John Krasinski voices Esurance commercials

Yes, that’s The Office’s John Krasinski voicing the new Esurance commercials!

From Esurance:

Actor John Krasinski, star of “The Office,” … does voiceover for the new campaign. Krasinski adds personality, candor, and wit to a visual narrative that captures the reality of our modern world while emphasizing the interconnectedness of our real and digital lives. The campaign also features the Grammy Award winning song, Jam Man, from Country Music Hall of Fame guitarist Chet Atkins.

John Krasinski and Alec Baldwin: baseball rivals

New Era Cap says: “Alec Baldwin is a die-hard Yankees fan. John Krasinski pledges his allegiance to Red Sox Nation. Whose side are you on?”

Clip 1: The Trash Talking Begins

Clip 2: One Hitter

Clip 3: Behind the Rivalry
[Video no longer available]

Clip 4: Dog

Clip 5: JumboTron John

Clip 6: 912

Clip 7: The Odd Couple

John Krasinski is the voice of Carnival Cruises

From Cruise Industry News:

Carnival Cruise Lines debuts a new television advertising campaign today featuring three new spots that speak to the unique kind of genuine, participatory fun unleashed on a Carnival cruise … Each spot features a voiceover provided by actor John Krasinski from the hit TV show “The Office” as well as the song “Bang the Drum” by Todd Rundgren.

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