1. Biggest laugh of the day! Thanks! (It’s been a rough day, but still, good stuff!)

    [ from tanster: you’re welcome! added a few more. ;) ]

  2. Like so much else these days, the whole “McKayla is not impressed” was completely off my radar. Thanks for getting me into at least ONE hip loop, Tanster!

    [ from tanster: my pleasure! it was fun putting the pics together. :) ]

  3. WOW….last night I was watching this exact episode and when this scene came up I thought about turning this into a McKayla is not impressed meme somehow. Actually though. I was gonna do a ‘Michael is not impressed’ thing but then was too lazy.

  4. These are great, the diversity day one is hilarious! I’d love to see one from the “booze cruise” scene where Michael is dancing, or from the Christmas party episode with the scene where Meredith flashes Michael. Loving these, keep it up!

    [ from tanster: done and done! ]

  5. These are fantastic! What about one at Pam’s art show where no one shows up and Gil refers to Pam’s art as “motel art”?

    [ from tanster: here you go. went with an easier composition… ]

  6. These are hilarious! Love the one with topless Meredith in Michael’s office. I keep thinking of an Angela one. Either when her giant baby is revealed (still love Oscar’s reaction!) or when she comes back to the office with the brownies after giving birth.

  7. These are SO much fun; especially when you customize McKayla to fit the scene! :/

    I can imagine Jim and Pam, sitting at their Dunder-Mifflin desks, amusing each other and annoying Dwight with these memes. (Except it would get kind of confusing with them using scenes from “The Office,” wouldn’t it?)

  8. OMG. These are hilarious!!!! This could go on forever… :-)

    [ from tanster: thanks! lol, yeah i did get on kind of a roll there… ]

  9. OH, OH, OH! Two words: Cafe Disco! I KNOW McKayla would not be impressed with Cafe Disco!!! :-)

  10. These were great! I absolutely loved the Olympics one, cause you know, she was at the Olympics. haha

  11. I love the one where she’s peeking through the blinds when Jim is talking about his inflatable woman! Tanster, these were great!

    [ from tanster: thanks, stapler! that one turned out pretty well. :) ]

  12. I just love these!

    How about one for “Goodbye Michael”? Or Robert California? Or Nellie?

    [ from tanster: thank you! ]

  13. SOO great! LOL’d! It would be funny if she was looking at Meredith’s boobs from inside the office with Michael but still SOO great!

  14. When I saw McKayla AND the president similarly unimpressed yesterday, the FIRST thing I thought of was Tanster’s funny Office pictures. I AM impressed, especially by this latest one with Jan! :)

    [ from tanster: thanks! :) ]

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