1. First to comment! YAY!!!!!
    I’m SO excited to see this, and I’m hoping she writes Kelly something funny, because Kelly is JUST like me! LOL!

  2. Thanks for reminding us about this (and for all you do for us, Tanster!). Wasn’t Jenna supposed to be on Leno last Wednesday night? Did I miss something about that?

    [from tanster: i think jenna got rescheduled to october. as soon as i have information, i’ll post it! :) ]

  3. Yay! I love Mindy. She’s so funny.I’ve missed her! We’ve been lacking Kelly action!!

    Although the tapeworm thing was pretty funny (read: disturbing).

  4. thanks for the heads up. ms. kelly kapoor is one of my favorite characters. i’m glad they had her in the season premiere.

  5. Mindy’s the best

    I’d watch one of those silly spin-off shows if it revolved all around Kelly!

  6. Mindy’s impression was genius. She’s brilliant, hilarious and adorable. I wonder if she has time to go on a mini standup tour

  7. That picture was hilarious!!! No offense to Mindy because she is gorgeous, but she just looked so awkward yet adorable at the same time. And i have a crush on Greg too, don’t worry.

  8. Love her!! I love when she looks over at greg and is like “blink blink”
    So clever and hilarious

  9. Tanster- There is a short clip of just Mindy and her picture, as well as the full episode of the Tonight Show on NBC.com.

  10. I just watched it on NBC.com and Mindy’s childhood pic was adorable. Also, loved the impression. :)

  11. Ahhh her Scarlet Johansen/ Hilary Swank impressions made me laugh SO HARD! She’s just hilarious. Yay Mindy!

  12. mindy is so so so adorable, funny, and smart :)
    she has written many of my favorite office episodes. The entire interview had me cracking up.

  13. did anyone else notice when she started talking about the thing she would invent, at one point she said, “oh my god, i like him so much” JUST like Kelly says it about Ryan in The Carpet.

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