More Office items at auction

In addition to the cast-signed iPod and Starbucks tshirt that were mentioned a few weeks ago, here are some other Office-related items that are ready for your bid:

The Office Cast Photo SAG Awards 2007

Tipster: Brandy


  1. Heh… from a photographer standpoint, they could have done that picture a little bit better. Like not have Brian’s head cut off Oscar’s. But that’s just me. ;-)

  2. Is it just me, or does it not really seem to make sense for the American Cancer Society to auction off a drawing that says “The sun is good for you.” ? Seems like the celebs should have written “The sun is good for you…when you use sunscreen” or something. But artistic license, I guess!

  3. wow….

    thats probably the worst drawing ive ever seen in my life


    that sun doesnt seem good for me, either. it looks depressed. well i guess that would reduce the risk of getting skin cancer

  4. Wow, Rainn’s pic is all the way up tp $66! Sad thing is, if I had oodles of money to spend, I would so be bidding on it.

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