Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky visit the OTCR

22:14:44 tanster: and a lot of the initial stuff is thrown out, is that right?
22:14:51 leeeisenberg: different writing teams have different ways, but this seems to work for us.
22:14:59 leeeisenberg: you mean the stuff that we write on our own?
22:15:09 tanster: either on your own or together
22:15:33 leeeisenberg: do you mean by the writer’s room or by us?
22:15:33 tanster: i think mike said that once. maybe it’s just his stuff ;)
22:15:45 tanster: good grief. too many options!
22:16:17 leeeisenberg: as soon as mike turns in a script, we immediately throw it in the trash and start over.
22:16:26 leeeisenberg: that’s the key to his emmy noms.
22:16:30 tanster: wow!
22:16:39 tanster: that’s breaking news! bigger than spoilers!
22:16:47 leeeisenberg: exactly
22:17:00 GMMR (Kath): Do you have a character that you particularly like writing for?
22:17:28 leeeisenberg: michael and dwight
22:17:44 leeeisenberg: i know that seems obvious, but that’s the truth
22:17:53 leeeisenberg: but they’re all fun.
22:18:00 tanster: why michael and dwight?
22:18:02 leeeisenberg: lee gives an honorable mention to creed
22:18:25 leeeisenberg: the michael/dwight dynamic has as many layers as pam and jim’s
22:18:51 TwirlingGrace: do you ever write something and think, “wow, that’s funny, but it’s totally not in character”?
22:19:03 leeeisenberg: less and less
22:19:08 leeeisenberg: but yes, it happens
22:19:27 leeeisenberg: we’re very protective of the characters
22:19:57 mg714: Even though you aren’t writing now, have the writers had any even casual talks about whether they would want to write Angela’s pregnancy into the show if you were to return to work soon?
22:20:17 leeeisenberg: there’s a lot of time spent in the writer’s room, saying “i hope michael’s not too stupid,” or “angela’s not too judgemental.” if the show works, it’s because all of the characters are three-dimensional.
22:20:58 leeeisenberg: we have had no discussions about angela’s pregnancy. by the time this thing is over, she might have already had the kid
22:21:11 GMMR (Kath): oh god…let’s hope not
22:21:20 leeeisenberg: hey, kathy!
22:21:30 dannyfisch: that would be a shocking turn of events
22:21:54 mg714: stay positive lee! :)
22:21:55 leeeisenberg: *yeppers*
22:22:02 tanster: *nice*
22:22:07 Christiaan: lol
22:22:12 Jim Mosby: Ok, I asked Jen C. and Michael S. this question about you two – so I have to ask the two of you face to face. What is your obsession with Jenna’s boobs in your scripts? :P
22:22:39 tanster: *boobs*
22:22:48 TwirlingGrace: her “ladies”
22:22:59 leeeisenberg: (gene and lee are conferring on how to answer this question delicately)
22:23:12 tanster: naw. we don’t want delicate!
22:23:17 Angelica: lol
22:23:28 DestroyPhone: exnay on the delicate-snay…
22:23:40 attackwithnorth: funbags
22:23:49 leeeisenberg: originally, it was a story point in “the fight.”
22:24:00 leeeisenberg: and it kinda just took off from there
22:24:23 leeeisenberg: we have the utmost respect for jenna as an actress
22:24:47 tanster: that’s too delicate!
22:24:58 Jim Mosby: there has to be a ‘but’ there
22:24:58 leeeisenberg: alright, i mean, have you seen them?!
22:25:02 leeeisenberg: joke
22:25:03 tanster: *twss*
22:25:19 leeeisenberg: we kid because we love
22:25:38 updog: and you love kids
22:25:53 dannyfisch: zing
22:26:00 Clare: Any chance Leo and Gino may make another appearance?
22:26:20 leeeisenberg: they were actually in the xmas episode!
22:26:27 tanster: oh man!
22:26:32 leeeisenberg: maybe it’s just not in the cards
22:26:34 jamfan84: dangit
22:26:36 dannyfisch: *f*
22:26:43 tanster: did they have lines?
22:26:52 [Action] officelover: starts to cry uncontrolably
22:27:05 leeeisenberg: yes, and we were gonna milk them for everything
22:27:17 tanster: milk. ok. won’t. go. there.
22:27:30 leeeisenberg: haha
22:27:47 ellyisamazing: Will Rashida Jones ever come back to the show?
22:28:26 leeeisenberg: we hope so. we love her. at the very least, as a PA or something.
22:28:40 tanster: lol
22:29:05 Tori_Weber: What are some of you favorite televisions shows?
22:29:35 Tori_Weber: oops I missed an “r” there
22:29:42 leeeisenberg: lee says: the wire, extras, sopranos, top chef
22:29:59 tanster: mindy says you guys are obsessed with the wire
22:30:00 leeeisenberg: gene says: Flight of the Conchords, charlie rose, pti


  1. Thanks for the transcript, tanster. I love that these guys talk to the fans like this. It’s so cool!!

  2. Tanster for president!

    Will there be more guests in the near future?

    Btw, thanks again for the chat :)

    [from tanster: working on it …]

  3. I’m glad I made it into the chat in time to catch them, even if it was for only 15 minutes.

    Thanks for making this happen, tanster!

  4. That was wonderful to read and yet so bittersweet. It made me miss the show even more. Tanster, thanks for posting the transcript!

  5. Good read! Thanks for the transcript.

    Hm, for some reason Firefox freezes whenever I try to enter the chat. :(

  6. I was trying to get in the chatroom last night, my first time, and I couldn’t because of my Vista! Curse you Microsoft! That was great. Gotta love those guys and I’m bummed they were in the Christmas eppie! Yay Gene and Lee!!!

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