1. That was funny. However, Always Sunny just did the day bow bow chicka-chick-ahh sound effect this past season. Kinda like when Andy says, “heyoo!”.

  2. I can’t believe they took out the scene with Angela and the tree. It seemed like such a classic Office moment. Simple, to the point, and funny.

    I’m starting to wonder more and more whether a lot of my issues with the new season are with the editing. After watching the deleted scenes from this season, it seems like the writing is there (at least more than what’s come across in the episodes), but they’re just not showing it. I know that it’s not just the editors that have a say in the final cut, but lately the episodes just seem kind of sloppy, and not carefully put together.

  3. EVERYTHING with Phyllis/Angela at the end of this is amazing. Those are some of my FAVORITE moments of all time! I can’t believe they were deleted!

  4. Angela carrying out the tree should have totally been left in. That Ronald Reagan line was great.

    I agree with #5…a lot of the deleted scenes this season have been the funniest ones. Though I’ve really enjoyed season 5 (much more than season 4) the editing COULD be sharper sometimes.

  5. Dear NBC,

    Please up the volume on the deleted scenes. Or turn DOWN the volume on the commercials that air before/after so that the volume is equal on both…


  6. WOW!! if you’ve ever known a “wannabe” bartender, that scene with Michael trying to “flair” is so funny and SO true.

  7. Haha! Watching Angela struggling with that tree is so funny! She’s so tiny and then being compared to an ant is just perfect haha! Love it!

  8. Normally, I agree with the producers as to the scenes they choose to leave in the episode, and those that they choose to cut. This is the first time that I would have to disagree with them: I thought this deleted scene should have certainly made it into the episode. In my opinion, I’d love to see more of Michael pursuing his amateur bartending career (with Stanley and Jim making their classic quips) than Meredith running around the parking lot and screaming that she isn’t an alcoholic.

  9. Ok, that 2nd scene should have been left in hands down…it really would have lightened the mood of the intervention. It involved everyone.

  10. the 2nd deleted scene was so good every character was included, and it had something this episode lacked…
    light humor!!

  11. Haha, I love how Michael doesn’t know Meredith’s last name. What is it anyway? Palmer or something?

  12. OMG! I can’t believe they cut parts of the second deleted scene, Angela’s take on Sex in the City is hilarious, as is the celebrity game that ends in Michael not knowing her last name and the funniest talking head in a while with Michael talking about chocolate. They should have cut some of the slow parts of the intervention and added that stuff, that was HILARIOUS.

  13. Michael not knowing Meredith’s last name was phenomenal. I really wish so many of the past deleted scenes had been left in the episodes!! I know a lot of people complained about the hour episodes, but it seems like there’s so much good being cut out, it weakens the 1/2 hour shows.

    And 18 – Michelle, Meredith’s last name is indeed Palmer :)

  14. Totally should’ve left the Michael as bartender stuff in, that’s the Christmas Office we know and love.
    I love how Jim and Pam indulge Michael’s crazy bartending skills. Very sweet of them on Christmas…The Dr. is in!

  15. I totally agree that all of these scenes should have been in the episode! Producers cut anyone?

  16. That second deleted scene was so great. I loved Angela talking about the Sex in the City girls & Kelly’s line about how she would light her hair on fire just for attention cracked me up. hahaha

  17. Parts of the 2nd deleted scene should have definitely been in there. At least Angela’s Sex and the City reference. SO GOOD! i love angela.

    Also, Kevin’s “gay” cough.

    Does anyone know what Stanley says around :46 in the 1st deleted scene? I couldn’t hear it.

  18. “I used to know this stuff.”

    HAHA! Creed! This should have definitely been left in the episode. Hilarious!

  19. Great scenes!!!! Wished they had cut the trip to rehab and used these instead…has to be awfully tough to make these decisions when putting the show together!

  20. Okay, time for the obligatory “that should’ve been in the episode”: the naming celebrities scene. Really funny stuff, especially when Michael doesn’t know Meredith’s last name. The rest of the scenes I could give or take.

  21. @24: Stanley’s lines with Michael about the sangria are a bit hard to hear. The first and funniest one in response to Michael’s offer of sangria was something like, “and stew is red wine with beef in it.” The second one is iffy but I think it was “Man can’t do (or get) a red wine.”

  22. None of the characters would do anything to help any other of them now… the warmth of ‘The Dundies’ is almost completely gone.

  23. That second one was totally awesome!!! That would’ve pushed up my vote to a higher score. Ahhhh! The editing is really starting to get to me. These deleted scenes, for the most part, have been really great…

  24. I seriously can’t believe that the writers haven’t played on the Twilight craze yet. To me it sounds like exactly something Kelly would be going nuts over… or something Dwight might be speculating on, with Jim continuing his “transformation” into a vampire. The only reason I would approve of this is because Twilight has managed to steal my fandom for the last week, and I really want to bring the things i obsess over TOGETHER. :]

  25. I loved the second one. all of it, the talking heads, the drugged celebrities. They should have kept those somewhere.

    By the way, that’s the second time that they have some random Brazilian reference, I wonder who gets to those, maybe someone from the staff is Brazilian or something, because as far as I know Elis Regina (the singer Oscar refers to) is not that well known here. The same for Hugo Hoyama (the ping pong player Dwight has a life size poster of). Being Brazilian myself i get super excited when they mention those.

  26. oh, about longer episodes, I don’t think one hour is the right format. The writers keep saying how great it would be if they didn’t have to fit in a half hour block and could have the episodes a bit longer, like in Casino Night. It allows the episodes to breath better and include more funny scenes like the deleted ones that are there just to be funny and not to add something to the storyline. I wish they had supersized episodes in the dvds, like the producer’s cut, instead of separate deleted scenes.

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