.

    if so, bravo.

  9. the first picture of him is my computer and cellphone background!!! His ad is also at my local gap store and I took a picture with it!!!

  10. haha the first picture is my laptop background too :o)

    I haven’t made it to the mall yet, but I’m hoping it’s up there!

  11. I’m glad someone else (#4, 9, and 10) said it first…not the most flattering pix of John. The second one is a little better than the first, but they totally missed out on capturing his smoldering sexiness. Oh well!

  12. why does everyone think that these shots of John were unflattering?

    I think that he looks AMAZING.

    I actually took a picture of the giant picture of him at the Gap! He looks adorable!

  13. I saw his picture in my local Gap store and I laughed for at least 20 minutes. Then I forced my friend to pose with it!

  14. I love the second photo, but did they have to put the description on his crotch? I felt dirty for reading it. Hmmm…how much is that sweater and scarf again?

  15. My husband was trying on some sweaters at The Gap today and the sales associated caught me staring at the John posters and said “Do you like that?” and I said “Very much I do!”. The guy just started laughing.

  16. Yep, I went shopping in downtown Chicago yesterday and saw these pictures all over. I like them.

  17. I don’t think they were trying to go for “sexy” in these photos which is why I like them. I think they are trying to go for “snuggly” which I think they nail perfectly.

  18. I have the first shot of Kras with scarf on my wall at work. He’s such a cutiepie. It gives me a smile.

  19. Yikes! That first pose of John looks like Todd Packer imitating Jim Halpert.

    Yoo hoo for Amy – hitting it big in Enchanted this season.

  20. I pretty much flipped when I saw the John Krasinski one at my mall. And then I took a picture. ‘Cause I’m a dork.

    The other side of the window display has the Will Arnett/Amy Poehler one up. My local Gap is made of win.

  21. Is it just me or does John look unnatural in these photos? Don’t get me wrong, I understand the appeal and hotness of the JKras… it just doesn’t seem… like him. Perhaps it’s my built up ideal of him inside my head that’s wrong.

  22. Geeking myself out here……

    I called all of the GAPs in my city – they are not allowed to give/sell the posters after they are finished with them. They have to shred/cut up/blacken out all of the posters because of copyright/royalty issues.


    However, as nice as it is, I’m not sure what I would have done with a 14 foot tall poster of John in my room. :)

  23. Yeah, boy did I see a display. I turned a corner in NYC and almost peed my pants when I saw an 8 story John Krasinski

  24. Ah no! I was just at the mall and saw the picture of Will and Amy! I should have looked at the other side to see John! I can’t believe I didn’t look on the other side! Aww man! He looks adorable on the computer and I can’t even imagine how much amazinger he’s got to look on the poster in real life!

  25. Post #29, you are abso-fruitly right! I laughed so hard when I read your take of the picture.
    “Halpert! Tall, queer, handsome as ever. Hey everybody it’s me, Jim.”

  26. I think he is being a totally opposite persona than Jim Halpert on purpose………..I love it. He’s so darn cute! I wanna go to the Gap right now ( I think he is posing like Todd Packer that time he gave him a bad time) LOL!

  27. My preceeding post may seem like I don’t like Jim Halpert, but I do!! I just like seeing him in a different way. Just wanted to clear that up. Go John Kras!

  28. I think JK is a really attractive guy. I like guys who are tall and skinny with messy hair, who look like they would be comfortable to cuddle up next to. But there is casual, and there is WOMEN”S CARDIGANS. Now even the Gap is dressing him in them?
    The way the scarf is tucked in the sweater in the second picture makes his chest look oddly Superman-like.
    John, I will volunteer to be your stylist. For free. I will happily watch you try on clothes all day ;-)

    PS- Amy looks great.

  29. Since there wasn’t a DMI task this week, I think it would be funny to go to the local Gap, and take a photo of myself in my best JK pose (with featured scarf/sweater).

  30. I would love John in a boat. I would love him in a moat. I would love him in a box. I would love him in my socks.

    But I feel these pictures are a slam. I do not like them, Sam, I am.

    (With huge apologies to Dr. Seuss and JKras. And a smaller apology to the Gap, whose clothes I love. But I think they could have taken and chosen better photos.)

  31. I agree with #10 in that in the first picture, I feel like they tried to find “the worst angle, facial expression, and body language possible.” The second doesn’t really cut it for me either…but I still love John!! These pictures just don’t do him justice! hehe :)
    Also, Amy Adams looks beautiful!

  32. Everyone is hating on these pictures but I love them! When I was at the mall the other day I almost fell off the escalator when I saw the enormous John Krasinski on the gap wall. :)

  33. On top of the fact that JKras looks less than manly in these photos, why would they pair him up in this campaign with someone Office fans don’t want to see him with? I know she’s in the latest Disney movie, but there’s a history there, folks… Wouldn’t it have been fun to see Philly Jim and Fancy New Beasley in this campaign? THAT would be AWESOME!

  34. the background of my phone is a picture of me with the ad of john.

    sigh. i can’t stop looking at it.

  35. I don’t know, the second one does seem like a really bizarre and unflattering pose. But, I do think the first one is adorable.

  36. Doesn’t he realize that there’s more to life then being really really, really… ridiculously good looking?

  37. I actually went to the mall and i noticed the new ads. i didn’t think i’d know who anyone was except for a few.
    and then i saw john.
    i was in shock and awe, and my friend looked at me like i was completely crazy and dragged me along. :)

  38. I think the body language in the second one is weird, too, but MAN, is he ever showing off his adorable-ness in the first one. My boyfriend is getting that scarf for Christmas. JKras sold it with that picture.

  39. awww, just awww… Yep, Gap has just entered my consciousness again after about 3 years, until now I was like Gap who? I live in Chicago and these pictures are on the trains. When I’m having a particularly bad morning it’s always lovely to get a moment with JKras on my train! The Amy Poehler and Will Arnett ones are just hilarious too…Amy’s face is priceless!

  40. that john one is now my wallpaper. saw enchanted and now i really want purse girl to come back to the office…is that possible?

  41. I love it! I took a picture of my computer screen so now I have JK as my wall paper on my phone! Haha I’m such a dork…oh well! It’s all worth it! I looove opening my phone and seeing JK there!

  42. In the December In Style magazine, after page 96, there is a several-page Gap add with a full-sized picture of John (the first one, in the cardigan).

  43. With such a good looking model, couldn’t they have chosen a more flattering pose and facial expression? I love JK, but these have to be the worst photos of him I have ever seen. Very unmanly!!!!

  44. He definitely looks more attractive in the 2nd photo! Why do I keep seeing him in cardigan sweaters?! Not really flattering on him. Still, he is a cutie!

  45. Thank you Far Away. Last year Rolling Stone had a big pull out with Jeremy Piven, John Legend, etc. so I assumed they did it again, but I guess they’re not doing it this year. My InStyle subscription ran out, so I’ll get it later. I was looking for the magazine ad.

  46. I love it… I say as I sit here in my “I heart Jim” shirt. I wonder who gets the big posters in the stores after the campaign is over… hmmmm… :)

  47. 1st one: Is that a small whiff of chest hair, Mr. Krasinski? In the words of Borat, Ve’y Niiice.

  48. Okay guys, look for me in Enchanted. Yes, yours truly was an extra! I walked by during That’s How You Know. I was with this other girl, Tracey, and we were talking the whole time. I didn’t even know they were filming! You can see us!

  49. I wish you could have the gap ads at the end of the season, but they have to destroy them…trust me, I would be the first to grab it!

  50. My friend works at gap and she got me the GIGANTIC window decal and one of the huge framed photos of john… I want to sell them, anybody interested?

  51. The words are on his crotch. Gap advertising knows where the ladies look, obviously!

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