1. I won’t comment on any of the specifics of the spoilers, but I KNEW that’s what would happen in The Convict.

  2. hmm im honestly upset that jim and pam wont be together.

    but hey- jim wont be with karen either.

  3. Did they really say that Jim and Pam weren’t going to be together? I’m sure they’ll get back together eventually. It seems to take sitcoms years sometimes, but the love interests always get together.

  4. when i say wont be together i dont mean romanticwise (although they wont.. according to a recent spoiler) i mean distance wise. they wont be in the same building.

    i have faith in jam.

  5. Would you mind filling me in on the recent spoiler that mentioned them not being together romantic wise right now? I knew as much but I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything new. :)

  6. They won’t be in the same building … huh?? I thought we just got all of that resolved in “The Merger”.

  7. I think she means for that particular episode (The episode synopsis has Jim at a bar with Michael and Dwight and Andy – which should be interesting – and Pam at the office.)

  8. I wonder if we’re going to get “A Staples Valentine’s Day” and “A Sears St. Patrick’s Day”

    Thanks for the synopsis though.

  9. I think the drinking trip is separate from the Christmas party(s). At least that is how I read the synopsis.

  10. oops! One more thing…I read earlier in the season that there would be strife between Pam and Angela leading to Pam getting kicked off the party planning committee. This is probably it, so there will be two parties: Pam’s and Angela’s. Also, I think Karen will side with Pam, also leading to the spoiler I read earlier that Pam and Karen will be friends.

  11. I saw all the spoiler things (they don’t give much away to me at least) and I didn’t notice anything major about Jim not being with Pam. Leave it to Angela to drive Pam right into Karen’s arms! Long live Paren! (I actually knew someone with that name, and Kam, for that matter.) I think Jim would like it at least ;)

  12. I think you’re right Crystal which I think will in turn lead to Karen feeling “betrayed” when she finds out about Jim & Pam (which I feel certain she will somewhere down the road and I feel certain it won’t be from either of them … probably Michael since he seems to have a little bit of a problem at keeping secrets (not that I mind it here … I want Karen to find out that Jim is in love with Pam).

  13. check the nov. 16th spoiler in the spoiler thread.. he talks about jim and karen still being together

  14. ohh i see what y’all are saying.. you think that when he says “it certaintly isnt over” means jim and pam!

    i percepted it as jim and karen.. am i wrong?
    it certaintly sounds like jim and karen

  15. About the “it certainly isn’t over” comment by Greg Daniels on Nov 16….I don’t think he’s referring to one particular match or the other..I think the reference is to the final outcome of the Jim-Pam-Karen triangle.
    My hunch is that it is not so much “what will happen” as “how will it happen” and “when will it happen.”
    Think of all the movies and books with similar plots: from “Pride and Prejudice” to “It Happened One Night” to “The Graduate” and in between and before and after….the Soulmate unfailingly comes to the rescue, often at zero hour.
    And if Jim unites with Karen, it would be a tragedy and “The Office” would no longer be funny.

  16. “I wonder if we’re going to get “A Staples Valentine’s Day” and “A Sears St. Patrick’s Day””

    Why is everyone all bent out of shape over the Staples shredder? So there was some product placement, big deal. Nobody complains about Chili’s and Hooters being so prominent in the show. That sticker on Dwight’s filing cabinet for “Froggy 101” is from a real Scranton radio station. What about Kevin’s love for M&M’s and Cup-O-Noodles? What about Micahel’s love of McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish? What about the new Toyota Pam bought? Roy was practically doing a commercial for it in the parking lot.

    These characters inhabit the same kind of world as you and I; they use the same kinds of products, and I think it makes the show funnier and more relatable. But hey, that’s just me.

  17. I agree, Cousin Mose. The staples product wouldn’t have even crossed my mind if everyone hadn’t discussed it so much online beforehand – and they posted that article about the “Staples product having a real role in ‘The Office'”. Either way, you’re right about the other products being thrown in there constantly, but nothing gets said. It’s almost impossible to keep it out of a show. It’s real life, why not put it in a show that’s a mock-umentary.

  18. I agree with Cousin Mose too. I thought the Staples product placement was funny and almost missed the commercial entirely as I was fast forwarding through the commercials. I see product placement everywhere and usually it’s not a problem. You can bet that anything that is mentioned by brand name (Hooters, Chili’s, etc) paid to be there. I remember a product placement in Grey’s that my friend who worked for the company said they had to pay for and it was just one character saying something.

  19. Sounds great, except for the “heartbreak” between Michael and Carol. I’m actually rooting for that union, but I guess the writing’s on the wall…

  20. I agree too about the Staples product placement. I honestly don’t understand all of the fuss over it. I thought it was really funny (loved the part where Kevin gets so preoccupied with shredding that he shreds his credit card … the look on his face looks like he is thinking “Oh S***! What have I done??” LOL!! And I also found it really funny that he got so excited that they were letting him shred the company documents.

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