1. LOL at Michael’s costume!!!! Is it a present for a certain someone’s mom? Oh gosh, that’s the OTHER Justin Timberlake/Andy Samberg song….Mother Lover!

  2. Oh Michael…always so behind on the jokes. But Dwight is actually rather scary as Jigsaw!

  3. Wow. I’m guessing Michael’s noose is a reference to erotic asphyxiation (what the actor David Carradine most likely died doing). It’s time for some highly inappropriate Michael Gary Scott jokes!

  4. oh wow. this is going to be very entertaining…. i can’t wait! michael really is behind with the times. :) lol. poor pam, this is going to be miserable for her. ‘stop dating my mother!”

  5. Just have this feeling, that because Michael is Michael – that he really does have “it” in the box. ;)

  6. Ok, i thought creed and dwight as the joker heath ledger version was creepy, but I think this is even creepier. Dwight would be a shoe-in for Saw

  7. This is going to be the best halloween ever! I love both of those costumes! What is the noose about, though? On someone’s blog (Jenna’s maybe?) they said that they thought Oscar had the best costume.

  8. I agree with Vee (#6). You gotta love Michael. I am so excited for this episode! And we’ll finally, tomorrow, get to see what happened with him and Pam’s mom….!

  9. Very funny. Correction; Dwight is not actually Jigsaw, he is Jigsaw’s doll Billy. But whatevs.

  10. I wonder if we’re actually going to get a full Halloween episode this year or if it will just be in the cold open like last year. I was so disappointed when they didn’t carry it through.

  11. OMG…is Kevin “Paul Blart, Mall Cop”?!?! That’s ten types of awesome. And who/what is Angela dressed as?

  12. Oscar’s costume is amazing. What the heck is Kev? Does Paul Blart Mall Cop have a cleaver?

  13. hahaha love these pix!! I wonder who’s princess fiona… can’t take a good look at it…

  14. @ ItsOnlyMeredith: I think Angela is dressed like a black widow.

    I can’t wait for this episode! Oscar’s costume is a hoot!

  15. OMG! OMG!! Michael is d**k in the box!!!
    As a JT + Office Fanatic that costume is Ah-mazing!

    (although I wish Michael wasn’t hung…sorta creepy)

  16. @19-Nina-san: I think Princess Fiona is Erin. I can’t wait…their costumes are amazing every year! :)

  17. @mlc914 oh yeah I guess that makes sense…haha it can’t be Pam ‘cuz no bump…LOL thanks

    I can’t wait for that!! It’s gonna be EPIC!!

    I wonder what Jim is gonna be… ;)

  18. Angela as a black widow is very fitting. I’m surprised she strayed from ‘cat’ though!

  19. @31 … no, that’s Leeloo from the 5th element. Though it seems like something Lady gaga would wear.

  20. @28 Stile4aly

    You’re right – not Lady GaGa – that is definitely the LeeLoo costume from 5th Element! I can’t even picture Kelly having heard of that movie let alone having seen it!

  21. Oscar as Palin (I haven’t laughed harder at anything in my life..it took me forever to figure out who it was too) I’m with everyone else, this will be the best Halloween episode ever from any television show! Can’t wait to see what happens.

  22. Looks like “Koi Pond” is gong to be yet another great episode from season six. The costumes are really funny. Seriously, though this season has been overall great.

  23. Oscar as SARAH PALIN?!!! Kevin as Paul Blart?!! Clear my schedule I have to see this episode!

  24. OMG! So for Michael, is his “junk in a box.” Like I have no idea. But when I saw that photo, I was like DICK IN A BOX!

  25. Is the green person lying on the table Erin as Fiona from Shrek? I mean it really looks like Fiona, and I can’t think of who it would be if it wasn’t Erin….I don’t think it’s Meredith…

  26. could the person dressed like Fiona be Pam’s mother Helene because I do not think it is Erin….hmmmmm

  27. Not in the photos, but from the previews it looks like Jim is going to be “Facebook”. He just wrote “BOOK” on his face with a marker. What’s Pam going to be?

  28. Pam is totally Rosemary, from Rosemary’s Baby, and is Jim facebook or does he “always have his nose in a book”? Could go either way!

  29. Ok, because I am a nerd Twilight fan, I just love that Ryan is dressed as Edward Cullen!!!

  30. Is Ryan dressed up as Edward Cullen? I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what he was. I love Creed’s vampire though. Cracked me up. =)

  31. omigod! I had no idea that was pam! I was like, who is that sketch hanging with jim? And where is pam? haha feel so stupid right now

  32. OMG…Jim and Pam…so cute in that picture! The chemistry between the Halperts are just sizzlin’ in that picture!

  33. I love how these characters put so much effort into their costumes… more so than any other aspect of their entire lives. It’s the effort alone that makes me laugh so hard!

    I could hardly recognise Oscar and Kevin.

    Also, I’m ashamed to admit that I was watching and asked myself aloud, “Why is Pam dressed as Twiggy?” So embarrassing :)

  34. love Love LOVE these costumes, probably the most creative yet. i’m a little confused as to who pam and ryan are. can anybody clarify?

  35. fancynewbeesly- Pam is Rosemary from Rosemary’s Baby and Ryan is Edward Cullen from Twilight. Hope that helps.

    I love Jim’s facebook. Classic Jim :/

  36. @sara…As the Hair Department Head, I keep all the wigs in storage that we use…just don’t tell Ellen, she might get nervous if she reads your suggestion!

    [from tanster: lol. hi kim! fabulous halloween this year! :) ]

  37. I can’t for the life of me figure out who that is in the second picture on the second page.

    Oscar as Sarah Palin?

    This is embarrassing — please help, someone!

  38. What?! I don’t get it. Great photos… and no proper halloween episode. What’s up with that?!

  39. 56 – I also thought Pam was Twiggy at first. Although since I am being Twiggy I think it was just on the brain or wishful thinking!

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