Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky visit the OTCR

22:45:02 mg714: was everyone else going to be at the dinner party? or can you not say?
22:45:37 leeeisenberg: we want it to be a surprise for you guys, but it will feel very different from Jim’s bbq.
22:46:01 tanster: oooh.
22:46:11 mg714: as long as we do get to see it!
22:46:25 lemonade: Did you have fun at the UCB the other day? How was that?
22:46:35 tanster: excellent question!
22:46:44 leeeisenberg: i thought it was great
22:46:52 tanster: did both of you perform?
22:47:04 leeeisenberg: fun to see anthony and mike and brent and other people i don’t usually see doing stand-up;
22:47:05 Christiaan: sorry for my english but … whats UCB?
22:47:15 leeeisenberg: upright citizen’s brigade
22:47:26 leeeisenberg: i got dragged onto stage to do a stanley impression
22:47:40 officeisms1978: oh I wish I could have seen it!
22:47:43 Christiaan: *nice*
22:47:48 leeeisenberg: it was somethin
22:48:08 tanster: what did gene do?
22:48:20 Christiaan: thank you
22:48:27 leeeisenberg: he was at home sleeping
22:48:34 tanster: slacker!
22:49:07 mg714: do you have any other impressions lee?
22:49:29 leeeisenberg: i do a mike schur, and a harold ramis
22:49:49 leeeisenberg: and i do a rich little
22:49:52 tanster: what’s a mike schur impression?
22:49:55 mg714: *nice*
22:50:02 leeeisenberg: it’s more visual
22:50:03 officeisms1978: lol, rich little
22:50:19 leeeisenberg: it involves saying “really” over and over again
22:50:30 tanster: omigod
22:50:33 leeeisenberg: which is not visual
22:50:40 officeisms1978: lol
22:50:56 casinodundie: What are you able to do in your free time when not on the picket lines?
22:51:28 tanster: this should be good
22:51:51 leeeisenberg: i’ve been working out (which is not something i had time to do during the season), i’ve been catching up with old friends, and writing a short film that rainn’s going to star in
22:52:08 leeeisenberg: (gene’s been doing the same except for catching up with old friends)
22:52:23 casinodundie: Where would we find this short film when you guys are done?
22:52:46 lemonade: Are you guys buff now? You might need to buy clothes that fits.
22:52:58 leeeisenberg: we’ll hold a press conference as soon as it’s in the can
22:53:48 updog: lee, what were your true feelings about the Scranton convention? Was it what you were expecting, and what, if anything would you like to see different about a convention if one were to happen again next year
22:54:17 tanster: (time check) it’s almost 8pm, so we’ll do a few more questions to wrap up …
22:54:52 leeeisenberg: it was great! it was much more than we were expecting. it was really well-organized, everybody was so friendly… it was a great town. gene: everybody loves being valued.
22:55:11 tanster: you guys were treated like ROCK STARS
22:55:20 leeeisenberg: yeah, it was insane
22:55:26 leeeisenberg: So many escalades
22:55:26 Mexicanity: and you are (valued), more than we can share!!
22:55:42 tanster: oh. i thought you said, escapades
22:55:50 leeeisenberg: those too.
22:55:52 tanster: that too, i supposed
22:55:55 leeeisenberg: but mainly escalades
22:55:56 lemonade: Will you go again if they do another one next year?
22:56:03 leeeisenberg: absofruitly
22:56:16 mg714: Please tell all your fellow writers that we’re behind what you guys are doing and we hope you all can get back to work soon!
22:56:19 leeeisenberg: one of the highlights of my life
22:56:25 leeeisenberg: thank you!
22:56:42 officeisms1978: We all miss you so so so much!
22:56:51 lemonade: yes, we are behind you guys 100% (That’s what he said!)
22:57:10 leeeisenberg: it really means a lot to know that the fans are so supportive.
22:57:21 leeeisenberg: it sucks for everyone that we’re not able to make new episodes, believe me.
22:57:28 TwirlingGrace: IS there anything else we fans can do to help you guys?
22:57:57 casinodundie: Not watching the reality show replacements shouldn’t be a problem
22:58:51 leeeisenberg: writing letters to the networks is always helpful, but hopefully common sense will prevail
22:58:58 leeeisenberg: oh yeah, and don’t watch reality
22:59:06 tanster: check and … check
22:59:12 officeisms1978: no problem!
22:59:19 DestroyPhone: I can’t take much more of “Singin Bee Don’t Forget the Apprentice Clash of the Gladiators”
22:59:26 leeeisenberg: word
23:00:03 tanster: Thank you Lee and Gene for stopping by tonight and chatting with us! We appreciate it tremendously. We miss you guys and the show
23:00:11 leeeisenberg: backatcha!
23:00:20 Mexicanity: Thanks Lee!!
23:00:23 TwirlingGrace: thanks guys!
23:00:26 leeeisenberg: we can’t wait to get back in the room and come up with new stories
23:00:26 DestroyPhone: Thanks dudes
23:00:31 GMMR (Kath): Thanks guys….stay funny
23:00:36 leeeisenberg: thanks for having us
23:00:38 officeisms1978: Yes you guys are awesome, we are behind you! Thanks!
23:00:51 tanster: Come back any time! We’re behind you 100%
23:00:58 mg714: Thank you for stopping by!
23:01:05 lemonade: stay funny and handsome!
23:01:14 casinodundie: Happy Holidays
23:01:18 GMMR (Kath): *twss*
23:01:20 leeeisenberg: lee: i will stay funny.
23:01:25 leeeisenberg: gene: i will stay handsome.
23:01:35 tanster: that’s why you’re the perfect pair
23:01:41 officeisms1978: lol
23:01:44 Christiaan: lol
23:01:45 leeeisenberg: bye, everyone!


  1. Thanks for the transcript, tanster. I love that these guys talk to the fans like this. It’s so cool!!

  2. Tanster for president!

    Will there be more guests in the near future?

    Btw, thanks again for the chat :)

    [from tanster: working on it …]

  3. I’m glad I made it into the chat in time to catch them, even if it was for only 15 minutes.

    Thanks for making this happen, tanster!

  4. That was wonderful to read and yet so bittersweet. It made me miss the show even more. Tanster, thanks for posting the transcript!

  5. Good read! Thanks for the transcript.

    Hm, for some reason Firefox freezes whenever I try to enter the chat. :(

  6. I was trying to get in the chatroom last night, my first time, and I couldn’t because of my Vista! Curse you Microsoft! That was great. Gotta love those guys and I’m bummed they were in the Christmas eppie! Yay Gene and Lee!!!

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