Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky visit the OTCR

22:30:10 leeeisenberg: i’ve never seen it (gene)
22:30:17 leeeisenberg: but lee claims it’s the greatest thing ever
22:30:29 updog: ugh – kornheiser and wilbon….really?
22:30:33 leeeisenberg: yes!
22:30:39 leeeisenberg: i love those guys
22:30:47 leeeisenberg: and wilbon is from chicago
22:30:49 ellyisamazing: Flight of the Conchords FTW!
22:31:02 Jim Mosby: It’s Business Time!
22:31:32 mg714: yay chicago!
22:31:39 DestroyPhone: What can you tell us about your new movie Year One?
22:31:53 leeeisenberg: 1) leo and geno are in it
22:32:02 leeeisenberg: (we play sodomites)
22:32:19 Christiaan: What are sodomites?
22:32:35 leeeisenberg: eek. do you know what sodomy is?
22:32:42 tanster: oh boy
22:32:53 leeeisenberg: that’s probably a question for a different chat room
22:32:56 Tori_Weber: I can find a picture
22:33:00 saraadx3: he’s swedish..
22:33:03 leeeisenberg: haha
22:33:06 dannyfisch: and this is where the conversation turns
22:33:14 leeeisenberg: the cast is set
22:33:28 tanster: well we lasted 33 minutes. that wasn’t bad
22:33:32 leeeisenberg: jack black, michael cera, david cross, oliver platt, mclovin
22:33:33 [Action] Jim Mosby: says as a Mod he does not condone such talk here
22:33:53 leeeisenberg: have we crossed the line?
22:33:59 lookitsjulia: Jim is usually the cause of such talk here.
22:34:11 leeeisenberg: if you wanted pg, you shoulda talked to mike and jen again
22:34:15 Jim Mosby: ehhh, not in Tori’s book but that is okay :kiss
22:34:22 leeeisenberg: we’re raw
22:34:29 tanster: ooooh smackdown talk!
22:34:31 tanster: i like it!
22:34:51 leeeisenberg: all jen ever talks about is rainbows and butterflies
22:34:54 Tori_Weber: I’m behaving.
22:35:13 casinodundie: :angel
22:35:24 Tori_Weber: In the UK version of the show, Tim and Dawn are quite racy at times. Was there a discussion to make Jim and Pam a “sweeter” version, or is it just that you can’t get away with as much in the US?
22:37:03 leeeisenberg: Tim and Dawn come from a very “cheeky” British sensibility. Aside from the unrequited love aspect, we didn’t try to mimic the relationship too much. Tim and Dawn were a perfect romantic storyline, but we needed to do our own thing.
22:37:28 TwirlingGrace: i’m so glad you did
22:37:40 TwirlingGrace: What’s your favorite episode you’ve written?
22:38:18 leeeisenberg: probably The Dinner Party, which was shut down when the strike started.
22:38:31 tanster: oh let’s dish about ‘dinner party’!
22:38:41 Tori_Weber: :(
22:38:46 jamfan84: yes please lol
22:38:52 GMMR (Kath): ok now you’re just being cruel
22:39:05 tanster: a crumb, lee and gene, PLEASE
22:39:14 Christiaan: Could you tell us some tiny details about that episode?
22:39:50 tanster: (no visible typing. they must be conferring)
22:40:06 Tori_Weber: or switching laps?
22:40:10 tanster: what?!
22:40:11 leeeisenberg: It’s the fallout of The Deposition. Michael and Jan host a dinner party at Michael’s condo. We tried to write as a play, and it feels different from anything else we’ve ever written
22:40:19 officelover: *twss*
22:40:53 tanster: what does that mean, to write it as a play?
22:41:03 jamfan84: *nice*
22:41:46 leeeisenberg: in the same way that we try to write small, relatable office stories, we tried to write small observational dinner party moments
22:42:09 leeeisenberg: i know we’re being vague, but… greg daniels will have us executed if we spill too much
22:42:27 tanster: where people eat an endless number of hot dogs and then have to spit them into a bucket
22:42:37 tanster: wait, wrong episode
22:42:42 Clare: cool
22:42:49 jamfan84: hot dog fingers..lol
22:42:51 leeeisenberg: but our goal was to write the most awkward half hour of television ever.
22:42:52 Tori_Weber: haha
22:43:16 leeeisenberg: hopefully it’ll turn out well
22:43:17 tanster: isn’t that always your goal?
22:43:23 casinodundie: You haven’t succeeded with that yet?
22:43:26 Tori_Weber: sounds great. I hope you get to shoot it soon
22:43:27 leeeisenberg: good point.
22:43:35 Christiaan: btw is Toby invited to Michael’s dinner party?
22:44:31 leeeisenberg: Michael would rather gouge his eyes out than invite Toby


  1. Thanks for the transcript, tanster. I love that these guys talk to the fans like this. It’s so cool!!

  2. Tanster for president!

    Will there be more guests in the near future?

    Btw, thanks again for the chat :)

    [from tanster: working on it …]

  3. I’m glad I made it into the chat in time to catch them, even if it was for only 15 minutes.

    Thanks for making this happen, tanster!

  4. That was wonderful to read and yet so bittersweet. It made me miss the show even more. Tanster, thanks for posting the transcript!

  5. Good read! Thanks for the transcript.

    Hm, for some reason Firefox freezes whenever I try to enter the chat. :(

  6. I was trying to get in the chatroom last night, my first time, and I couldn’t because of my Vista! Curse you Microsoft! That was great. Gotta love those guys and I’m bummed they were in the Christmas eppie! Yay Gene and Lee!!!

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