Holiday Gift Guide, 2008

UPDATE: here’s the latest Holiday Gift Guide.

As this is probably the last weekend to shop online for shipments to arrive in time for Christmas, here are some final thoughts on what to get the Office fan in your life …

The Office on iTunesGifts for iPhone/iPod Owners: The Office on iTunes
You can click “Gift This TV Show” to gift the entire season; you can also drill down and gift individual episodes.

Dunder Mifflin Dog CollarGifts for Dog Lovers: Dunder Mifflin Dog Collar
Show your dog who’s boss. (He is.)

The Office and PhilosophyGifts for Deep Thinkers: The Office and Philosophy
The book The Office and Philosophy examines “the mundane yet curiously edifying worlds of Scranton’s Dunder-Mifflin and Slough’s Wernham-Hogg.”

Star mug setGifts for New Homeowners: The Office Star Mug Set
They’re a bit pricey, but what’s more priceless than having the Dunder Mifflin gang greet you every morning with a hot cup of joe?

Serenity by Jan CandlesGifts for the Frazzled: Serenity by Jan Candles
Because nothing suggests relaxation like candles named ‘Wide Awake’ and ‘New Milk.’

The Office Lunch BagGifts for Lunch Baggers: The Office Seasons 1-3 with Lunchbag
I found this bundle by accident at Amazon while I was looking for something else. It’s not always offered!

Dundie MugGifts for Peeps in College: Dundie Mug
Include packages of Cup o’Noodles (Kevin’s favorite snack) to complete the gift. (Never made ramen in a mug? — sooo convenient!)

The Office KeychainGifts for Taking That Next Step: Dunder Mifflin Keychain
And last but not least, what is more romantic than presenting your sweetheart with a Dunder Mifflin keychain, attached to a key to your home/car/safety deposit box? If it worked for Dwight, it might work for you.

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Do you have a creative gift idea for an Office fan? Post a comment here!


  1. Well, this is incredibly dorky, but it’s an idea.

    I’d sorta been in love with my best friend for years. She’d been seeing someone since before I met her, so I just kept it to myself, even though he never really seem to truly care about her. The thing is, we both binged through every Office season set a while ago and became huge fans, so – and this is the really really dorky part -, last Christmas, I gave her a green teapot filled with inside jokes from all our years of friendship, along with an envelope that only read “because Christmas is the time to tell people how you feel”.

    I was, of course, rejected. With a hug, a kiss, some tears and an “I’m sorry”, which, frankly, easily beats the slap in the face I thought I was going to get… so the moral is, kids, pick Office for rejection. It’s nicer.

    As I said, dorky.

  2. A teal teapot filled with $1 Target Office goodies is a good way to tell someone “I’m in love with you.” lol

  3. RandalGraves, I would so be in love with you for doing that. She’s missing out on a good thing apparently.

    My best idea is gluing a horn to a Barbie doll’s head.

  4. The “The Office and Philosophy” book sounds really intriguing.. has anybody read it before? Is it worth it?

  5. CD Mix Tape, I have the book. It’s not a deep or profound read. And I am sure most of the themes explored and addressed are nothing a devoted The Office fan hadn’t contemplated or noticed before. But, as a show (both the British and the U.S. versions) fan, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It’s an interesting look and a decent mixture of humor and a more sober assessment. It looks at themes and behaviors, morality, self-awareness, ethics, office politics, emotional involvement, etc., and how all of it is dealt with on the show(s).

    Like I said, it’s for an already engrossed fan, and it might not reveal anything terribly new or unseen, but I, personally, found it interesting enough and worth it.

  6. RandalGraves – I am literally crying right now. I don’t know how anyone could reject that!

    I just wanted to let you all know that I went really overboard buying Office goodies, so I am selling what is still new and un-opened on this website:

    Lots of good holiday gifts and stocking stuffers!

  7. RandalGraves-

    I did something similar. A girl I was mad about had picked up an old Star Wars coloring book from the 80s (cos I am, indeed, a huge geek) at a flea market for me. I, in turn, took out the very last page, the picture she said she just adored, and colored it for her as a Christmas gift. I’m talking painstaking detail. But, alas, the result was the same as yours.

    Now with that unpleasantness out of the way I can say the Office Philosophy book is interesting. I’ve read several of these pop culture philosophy books (Firefly, Star Wars) and they’re a good read. Who wouldn’t love an almost existential examination of our favorite shows (yes, includes the British one, too!).

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