Mike Schur on ‘Costas Now’

The Office’s co-executive producer Mike Schur (aka Dwight’s cousin ‘Mose’) appeared on HBO’s ‘Costas Now’ this week to discuss Internet sports coverage and his blog Fire Joe Morgan. (WARNING: FJM is a little profane. But as Mike says, “FJM is extremely pro-swearing. We just feel you should be funny while doing it.”)


Mike appears starting at the 2:05 mark. (Sadly, this video has now been removed.)

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  1. Interesting… “the more transparent the world is, the better off we all are.” I think it’s neat that that obviously carries over into the way The Office is run. It’s so cool to me that the writers and cast are so interactive with the fans and don’t try to keep everything a secret. Progressive entertainment, baby.

  2. Mike Schur is awesome. I love the blog and one of my favorite episodes–the vaguely sports-related Office Olympics–was written by him.

    I keep hoping his duel interests will meet again and there’ll be an episode where the office workers are doing a fantasy baseball or football draft.

  3. Schur has penned most of my favorite episodes (Mindy probably being the other one). And FireJoeMorgan is a great read. I’m a huge baseball fan and that was one of my favorite blogs.

    Read it and you can get the idea of what The Office would be like if it was on HBO.

  4. Insightful. Thanks Tanster for posting the Costas clip. I love FJM and as a native New Englander (read: diehard Sox, Pats, Cs fan) I appreciate the blogosphere where smarts and snark—like FJM—take sports to a new level with instant information, scores and opinions. Especially the latter if for no other reason than it makes a**hats like Shank Shaughnessy irrelevant in my book.

  5. Wow – that was really cool. I think OfficeTally is similar in that we all care so much about this thing (the Office, sports, whatever) and get to share our thoughts and interact. Democracy at its best indeed! Preach Brother Mike!

  6. You should change the name of this site to Fire Mike Schur for one day as a joke. Okay maybe not.

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