The Weekend Tally

I’m sitting at my Internet home away from home — Blenz in Vancouver — putting this together. Hallelujah for free wifi!

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  1. “Q: You seem like one of those comedians like Will Ferrell. There’s no baggage, no “My dad used to hit me.”

    Steve Carell: You know what’s ironic? Will Ferrell’s dad used to hit me.”


  2. “You know what’s ironic? Will Ferrell’s dad used to hit me.”
    Omg, Steve Carell is just too funny.

  3. I’m glad The Office is feeling the love with Rashida gracing the cover of The Improper Bostonian, but I must confess, not to be a Karen-hater, I would much rather have Jim smiling up at me from my coffee table…

  4. I wondered where those pictures of John Krasinski in the Celtics shirt had come from… I’m a HUGE death cab fan (I met Ben Gibbard on a plane last year), so those pictures were awesome for more than one reason!

    Thanks Tanster!

  5. Was it just me or was that interviewer from flirting with John?! Jealous!

  6. I love cardigans! I teach so they’re a staple of my wardrobe. Just a thought if you ever see this John ;)

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