Mindy talks about Season 4

SPOILER WARNING! There’s one little spoilerish item about the new season …

BostonHerald.com talks to Mindy Kaling about The Office’s Season 4:

“I think that Ryan is in for it,” Kaling said recently. “I don’t think Kelly would even know where the phrase ‘hell hath no fury’ is from or even know what that means, but we’re going to see that literally enacted upon Ryan, which I think is going to be funny to see. My character is kind of such a sweet ditz, so to see her be scorned and turned into Medea will be really fun and a challenge as an actor.”

Link: ‘Office’ dirt: Cambridge native Mindy Kaling spills the secrets of the hot NBC sitcom


  1. “But I think more people than (not) would want to admit (they) are actually like Kelly and Ryan…We always say we’re like the real couple, the most realistic couple on the show, and that Jim and Pam are like this wonderful beautiful fantasy.”

    Truer words were never spoken.

    Very nice interview with Mindy. Thanks for posting, tanster!

  2. Who is coming back? David Denman? Katy The Purse Girl? Ed Truck? Oh the suspense.

  3. i think it may be roy. katy and jim didn’t have like a big huge thing, you know? it would be pointless. i really think it’s roy.

  4. I think it’s Brenda. She’s Mindy’s best friend in real life. She dated Jim (but i don’t want her to be an obstacle) and she works in corporate.
    I love to see her as Ryan’s new girlfriend. First, cause i want to watch the Kelly VS Brenda! And second, cause it will continue the “Ryan try to get Jim’s girl” idea (Katy in E-Mail S., Karen in W.A.)

  5. I think David Denman said recently he thought there was a possibility that Roy could surface again in season 4. If memory serves it was some red-carpet mini-interview I watched online a few weeks ago. I didn’t think much of that comment at the time, but I wonder if that’s what Mindy Kaling is talking about here. Scranton is a small town, after all, so they could run into each other on the street, in the grocery store, etc.

    That said, testing the new Pam and Jim romantic relationship by re-introducing Roy seems a little too obvious for such a cleverly-written show. As for Katy, Jim never had any strong feelings for her so if she were to come back it would have to be for some plot device unrelated to her former relationship with Jim. Ed Truck would be a good choice–there’s so much that could be done with his character. There’s also Michael’s realtor, or any of the folks that came from the Stamford branch.

  6. Let’s see how many characters I can list who have been written off/haven’t been seen for a while:
    Ed Truck
    Tom (the guy who committed suicide; mentioned in “Performance Review”)
    Captain Jack
    Mr. Brown
    I’m putting my money on Roy, Carol, or Katy.

  7. My first thought was: Oh God, not Karen! But I actually think it will be Roy or Carol. I don’t really care for Roy, but I do miss David Denman. Or maybe Carol will help Michael get his condo un-sold on eBay?! Oh the possibilities. I cannot wait til September!

  8. jim dated brenda?? huh? i’m not sure if they could get katy back (amy adams) –only b/c she got nominated for an oscar right after they wrote her off the show… but who knows, the office has it’s powers. i bet it’s roy.

  9. Wait I can list more!
    Kenny (Roy’s cousin)
    Billy Merchant (he owns the building)
    Dan Gore (I have no idea who that is, but at IMDB it says he was in “Cocktails” and “Valentine’s Day”)
    Ok I’m done now.

  10. waiiiit bold guy – didn’t jim only go on one date with her? i didn’t go anywhere. she’s not all that pretty anyway, so i can’t see it amounting to anything. and katy wouldn’t do anything with jim and pam either; jim never seemed to really like her. roy/carol/josh — my top choices. they would all cause conflict.

  11. oh gosh. it’s roy. no, worse. it’s karen. i’m stressed. when is the premiere again?!?!

  12. here’s all the people i thought were gone forever and now may come back (keep in mind i don’t think all of these people are possibilties, i just like remembering (: ; and you never can tell what’s gonna happen with the office)

    1) roy
    2) katy
    3) carol
    4) brenda
    5) devon (woow i forgot about him!)
    6) josh
    7) all the stamford employees (hmmm…)
    8) pam’s cartoon artist date (probably not)
    9) ben franklin (hahah that would be greeat)
    10) captain jack (he was delish.)
    11) scrantonicty (whatever happened to them?)
    12) wheelchair man (probably not)
    13) M0SE. (hehe)
    14) pam’s mom (probably not)
    15) kenny (probably not)

    again, most of these characters aren’t the ones that will return. i think 1-6 are the best guesses. maybe minus devon. or not?

  13. It’s definitely going to be Roy. I know he’s going to come back sometime. Although Katy would be fun to see; I loved her. Even so, Roy, definitely Roy.

  14. I think it’s Roy! Or, maybe even Karen, if from the first few episodes we think she’s disappeared…but I have a feeling it’s going to be Roy. What better way to mix it up than to see a Pam-Jim-Roy (albeit awkward) dynamic?

  15. Oh my god, no one guessed Todd Packer!!! Come on people!

    “Todd Packer and I are total BFF, Best Friends Forever”

  16. i think if it was Roy it wouldn’t be THAT awkward, because after all, at the end of “The Negotiation” he assumed that Pam and Jim would automatically start dating, but I dunno, I could be wrong

  17. I hope it’s Roy! I miss David Denman. Already. LOL. Hey, maybe Roy could come back and start another love triangle: Angela/Dwight/Roy. It could happen…maybe…

  18. I would like to see Roy or Carol come back into the mix..or even Katy.

    As for Mindy saying that Kelly becomes a little like Madea made me love her even more. If you don’t know Tyler Perry’s Madea, you better google it! It will bust your sides! And, then you’ll get an idea at what Mindy means about Kelly going ‘Madea’ on Ryan…hilarity!

  19. i think it’s probabaly roy, but it could be anyone really. my next bet would be katy or karen, but i really wish it’s pam’s mom cause i really wanted her to meet jim when she came in sexual harrasment, and if she comes back when jim and pam are finally together that would rock. probably roy, though.

  20. Carol would be awesome, especially with Jan living with Michael. Roy would be cool too though!

  21. Oh my God – they’re already writing season six?! Ha ha – bit of an inaccuracy in the article, but I hope the show lasts that long. I’m voting for The Return of Roy – get out your pepper spray!

  22. I’m inclined to think it’s Hannah, and here’s why: Remember in Back From Vacation when Pam tells Michael that Hannah quit and was suing Dunder Mifflin?

    Otherwise, my bets are on Roy and Karen, respectively.

  23. How about Katy and Roy are with each other? I mean, they go together perfectly. A-W-E (clap clap) S-O-M-E

  24. What about cousin Mose. That’s who we’ll see more of. Let’s face it, we all have fear to wrestle with in one way or another.

  25. I’m hoping it’s Karen – that episode one makes it appear that she is gone forever, but then she comes back kinda crazy-like…

  26. 27 – She meant Medea, as in the Euripides play. Not Tyler Perry. :)

  27. I wish my grandmother was as crazy as Medea. She’s hilarious in Diary of Mad Black Woman!

  28. These teaser’s are never what they seem. It is probably someone for a very brief encounter. IMO, I wouldn’t think that they would put Roy back in the picture when Jam’s relationship would be so fragile.

  29. Dear Abby (pun intended) of post 31… it’s episode six of season four, not season six. though I agree, hopefully it goes at least that long…

  30. I don’t understand why people think Karen is “long gone.” Maybe that’s just me.

  31. Bless the hearts of the people who thought Mindy was talking about Tyler Perry…

  32. I am with the Roy and Katy suggestion…I think that would be a riot and so perfect – the cheerleader and the football player

  33. It’s Roy. It’s gotta be Roy.

    BTW-I love Mindy Kaling. She’s just too damn cute for words. Her blog is oh so enjoyable.

  34. roy was the first person that popped in my head. i don’t think katy would do anything for the show. but if it is just a random, quick encounter, than she would be a good choice. or devon.

  35. I’m pretty sure David Denman said on his myspace page that he was “glad to be back” in season four. someone help me out if i’m wrong. But it’s gotta be Roy.

  36. BeckySue- I think she means Medea in terms of the Greek myth of Medea and Jason, which is from where the phrase “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” originated. but tyler perry is amazing too!

  37. my prediction —

    it has to be Karen — I would imagine that Karen losing Jim is going to make her move to NYC and leave Scranton– you think she is long gone — and then she shows up in episode 6 —
    my fantasy is that she is now dating Ryan

  38. A great interview from someone we don’t hear enough from! I love the idea that Mindy and BJ “squabble” at the writer’s table as much as on-screen. I hope she keeps him in line!

    P.S. My vote is for Roy and I think it will be great!

  39. I like the person that said Todd Packer…why don’t more people think it is him? He has to be amusing to write for.

  40. You guys have missed one Office heavyweight that changed the show forever:

    OMI VAIDYA – none other than Sadiq, the IT Tech Guy.

    If “Sadiq” is brought back in S4, the show will be complete once again. God Bless the turban.

  41. I think it’s Katy. I’m probably wrong but in “The Job” Karen and Jim cross the street after they were discussing moving to NY together, and there’s a person calling a cab- she has to be Katy, she looks just like her. Also Ryan did ask Jim about Katy in “E-mail Surveilance” if they were together that’d be interesting.

  42. #22

    Great suggestion. I mean, I’m 80% sure it will be Roy, and that would be awesome if he got caught up with Dwangela! They’ve been hinting on a Angela crush on Roy forever! And don’t forget Angela was Roy’s choice for “Who would you do?” in “The Fire.”

  43. I’d say either Roy or Karen. Most likely Roy, but if Karen were to just show up once in a while, that would be cool.

    I don’t know if anyone’s said this, but what about Craig, the guy from the Albany branch who exposed Michael and Jan at the Valentine’s Day meeting? I think he’d be an interesting character to throw in the mix.

    But no, Todd Packer should never be a regular. Everyone’s quick to hate on Roy and Karen, but the writers have done a great job at making them fully fleshed out characters that we can’t completely hate. Packer is the one character that deserves to be hated on the most. He’s just pure bile. He should only be on the show maybe once or twice at 30 second increments, and even that is stretching it.

  44. We may have never seen him, but could it be Gould? That would add a nice wrench in the already screwed up Jan/Michael works.

  45. re: 57

    Mindy said it’s someone we think we’ve seen the last of. We’ve been given no reason to think we’ve seen the last of Packer. He’s an on-going now and then character.

  46. I read somewhere that the actress that plays Carol is Steve Carell’s wife… which would be a reason for them to bring her back. And unlike Karen or Roy, whom I wouldn’t consider “long gone” – we saw them in the last episode, after all! – Carol could more easily be considered “long gone” since she broke up with Michael… ! And we all know how easily Michael gets distracted when a woman shows interest in him… the whole Jan-Michael-Carol triangle could get pretty hilarious

  47. Has nobody considered that Amy Adams’ movie career is doing pretty well lately, and therefore is unlikely to return?

  48. Please more of Sadiq in the office!! You have no idea how cool it was to see a Sikh in there again, plus Michael making the distinction of him being Sikh, not Muslim. Awesome. Please make him a regular!

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