1. This UCLA event is going to be SWEET! I’m heading out there now and am soooo excited! :D

  2. Ed didn’t just call convention-goers “nerds” AND insult Minnesotans in that interview, did he? That’s a double slap in the face.

    Good thing I think he’s pretty adorable and will easily forgive him. ;)

  3. I went to the BJ Novak event at UCLA. He was an incredible speaker and enlightened us all. He also stayed longer for one-on-one Q&A/pictures/autographs. His manager also came to talk about the industry. So glad I went.

  4. Also just got back from the show at UCLA.. he was really great about doing pictures and signing, which surprised me since there were like 300+ people circled around him. But he was pretty funny, it was a moderated Q&A with one of our film professors and he answered Q’s after from us. Didn’t say much about the spin off though, which is what I really wanted to know!

  5. B.J. did share that his favorite episodes to write were #1 Sexual Harassment and #2 Diversity Day…His least favorite episode was The Fire. But he did say it was growing on him!

  6. Yep. Agree with everyone that saw BJ. It was really great hearing him talk. And luckily I snuck in there and got my DVD signed!

  7. For the record…Best part of the UCLA event? BJ’s ‘That’s what she said’ moment! I was immensely happy.

  8. I was getting out of class at 10pm when I picked up a Daily Bruin that said he was going to be there until 11..but when I got to AGB, everyone was gone :( What time did he leave?

  9. B.J. was fantastic! I’m sad that the event went by so fast, but he was very kind, offering to continue taking questions. Wish he would’ve spilled a little more about pretty much everything, but he was very generous.

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