Michael Schur and Jen Celotta visit the OTCR

22:57:37 [Action] Jim Mosby: accepts the job of Michael Scott
22:58:02 Angelica: Fitting, mosby. as you are just like him.
22:58:36 attackwithnorth: On a light note, its looks like a you guys make for the funnest sort of picket line.
22:59:11 KKras (GMMR): The Office video that you all did from the picket line is funnier than half the “comedies” on TV
22:59:26 MichaelSchur: attack — It is very sad to have to do it, because we are acutely aware of how many people are being affected by this work stoppage. But while we’re there, we try to keep each other in high spirits.
22:59:50 tanster: i need to put some of your quotes from that vid into the OT quote randomizer
23:00:14 tanster: like brent’s: “i’d punch up this routine, but i’m on STRIKE”
23:00:23 MichaelSchur: Brent is very funny.
23:00:24 JenCelotta: Yeah, it was killing Brent.
23:00:28 Denise (ddker): The local radio station has made fun of some of the picket slogans they are saying out there, mainly because they are writers and slogans sound lame. Today is was “we write the story-a for Eva Longoria”. Please tell me yours are much better than that.
23:00:32 MichaelSchur: He has an insanely quick mind.
23:00:46 tanster: why didn’t he come to scranton? thought he was scheduled
23:01:16 MichaelSchur: Jen is answering slogan Q
23:01:28 MichaelSchur: tanster — he couldn’t come due to previous engagements with family.
23:01:33 MichaelSchur: He was missed.
23:01:37 tanster: totally
23:01:47 mickeyrandy3: CH had a great idea: during the down time there should be a contest with people mixing/mashing up scenes to create new episodes.
23:01:47 MichaelSchur: He is the most physically fit writer in writer history.
23:02:06 KKras (GMMR): Since she’s on strike, can you ask Mindy to update her blog if she needs a creative outlet. That’s one of my favorite blogs!
23:02:12 JenCelotta: Well, honestly, we felt like the chanting part of it we needed to be kinda serious about — it felt like its a serious thing that we’re fighting for and so many people are supporting us that we can’t be too lighthearted about it.
23:02:32 JenCelotta: But it was an adjustment for us as comedy writers.
23:02:32 MichaelSchur: mickey — don’t give NBC any ideas. If they like them, they will put them on the net and call them “SuperNewPeateriffics” or something and not pay us.
23:02:46 tanster: Peateriffics?
23:02:56 MichaelSchur: New-Peat-eriffics!
23:03:04 tanster: oh, okay. NOW i get it
23:03:09 JenCelotta: Mike and naming things again. from the man that brought you toby flenderson and gwendolyn trundlebed.
23:03:11 bobbleheadjoe: we’ve all heard about steve carrel, and a little about raine wilson supporting you guys, how is the rest of the cast?
23:04:25 JenCelotta: mike is typing. almost done.
23:04:30 domzor: ahh, well i have to go now, best of luck to you guys and thank you so much for stopping by
23:04:36 JenCelotta: thanks domzor!
23:05:00 MichaelSchur: What Steve did is straight-up, balls-out (pardon the expression) amazing. He is putting himself in serious jeopardy, and he doesn’t care, because he is doing something he believes in. Other cast members have followed suit. We don’t begrudge any actor for reporting to work, because — and we can’t emphasize this enough — they are legally required to do so, and if they don’t they could be fired. I will say that the entire cast is supportive and thinks we are doing the right thing. They’ve been great.
23:05:31 mickeyrandy3: Mike I’m assuming you still don’t have a Swedish phonebook, will you take a Norwegian one!
23:05:42 MichaelSchur: Any day.
23:05:49 JenCelotta: in addition to being so talented, our cast is the coolest cast ever.
23:05:50 attackwithnorth: It seems to be one of the most tight knit cast and crew on tv, like ever. It really translates on screen.
23:06:18 MichaelSchur: attack — it is. This cast is one in a tra-billion.
23:06:22 JenCelotta: Back to the mindy blog question — I love that blog, too, and she plans on keeping it up.. maybe with a strike section?
23:06:25 MichaelSchur: That’s a real number.
23:06:43 tanster: mindy’s a real number? what?
23:06:50 KKras (GMMR): YAY!! I refresh her blog about a thousand times a day in hopes of an update (and no I don’t work much)
23:06:53 MichaelSchur: Tra-billion is a real number.
23:07:15 KKras (GMMR): There are some rumors out there about boycotting the Dunder Mifflin Infinity game as NBC is essentially profiting off the show in the online space. Anything to that?
23:07:25 lemonade: trabillion…you should trademark it so the networks don’t try to take that too
23:07:30 JenCelotta: Wer
23:07:36 JenCelotta: oopsies. one second
23:07:37 MNFan: To understand – who could potentially fire the actors? The network?
23:07:44 MichaelSchur: Jen is punching a vase.
23:07:50 MichaelSchur: She really doesn’t know how to type.
23:08:11 lemonade: I thought Paul Leiberstein was the slow typer?
23:08:20 MichaelSchur: MNFan — yes, the studios that pay their contracts. They are in breach of contract if they are called to work and don’t show.
23:08:42 MichaelSchur: Just as we are in breach of contract, technically, for not doing “producing” work.
23:08:45 JenCelotta: we’re trying to figure out what the right strategy should be — but for now we like the idea of letters to the studio — like to Jeff Zucker to show support for scripted shows like the office and the creative forces behind them that just want a fair contract.
23:08:54 andilynn: Mike, maybe you should start singing “Jen is at the computer…”
23:08:59 JenCelotta: be honest with me people, is mike making fun of my typing?
23:09:11 CH: i weep for the person who tries to fire steve carell. that is a wrath I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy…
23:09:20 Denise (ddker): Yep, pretty much Jen
23:09:26 MichaelSchur: I like it. “Jen’s on the computer / Which means she’s actually screaming at a picture frame.”
23:09:29 attackwithnorth: He is giving a running commentary of all the things you are destroying with your typing angst.
23:09:34 KKras (GMMR): no he’s not (hey i don’t want Mose hunting me down)
23:09:52 JenCelotta: thanks for being honest, Denise and attack with north. Kkras, what the heck?!
23:10:08 MichaelSchur: Jen just ate a bar stool.
23:10:15 tanster: yikes
23:10:21 lemonade: Do you suggest we not watch any of the office re-runs they air after the last new show?
23:10:24 MichaelSchur: She thought that was how you typed.
23:10:25 JenCelotta: don’t mock it till you try it.
23:10:30 JenCelotta: bar stools are yummy.
23:10:36 CH: Y’all are hilarious; can Mike and Jen come to the OTCR Thursdays at 9 till this mess gets cleared up? Just for the laughter fix?
23:10:45 MichaelSchur: lemonade — one sec…
23:11:42 Parker: Is it a prerequisite to hail from an ivy league school in order to be involved with the office?
23:11:51 JenCelotta: mike is typing. so it should be fast and coherent.
23:11:56 SwayingisDancing: Alright, given my screen name, I have to ask…who wrote “Swaying isn’t dancing”?
23:11:57 MichaelSchur: We’re really not sure. It’s hard for us to tell fans of the show not to watch the show…we just don’t know what the most effective strategy is. If we can figure it out, we’ll let you know.
23:12:13 attackwithnorth: Just Cornell
23:12:31 JenCelotta: we think Paul wrote Swaying isn’t dancing. It was in his episode and he is one funny dude.
23:12:58 lemonade: Thanks! We just want the networks to know that we all support you guys.
23:13:11 JenCelotta: And Gene went to beauty school.
23:13:13 MichaelSchur: Parker – not at all. For example, Lee went to Connecticut College, and Gene went to Modeling School somewhere in the Ukraine.
23:13:22 MichaelSchur: Jinx!
23:13:25 JenCelotta: we need to co-ordinate.
23:13:29 tanster: *jinx*
23:13:38 KKras (GMMR): Ah so that’s where Gene learned his catwalk skills
23:13:43 Angelica: lol
23:13:46 MichaelSchur: he is one sexy weirdo.
23:14:17 Jim Mosby: Why are Lee and Gene obsessed with *boobs* in every script that they seem to write?
23:14:21 MichaelSchur: Okay tanster — we have time for about 4 more questions…
23:14:28 tanster: alrighty
23:14:39 tanster: get ’em queued up peeps
23:14:51 MichaelSchur: Jim — it’s become an inside joke. They do it just for fun.
23:14:56 MichaelSchur: Also, they are disgusting perverts.
23:15:05 JenCelotta: amen
23:15:16 KKras (GMMR): Are all writers who get movies produced part of the WGA automatically or is it something you need to join? Just thinking about Jenna for ‘Lollilove’ and John for “BIWHM” among others. Don’t know much about the WGA (besides what I’ve learned this week).
23:15:31 attackwithnorth: I have to sign off but I want to thank you guys for coming in. Your devotion to the fans can never be questioned. In solidarity!!!
23:15:53 MichaelSchur: attack — our pleasure. Thanks for joining.
23:16:01 MichaelSchur: Jen is handling KKras’s question.
23:16:13 ThatsWhatISaid: I know a lot of people have discussed this in chat, and I’m sorry if this is a repeat question, but if the show does come back, is there any chance of the Dundies being an annual episode?
23:16:22 MichaelSchur: Which means: she is kicking her refrigerator.
23:16:38 JenCelotta: well, if you write a movie for a guild production than you are automatically in the guild, but i’m not sure about those two movies worked…
23:16:59 Denise (ddker): This isn’t really related at all to the strike, but, any chance we will get a Thanksgiving episode sometime before the show is over? Seems like about all the other major holidays have been done.
23:17:44 MichaelSchur: Denise — it’s tricky, because the show doesn’t air Thanksgiving week…we might do one someday…
23:17:49 MichaelSchur: domzor is back!
23:17:59 MichaelSchur: And shan21!
23:18:01 JenCelotta: We’ve talked about maybe doing the Dundies happening again but we haven’t broken that story yet.
23:18:07 domzor: period break in the hockey game
23:18:13 officelover: yes, thank you so much for coming on and taking your time to clear up stuff for us, and explaining things, and just know that we support ya’ll 100% and hope everything gets cleared up
23:18:20 bales: hope everything turns out great for the writers….we’re pulling for you guys
23:18:25 MichaelSchur: Thanks officelover.
23:18:28 KKras (GMMR): Thanks to Mike, Jen and Tanster. This has been not only informative but a real treat. This could be the last time in a long time we are seeing “original content” from Office writers (but hopefully not).
23:18:30 MichaelSchur: And bales
23:18:33 JenCelotta: thanks again for all of your support.
23:18:34 shan21: Michael Schur just said my (fake) name. Wow.
23:18:43 Lara: And we’re writing letters!
23:18:54 JenCelotta: It was great chatting with you all. Have a good night!
23:19:00 tanster: Yes, thanks so much to Mike and Jen for coming into OTCR tonight!
23:19:11 tanster: I’ll have a transcript posted soon
23:19:13 JenCelotta: Thanks, Tanster. You’re the best!
23:19:15 Angelica: thanks again jen and mike! you guys rock and we are definitely all rooting for you!
23:19:22 MNFan: Thanks for being here tonight and for standing your ground. We love and support you 100%!
23:19:26 MichaelSchur: Thanks to everyone for participating. We really want the lines of communication to stay open. Maybe we’ll do this again. or maybe they will come to their senses and actually pay the people who make their shows.
23:19:30 Denise (ddker): It was worth staying up an hour past my bedtime (tomorrow is gonna come very quick)
23:19:38 JenCelotta: Go to bed, Denise! Now!
23:19:56 tanster: we want you guys back where you belong, doing what you do best. and getting paid for it
23:19:58 MichaelSchur: See you all soon. And stay glued to OfficeTally for future updates from us, and maybe some calls-to-arms.
23:20:16 MichaelSchur: You guys rock! Thanks.
23:20:37 [Disconnect] JenCelotta
23:20:40 [Disconnect] MichaelSchur


  1. I happened to pop into the chat for the last 60 seconds of their visit. Soooo bummed that I missed most of it, but I’m glad that Mike felt so positive about it. For the brief bit I saw, there was a lot of mutual thanks and support going around.

    Go writers!

  2. Being in the chat room with Mike and Jen was an amazing experience. They were friendly, informative, and hilarious! No one can question their commitment to the fans, and I actually feel a little better about the whole situation with the strike after the chat. Thanks Tanster!

  3. Damn! I always seem to miss when the stars come in!

    Well sounds like you guys had a great time and I am looking forward to the transcript.

  4. Just like stephanie said, it was an awesome experience to be in the chat room with them and I came away with feeling better about the strike and the hope that because of the way things have changed in the last 20 years the strike hopefully won’t go on as long as the one in 1988.

  5. Man, stuff like this is why I love The Office so much! The cast/crew have always been so amazing to their fans, and you’d think that that would lessen because of the strike. But they’re actually establishing even more of a connection!

    Can’t wait to see the transcript!

  6. When I signed in, I seriously didn’t even see that Michael and Jen were in there. I thought “uh oh .. why am I being moderated?” Then I finally got that 2 of the best writers in Hollywood were in the OTCR! (PS I am a huge fan of Michael Schur!)

    But talking to them really reassured me (and I’m sure a lot of others) that this is all going to turn out okay. We just all hope this gets resolved soon!

  7. Another opportunity to chat with Office people wasted! Curse you,and your lateness Pacific Standard Time!!!

  8. I know that there will be a transcript posted, but is there someone who was in the chat that can give us a short summary of what was said (especially about the future of the show)?

  9. It was amazing being in the chat last night, even if it was only for the last half hour. All of the people involved with the show are truly great people and its the little things like this that shows that they really do care about the fans. No wonder The Office fandom is what it is.

    On a sidenote, I was as giddy as a little girl that Mike acknowledged me and answered my question.

    Thanks, tanster, for having this awesome site that allows us normal folk to interract with these people.

  10. Can’t wait to read it.

    Glad you got some positive strike vibes from them, Stephanie.

  11. Wow!! I’m sorry I missed it – but this is one of the many (!) reasons this site rocks so much!! You rock Tanster!!

  12. Michael and Jen were wonderful! They were candid with us, which I really appreciated. They were very serious in answering our questions thoroughly, but they also had lovely senses of humor. Thanks so much Tanster (and Mike and Jen of course)!

  13. They’re awesome. All the more reason to continue our support – they truly know how to treat their fans!

  14. Thank you to Tanster, Mike and Jen for a great time in the OTCR last night! It was very informative to learn more about what’s going on with the strike and of course so amazing to be able to chat with both of them. And of course they were both so funny even in just an online chat! All the folks associated with The Office are truly the best people in the business.

  15. I’m going to second, third, a millionth the statements that have been made. I again am amazing and thankful at how personal and thoughtful that cast and crew are to us the fans. In a time and situation like this that they want and will keep us fans informed is amazing! All I have to say is “No Other Show” would do this! Thanks Mike and Jen for making me laugh and I support the WGA!!!

  16. I mimic earlier comments about anyone in the chat room who can give a brief summary about what was said. Just to tide us over…. like about the FUTURE of the show! Someone please…

  17. I just wanted to add…on Jenna Fischer’s website, she also says that the next (unfilmed) episode was likely to have been the funniest of the season, and that it involved Jim and Pam going to Michael’s.

  18. Wow, just wow. I’m behind them even more now (if that is even possible) they are so great, I wish I would have stopped into the OT chat room like I had planned. Darnit! I hope they come back soon, especially for the laughs, since we are going to need them. Also… it’s Office thursday people, lets get excited! We only have one more week left. (for now)

  19. Informative and hilarious. I love these people. I hope I’m around for the next one. Thanks for the transcript, Tanster!

  20. Wow, thank you so much for hosting and transcribing this discussion! I’m not gonna lie, I was kind of freaking out about this whole thing. It seemed like we were getting vague if not contradictory information from every direction, and this really did clear up a lot of questions I had. Very informative, and I feel a lot better now. Mike and Jen are amazing for thinking of the fans at this time and making an effort to keep the communication going. They make it seem possible that the hoards of fans on the internet and elsewhere can really effect the speed and occurrence of a resolution. I hope things work out for the WGA, and soon!

  21. Thank you for the transcript, tanster. Like everyone else here, I support the strike 100%. If it weren’t for writers, what would the studios have? The pay they get from DVD sales is pathetic, and it’s ridiculous that the studios would lie and say they don’t know how much they’ll make off of new media. I hope the strike doesn’t last too long, but I hope they get everything they deserve in the end.

    (And thanks for this fantastic site, tanster. I’m a first-time poster, but long-time lurker.)

  22. Thanks so much for posting the transcript! I’m sick I missed it but it was so completely awesome that they came into the room and answered questions and gave some good laughs! What an amazing group of people they are! I am 110% behind them. I hope they get what they deserve.

    Thanks for the updates and again thanks for all you do Tanster!! :)

  23. This started pretty much 10-15 minutes after I left the chat….that’ll teach me to go off the Internet before 10 PM.

  24. I heart everything about this show/staff/etc. Call to arms sounds great. Tell me what to do and I will follow. Like that dwarf from Lord of the Rings…

  25. I’m so sorry I missed this! Must participate in the OTCR more often.

    Thank you so much for stopping by Michael and Jen!

  26. Hey (side note) everyone make sure you get everyone to turn on their TVs to The Office tonight for sure, no watching online later, no relying only on Tivo, we need to make sure the ratings are crazy high for these last two episodes so the “studios” know what they will be missing when we all turn our TVs off.

    Though, have we figured out whether we should turn off for reruns? Or only for other crap TV.

  27. I get the impression from this blog that the strike is going to last a long while and just because of the studios. The studios will move when they start losing money and because several shows have episodes in the can through the new year, looks like it’ll be a long time before they start hurting. There are so many reruns and reality shows that people can watch.

  28. It sucks that we aren’t getting new eps probably any time soon, but I’m behind these guys 100%. After all the ads I had to watch on NBC.com with their great webisodes and deleted scenes, the writers deserve a cut for the awesome writing they’ve done.

  29. Is it possible to love these people any more than we already do? If I didn’t live 700 miles away and didn’t have a family to care for, I’d be on the picket line with them!!

  30. Thank you Tanster!
    I usually just lurk in the shadows, but I figured if I’m writing to NBC I would be brave and write here too.
    Actually I am excited to hear that Denise is from Omaha, NE! Me too!!!

  31. Thanks, everybody, but I have to give credit where credit is due: Mike contacted me and asked to do the chat. This was Mike’s idea from the get-go.

    So if you have any doubts as to whether The Office staff really cares about its fans, I hope they’re all erased now. :)

  32. Tanster – thanks for letting us know. As if we didn’t love The Office staff so much already, knowing that Mike initiated the chat makes us love them more. It’s amazing that Mike and Jen thought of the fans and our reaction to everything going on when they have had such a difficult week. The show itself is the most entertaining show on TV, but knowing that such great people are involved with it makes it truly a great show, and they definitely deserve all our support.

  33. Tanster, I know that I said I didn’t think I could love these people anymore. But knowing now that Mike and Jen approached you first just sent me over the edge! Runs to write more postcards till my hand falls off.

  34. I, for one, will be working on my letters when I get back into town. Thanks to Mike and Jen for the chat last night (and tanster for hosting). It was very informative and funny. I just don’t understand how the networks can be so greedy as to not want to give residuals to those creating the show. Without them, there would be no shows.

  35. This is seriously amazing. No other cast, crew, writers on any other show would do this. They make us feel like we are actual people who love the show and not just crazy fans (even though inside we all freak out and squee sometimes) lol but seriously, this is incredible and I fully support the writers through all this and I just love everything about the office and I love this site. Ok, I’ll stop rambling hehe. :)

  36. It would be neat if after this is all over that Dunder Mifflin goes on a strike.

    Also, One thing I would like to know, that was kind of touched on, do writers get paid per script, a salary for the year even if they don’t write an episode and are on staff or are they contracted to product a certain amount of scripts?

  37. My children just missed getting lunch because I had to read this entire transcript.

    Amazing. Just amazing.

    Makes me love The Office even more (is that even possible????!)

  38. Amazing. I really hope they get a fair deal!

    My letters are in the mail right after work finishes!

  39. Wow!! This is just amazing! I didn’t think I could love these guys anymore than I did until now. That was very informative. Thanks so much tanster for the transcript. I appreciate everything you do!

    (p.s. How do I get the chat to work for me? I click the link for it and a new window with nothing but a red X pops up. Thanks.)

  40. I’ve never really written a letter in support of any political cause, etc., and other than adopting my animals from shelters I’ve never really supported a serious cause either. (Although I do enjoy a 5K “Fun Run” now and again.) But for some reason I feel that this is important and kind of personal (does that make me pathetic?) so my letter is written, stamped, and in the mail this afternoon.

  41. Hey tanster, maybe we could have some kind of letter-writing challenge? I don’t know exactly how that would work, but people could set goals of writing, I don’t know, a letter a week until the strike is over or something.

  42. That was great thank you so much Tanster, Mike, Jen and all those who asked great questions!
    #46 – I agree, I didn’t know it was possible to love it more… but I’m pretty sure I do now!

    and side note to Denise (ddker) – I’m from Omaha too! :)

  43. ok, it is really hard to not love those two!! they’re so intelligent and witty, they definitely answered a lot of my questions. go writers!!!!

    i think turning off the reruns would be a good idea, lets stick with our dvds for now (even though they only get 4 cents from them :-( )

  44. I think the best part of this strike (if there is a best part) is that the internet, the mode by which the studios are cheating their writers, actors etc, is actually the main means by which the writers are getting their message across, and will hopefully result in their triumph at the end of all this. I think thats something we should all try to incorporate in our letters…if this media is so “New” then how is it working better than any other medium to rally the American People?

  45. Same, Matt, all of the letters I wrote last night and today in school are getting mailed today. Everyone – send mail to NBC and the other studios. It really will influence them!

  46. My letter’s going out tomorrow. I’m so proud of it.

    It was great to see how honestly and genuinely passionate Michael and Jen were. Made me proud to be a fan.

  47. It’s just a vicious circle! I feel guilty because after no more iTunes episodes, I was FORCED to watch it online, and now I know what it was costing me. It’s so hard because I only want to see the show and the brilliant writing again and again and now there won’t be any brilliant writing for a long time beCAUSE I watched it again and again.

  48. Thank you so much for posting the transcript! I was just getting ready to send email to find out about how best to support the writers and everyone on the show. I will do whatever I can to help. The Office is by far the best written and funniest show on TV – it is a great example of what there should be more of. Go Writers!

  49. PS-I was lucky enough to go to the convention in Scranton. Unfortunately, that meant I missed that Thurs epi as I was travelling. I talked to my BF & he said how funny the show was so I was dying to watch & was so bummed by NBC & all the commercials it forces you watch. Then, to top it off, the video was stuck where Pam is sleeping on her computer–I could not see the ending!Ugh! I finally went to Amazon.com & bought the epi/season so I could watch it in entirety. Is this bad? Should I cancel my subscription?

  50. Thanks Mike and Jen. Best of luck to the whole WGA. I’ll miss The Office during the strike, but you can be sure that when you’re back writing, I’ll be back watching. Keep in touch.

  51. Thanks Tanster! That was the most informative transcript I have ever read. The writers are awesome to keep us informed. Thank you for posting all the links to various blogs and videos about the strike, and keeping us up to date. The Office is the only TV show I watch, and I hate that the show has stopped production. I pray it’s only temporary, and the WGA WINS!

  52. I just want to say that when I read, “Jen’s on the computer/Which means she’s actually screaming at a picture frame”, I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. Thanks Tanster for posting this.

  53. Wow. These people are insanely amazing. I fully support them in anything they do. In the of Michael Scott: “Follow them blindly.” You guys rock, completely ant totally. Thanks Tanster, our fearless leader.

  54. Thanks for posting this tanster. This was very informative, and the part about Lost was very eye-opening.

  55. John Aboud at the United Hollywood blog links to the OTCR chat and refers to Mike Schur saying that Steve’s quote was actually his (John’s). John says that it actually was not him that said it but that the “account was sent to [John] by a source who attended a Guild debrief meeting and added that we wished Carell ‘a slow recovery.'” He also says that this quote is now “America’s favorite urban legend.”

    [from tanster: OT is proud to help perpetuate this urban legend. :) ]

  56. Before The Office came along, I thought Hollywood was all the same. But, because of how amazingly down-to-earth all the cast/producers/writers of The Office have been, I have a totally different way of looking at it now.

    They truly are one in a trabillion. I support them 100%

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