1. Going to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon soon. I would DIE if this happened there!!!

  2. I sincerely hope that this becomes a running joke between the 2 of them that we can view publicly.

  3. I KNEW I should have spent more time stalking the tourist shops in Anchorage… Bah, she’s just too adorable to hate for marrying J.K. I forgive you, Emily!

  4. John and Conan, the best late night combination ever. That hat was class, no wonder he wanted it back. Also, the little wave he gives her is too adorable.

  5. i love when she first mentions john, and a few people in the audience cheer, and she goes “i KNOW…”

  6. Aww haha that little joking wave he gives her and her genuine reaction in response is too cute!

    Great segment! One of the best parts about Conan being back on the air is all the JK appearances we’re bound to get ;) Keep em coming!

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