The Office Valentine Cards 2009

Dwight Schrute Valentine's Day cardWhile it’s too late to snail-mail Valentine cards, you still have time to send an e-card!

Hallmark e-card (99 cents) e-cards (free)

And hopefully next year, we’ll see some cards with updated graphics! (Please?)

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

Paper cards after the jump.

The OfficeHere are ‘The Office’ Valentine cards being offered in stores this year:

  • Target
    Price: 6 valentines for $4.99.
    Design: Three different designs (from last year). Two cards are bigger than the others. The small cards are 2.5 inches square.
    Images: Front of package | Back of package
    Tipster: Donna
  • Walmart/Hallmark
    Price: 8 valentines for $4.74.
    Design: Four different designs.
    Images: Front of package | Back of package
    Tipster: Brett

Links to previous years: 2008 cards | 2007 cards


  1. I have been watching when Target is going to put out their Valentine’s Day displays too! I was shopping there on the 18th and I said to myself…it’s less than a month away from Valentine’s Day and Target hasn’t prematurely put out anything but a few crappy pink end caps! Something isn’t right my friends!

  2. Target has been very slow in setting their Valentine’s this year due to the poor sales of the preceding set of value bulk items. Most years the value stuff moves faster, but people are buying smaller, cheaper-for-now sizes this year. Stores should be forcing out the V-day stuff for this weekend.

  3. I saw the Office valentines at my local Target today (Portland area). They hadn’t finished putting out all of the Valentine’s yet. Maybe check tomorrow?

  4. I’m wondering about that too. I was there a couple of weeks ago and also thought it was curious that there was nothing Valentine-related in sight yet. Hmmm… I hope The Office still releases a set this year.

  5. I found the Office Valentines at my Target today (Milwaukee area). They are reruns from last year. Worse yet, you only get six instead of eight for the same $4.99 as last year. I suppose the good news is that two of the cards are larger to mail them.

  6. I found them today at my Target. They were the same as last years and there were six in a box for $5. I really didn’t think it was a great deal since they were the same as last years.

  7. I totall agree Emily! I was hoping for new designs to give to my Office-geek friends. Are the Hallmark/Walmart ones different?

  8. Seriously? They can’t come up with anything new? I mean, Roy’s been gone for almost 2 seasons now and he’s one of the most prominent people on the main valentine! *sigh* At least we HAVE valentines…

  9. I just got a package today at Walmart. They are Hallmark cards. They are small cards (about 2 x 2″) and not mailable. There are 8 in a package with 4 different kinds.

  10. I just bought the Target cards and was pretty disappointed. The box doesn’t say, but the size of the cards on the back of the box is pretty much their actual size. I was hoping to be able to send the cards to my friends and family but the four mini-cards are only about 2 inches square so they’re really not big enough to mail (and even if I could mail them I’d feel lame sending my friends such a tiny card!). Why couldn’t they just make 6 medium sized cards instead of 2 big ones and 4 tiny ones?

  11. I work at a Hallmark store and I haven’t seen these yet, although I haven’t been into work since Saturday. Hopefully we get them in. I’ll probably be getting the Target ones either way, just because I get them every year.

  12. I bought them from both places….I have to say Walmarts are better…I kept half and sent the other half to my sister…(it’s the little things that make me happy!!!)

  13. Does anybody know if the Walmart/Hallmark ones are in Canada? I haven’t seen them yet – but I’m going to keep checking. ‘Cause we don’t have Target – but I may have to make a special trip. :)

  14. I agree, the Target ones are pretty lame. Same thing as last year, but less of them and more expensive. $6.99 in the Minneapolis area :( The Wallmart ones are pretty cool, but I still wish we could get Office v-day cards in the packs like all the kiddies get! The best would be to have Hallmark make a music card of The Office (v-day or not) with the theme song in it!

  15. I cannot find the Walmart ones at my Walmart. Does anyone know exactly which area they are in? I checked the boxes of valentines for kids, but they were just kiddy valentines.

  16. Has anyone found the Walmart/Hallmark valentines at a regular Hallmark store? I’ve tried a couple of Walmarts..without any luck. I haven’t gotten a chance to get to a Hallmark store yet. I figured since they’re the Hallmark brand that Hallmark stores might have them too. I would really like to get a package of them. Anyone had any luck in the Chicagoland area??

  17. #21-Karen: I tried my neighborhood Hallmark and was told that what is sold in Wal-Mart is actually different from what’s sold in the Hallmark stores. I haven’t been able to find the valentines either. :(

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