1. and very 2005…

    and least he didn’t say he was alba truffle hunting…
    which would have been appropriate as she was in what one scene on Sunday…

  2. Swing and a miss on this one. We’ve been saying all year that the funniest scenes have been in the deleted pile. This one doesn’t count, I fear.

  3. I agree, this scene missed the mark, but that makes it a perfect deleted scene. It made me chuckle, but it a) wasn’t integral to the plot and b) couldn’t compete on a humor level with the other scenes. I thought this was a great episode, wonderfully written (thank Mindy!), and the editors got it right, on this deleted scene at least. Thanks to the producers/ nbc.com for posting this as an extra, though not quite as tasty, nugget.

  4. I liked this scene! Actually, I like any scene with the Nard Dog. Andy shouldn’t be single for too long with lady killer skills like those!

  5. Andy’s McCain thing was so awesome and so short they definitely could have squeezed it in.

  6. I could watch Jim and Dwight all day. This is a dynamic that’s been missing for a while, and it was so great to see it back!

  7. I love how Andy just ASSUMES she voted for Obama because she’s black. *BRILLIANT*

  8. Ha ha! I don’t think there was a whole lot wrong with the episode, but that second deleted scene is pretty funny. “People do crazy things for love… and I am a person.”

  9. There’s a continuity issue with the second one I think. Angela says “it’s your problem now”, however, she enjoyed being the head of the party planning committee and took it very seriously. I would think she would be upset about them taking it, and definitely not call it a “problem”.

    The bumper sticker=awesome. Like an earlier reply said, this is so short I would have thought they could have squeezed this in somehow.

  10. Ditto to all who mentioned it that I love the McCain sticker part! That is AWESOME. I love the political references the show makes, not making any kind of supportive statements (or not supportive in this case), but just incorporating it as regular people would in a regular office. If you consider Michael and Andy “regular.”

  11. These are what deleted scenes should be. It looks like everything that should have gone into the episode did go into it, and the stuff that was not bad but not great got cut.

  12. Ok…I have to say, Andy and the McCain/Palin bumper sticker scene had me rolling!

  13. Tylerdw, I kind of agree with you about Angela, but I think the “problem” has always been dealing with the other people on the committee and Michael. I think if she were left to her own devices and had minions that followed her orders there would be no problems at all. But really for her to give it up without a fight seems odd to me.

  14. I couldn’t figure out at first what Andy was trying to do to the bumper sticker…then I got it a little later on, but too funny!

    Best episode of the office for season 5!

  15. Don’t get me wrong – I love Jim, everything about Jim, the romance of JAM, etc. BUT, if I could find an Andy – I would snatch him up! Go Andy – you goofy, funny, lyrically talented, preppy, romantic, conservative, Republican you!! There really are some that still exist – even if only on TV! (I mean, who “in the real world” would put deposits down on 12 possible wedding venues for a woman that doesn’t really love him?!)

  16. Phyllis! Her eavesdropping and subtle smirk give such depth to the scene. Never EVER overlook what she’s doing.

  17. Ahh, I love Andy and his conservative self! What a cutie. I think he should just be himself, but it is cute that he goes through so much to impress girls.

  18. Was he implying that he needed to black out “McCain/Palin” for Julia or was he saying the only reason he put it on there in the first place was for Angela?

  19. One of the worst side plots they had in a while, Angela was acting so out of character. The whole cat thing ruined the episode for me.

  20. “I am no longer in a relationships.” LOL.

    That talking head did seem a little more “Kinsey” than “Martin,” though.

  21. So there’s still a Finer Things Club? Is Pam in it? Is Jim?

    Oh Yeah, I managed to reference JAM.

  22. So glad to see the Finer Things Club hasn’t died! My guess is that Jim definitely is not in it anymore, and Pam may have been kicked out for bringing him into it. (Not to mention her being gone to New York for months). Then again, it may just be because she is on the road.

  23. The Finer Things Club lives!! I wish this had been left in, if just to see Toby and Oscar in the hats.

  24. The fact they kept Angela licking a cat in over bringing back the finer things club is insane. Makes me wonder sometimes.

  25. Another thing:

    Does Mindy Kaling have exclusive rights on the Finer Things Club?

    It was a subplot in Branch Wars, which was written by Mindy. Then there was a deleted scene of it in Night Out, also written by Mindy. And now, there’s this deleted scene of it.

  26. Oooh the Finer Things Club! Cool to see that’s still going. I hope Pam is still in it, just absent because she’s on the road. I love the hats. I wish this was left in because it’s fun continuity.

  27. I love the fact that Mindy included something about the Finer Things Club!

    I wish it wasn’t a deleted scene, this was pretty funny.

  28. Even though the Finer Things one was deleted, I hope it’s the beginning of Normal Toby’s reintroduction as Jim & Pam’s friend.

  29. HA! dwight WOULD love that book! And I thought Angela was on mood stabilizers or something when she was all happy.

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