1. The more I hear Brian talk in his normal voice, the more I admire the voice he puts on for Kevin.

  2. After seeing the picture of Pam on Jim’s desk, I went back to “Weight Loss” and looked to see if that picture was on Jim’s desk and it wasn’t so I guess it was added later. Perhaps he put it there to help him get through this time without her there at the office.

  3. Yeah, in “Weight Loss”, I noticed that Pam had pictures of Jim in her dorm room, but he didn’t have one of her on his desk. Glad they added one. Oh, and Kevin’s voice has changed a lot since the first season, but I like it. It’s more animated and fits Kevin’s personality.

  4. Wow, I just had a completely random observation that I never thought about before. They only have that one conference room, right? So when Michael calls everyone in for a meeting and they’re all sitting in chairs in rows, what happens to that big conference table?? I mean, obviously for the show they remove it, but it’s not like we ever see the employees moving it out of the room.

    Just something I’ve never thought about before now…

  5. How could you tell what her pictures were in her room? It’s moving too fast for me to see them.

  6. One thing I’ve been wondering, maybe someone can help me with it. Who all works in the annex? I don’t remember if it was in “Goodbye Toby” or a deleted scene, or maybe another episode completely, but Michael was walking in the annex, and there were 4 or 5 desks. And the desks all had stuff on them and were “lived in.”

    1) Toby/Holly’s desk
    2) Kelly’s desk behind the wall
    3) ?
    4) ?

  7. Luke, the annex is normally where the writers of the show are…so it’s generally Toby, Kelly and then at one point Ryan was there.
    Jim also used a desk back there for one episode.

  8. DunderDaisy, in the Writer’s Panel from the Convention they talk about that. They said that they never really thought about which characters would be the ones moving the table in and out of the conference room…or where that table goes…they sort of just leave that out of the equation.

  9. I wanted to see the Annex, I also wanted to see the hallway that is visible behind Andy/Stanley, and from the back of the conference room.

  10. I was already bothered about Jim not having a pic of Pam up. (I know it’s dumb.) So, when the dorm scene came up, I was purposely looking for one of Jim and saw the frame by the window. I rewound and paused the DVR. That’s all.

  11. That was cool to see the Windsor Inn menu on the Dunder-Mifflin refrigerator. My wife grew up two blocks from the Windsor Inn, and many times we wined and dined there. It’s a bit far from downtown Scranton, though… about 15 miles.

  12. Thanks a bunch, littlekidlover! I can’t believe I’ve never thought about it before. I suppose even with The Office, we have to suspend belief (disbelief?) every so often :-)

  13. Wonderful video. I really can’t think of any other show or movie or whatever that feels so lifelike to me as The Office.

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