1. OMG Andy as Michael Jackson! This episode is gonna be great!

    Question: Is Ryan supposed to be Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson?

  2. “I vant to sell your blood!” TOO FUNNY! And even though I am so OVER the vampire craze, Ryan as Edward Cullen is just perfection.

  3. This episode looks great and is it just me or has it been forever since we’ve seen Darryl?

    Also I wonder if this will force Jim to wear an actual costume, not that “Dave” and “3-hole punch version of Jim” isn’t wonderful.

  4. I’m trying to figure out who’s in the background behind Darryl. I see Kevin as a security guard (perhaps Paul Blart, Mall Cop?), and is that Oscar as Sarah Palin?? Fantastic!!

  5. Oh man! This is officially the best year of costumes yet. Oscar as Palin, Ryan as Edward Cullen (and he’s actually pulling it off quite well), Creed as a Creed-like blood-selling vampire, Kevin as Paul Blart, Andy as MJ (even whiter than the original). Amazing.

  6. Oscar as Sarah Palin? Oh my god, I think I just died laughing. I can’t wait to see this.

  7. Yeah, I definitely think Ryan is supposed to be Edward. I hope this doesn’t mean Kelly is Bella…. because I already bought the dress and brown contact lenses and when I show up at work as Bella on Friday, all my Office watching co-workers will laugh at me!

  8. I think the Koi Pond part of the episode sounds pretty funny, but the Haunted House thing might be a little far-fetched. I’m not a huge fan of episodes like this…

  9. I’m trying to tell what Pam is dressed up as. I’ve seen pregnant women do some really cute costumes.

  10. So I paused it; it looks like Erin is Princess Fiona the ogre version (awesome!) and I can say that Kelly is not Bella (but I don’t know who she’s supposed to be.)\

    Kevin as Paul Blart (love it!!!)
    Oscar as Sarah Palin (probably gonna be my favorite Office costume eva!!!!)

  11. Pam is dressed as Rosemary from Rosemary’s baby.
    Jim’s “facebook” costume is really… underwhelming…

  12. Nose in a book? Hilarious and minimal, good ol’ Jim! My first instinct was that Pam was Carol Brady (maybe the odd hair and the nightie?), but I’m 99.9% sure that she was never pregnant on The Brady Bunch. Hard to tell. Too bad there’s not a bit of a spike in the back of her hair, then I’d be almost positive that she was Kate Gosselin: The Early Years. (Totally kidding!) That’s going to bother me until Thursday! Seems like everyone else was super easy to figure out except for Pam :-(

  13. I am guessing that Jim is supposed to have his “nose in a book”?? Pam looks like Michelle Williams in these promos… haha.

  14. I always love the Halloween costumes they put on Jim; from 3 hole Punch version of Jim, to “Dave”, and this year Jim with his nose in a BOOK!

  15. I was going to ask if Pam was dressed as Mia Farrow from Rosemary’s baby. That is hilarious.

  16. Oh, Rosemary’s Baby!! Nice spot on Pam’s costume, guys! I think that’s exactly what it is. And I never really thought of Jim’s costume as being “Facebook.” My immediate reaction was “Nose in a book” but Facebook makes a bit more sense, I suppose. Wow, you all are super talented! Can’t wait for the episode.

  17. Thanks to everyone for the help on Pam’s costume. I love it! I hope when I get pregnant someday, I am showing on Halloween so I can do something like that.

  18. Seems like everyone spotted all the costumes, except for Kelly’s… She is Milla Jovovich’s character from the movie Fifth Element! Hilarious!

  19. I always love Jim’s “costumes!” They’re so simple and require no effort on his part, which is what makes it so funny. And if you really don’t have a costume for Halloween, You can always go as “three hole punch ____”, Dave, or “facebook.”

  20. Oh and do you think that Creed’s blood is the bag of blood he stole in “Blood Drive?”

  21. Uh oh, this episode is worrying me. I’m not usually a fan of the really out-there episodes and it seems like lately they’ve been like that. Like…unrealistic? But maybe I’m wrong. The costumes are pretty funny.

  22. lol, I just realized it’s supposed to be a haunted house for kids, and look at what costume Michael picks.

  23. I think this will be like ‘Cafe Disco.’ Some people think it is the greatest episode ever, others absolutely hate it. It’s easy to say that it will probably be a lighter episode.

  24. If you google Mia Farrow and Rosemary’s Baby the pics that come up show you that Pam is dressed as her! LOVE IT!

    #38 the person painted green is Erin (Princess Fiona)

    And is Mose real or just a figure here? He looks fake.

  25. Michael hangs himself and chooses D*** in a Box for his costume…in front of a bunch of kids. Classic.

  26. I am pretty excited they are doing a haunted house. Michael loves kids, so he’ll be thrilled.

  27. oh my gosh. is ryan edward cullen? just when i thought he couldn’t be any more my favorite, he makes fun of twilight.

  28. 27-AndIHaveWorms – I thought the same thing about “nose in a book” – facebook never occurred to me – I guess that says something about how old I am!

  29. Pam as Rosemary is absolutely perfect. I really wondered what pregnant character she would go as… but that one never occurred to me.

    And Jim. Sigh. I’m dressing up as that next year, absofruitley.

  30. i can’t wait to see how jim interacts with the kids… he’s such a natural with them. remember take your daughter to work day? glimpse into the future…

    daddy!jim makes me swoon.

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