1. What wonderful interviews. I’m so struck by what lovely people they all are – ie as when John Krasinski refers to himself as an “innocent bystander” after winning the emmy…such humility in an actor is truly rare.

  2. maybe i’m just pessimistic… but i sense john’s not totally over rashida…. how sad for me… :(

  3. That assumes they ever broke up in the first place. Who knows. :)

    Anyway, good videos, was fun to see.

  4. did i miss something? i thought his video was about the emmy and the preassure for ths season. i dont thnk he discussed his personal life? and yes rashida is VERY pretty! i think its funny how she speaks sometimes, she’s game” lol thats so unkaren. i hope she sticks around for a while

  5. Ok, Ed Helms i like, the coolist dude EVER! I think me and him would get along great don’t cha’ think? haha Just kidding…. But not really.

  6. Hmm… I definitely sensed a little bit of John/Rashida real life connection there. At least from John’s part. How many more words can we think of to help him describe Rashida’s amazingness?!…..

  7. Yeah John definitely had a lot to say about Rashida. I’m pretty sure they’re going out

    Those are some nice interviews

  8. Interesting things that Rashida had to say about Karen. One thing I picked up on was how she said that karen was pretty bold about what she wants and has a serious persona. I think the seriousness is what is going to break the deal with Jim and Karen. Its just the way Rashida described it and the way she put it.

  9. well she also said she was very focused and if she likes jim so much she might try to overcome being so serious to be with him

  10. You guys are nuts! ;) How many times have you heard these cast members gush about each other? It doesn’t mean THAT, necessarily. Besides, who cares?

    Anyway, I agree with you, Crystal. Karen plays along, but she doesn’t connect with his humor in a profound way. I feel like she doesn’t enjoy it, really…or she does, but only until she’s around it all the time and the bloom wears off, and then she’ll get annoyed. And then HE’LL get annoyed.

    And then…split!! ;)

  11. I assume you’re talking about cycles, Sara … if so then yes … definetely!

    Of course the guys who are reading this are probably going TMI! LOL!

  12. Love how Andy is working to get on everyone’s good side (except Dwight)! I love Andy … I hope Ed Helms sticks around!!

  13. I worked with a guy like Andy once… total kiss up to anyone and everyone. Everyone hated him, though.

  14. Excellent point, Chelsea about the telephone message. I never thought of it like that and I bet you’re right … Pam wouldn’t have gone back and changed it.

  15. Chelsea, great point. I thought of that too after seeing that part. It reminds me of the time Jim and Pam went to the grocery store to buy snacks. Jim dared Pam to speak into the microphone and she did. I don’t think Karen would have done that. Karen will tire of Jim’s pranks and humor.

  16. Yeah, I think Karen will tire of Jim’s pranks, because if you watch Rashida’s interview she talks about how serious Karen is and IMO, she is just far too serious for Jim. I don’t think she gets him all of the time. Jim needs someone more like him who doesn’t take life so seriously and who gets him, i.e., Pam!!!

    Go Team Pam!!!

  17. just saw the newer clips, i love how andy tries to mimic other people’s mannerisms while talking to them :P wonder how long he’ll keep that up, what happens when he’s in a group?

    i also like karen, but she needs to find someone else, because jim and pam are soul mates.

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