My Comic-Con moment with Rainn Wilson

Instead of asking Rainn questions about his upcoming movie ‘The Rocker,’ or about ‘The Office’ Season 5, I decided to mercilessly impale him with my PhoneSaber.

If you’re an iPhone geek like us, check out PhoneSaber. It is the dorkiest, most useless app you can download to your iPhone. And totally fun.

Thank you, Matt Collins!


  1. hahahahahaha this is awesome :) (Plus we got a really great shot of Matt’s shoes.)

  2. I love it! “That’s what she’s chosing to do”…and of course he got in a T.W.S.S. joke. Classic. He seems like such a cool guy!

    [from tanster: I didn’t realize he threw in a TWSS until after I watched the video!]

  3. I think if I were in your position, I would have done the exact same thing. Who better to have a one-sided, electronic lightsaber fight with than The Rocker himself?

  4. It says alot about how comfortable Tanster is with the cast of the Office when she can spend a couple minutes with Rainn Wilson talking about nothing, just hitting him with her iPhone. Very cool.

  5. This was great! “Don’t ask me about season five, I don’t even know!”

  6. Awesome interview. You could tell that Rainn was relieved to not have to answer the same old questions. Good Job! Keep on Rocking!

  7. Hahaha…”So how’s everything else goin’?” “Good.” And that’s pretty much all I needed to know! Hope you had a great time out there Tanster and Matt.

  8. Awesome!!! I would have done it exactly the same way too Tanster. Who needs spoilers for season 5 when you can impale the cast with an iPhone light saber? HAHA

    In fact, it’s just how I like to greet people. lol

  9. Tanster, I don’t think you could have chosen a wiser way of using your time with Rainn. That was seriously awesome.

  10. Haha. On the one hand, I love the pure unabashed geekiness of my iPhone Saber. On the other hand, it infuriates me how many stupid, pointless apps have been filling the AppStore. And how long it has taken Apple to publish app updates after the developer has uploaded it.

    Anyway, awesome video!

  11. Tanster, that was seriously the best thing I have seen in a long time. I also agree that Rainn probably appreciated just having fun with you than having to answer questions about the upcoming season when he may not have been able to (or allowed to) give you spoilers! That was so great – plus a semi-cameo from Matty! :)

  12. I was at the Star Wars trivia in room 7AB and we were all playing with that app.

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dwight showed up with a PhoneSaber on “The Office” at some point. ;-)

  14. oh my gosh!!! how did i not focus on the twss!?!?! that was hilarious!

  15. Thank you, Tanster! That clip was hilarious and exactly representative of my impression of Rainn from this past weekend. He was so down to earth and chill, yet g.d. hilarious. I’m glad you made it into the press room for some quality time. I saw Rainn at The Rocker screening later that night as well. Let’s just say that my admiration for him has increased ten fold. Yay Comic Con…

  16. Great video. Yes, it’d be very in character for Dwight to have a PhoneSaber. Thanks to The Office (and Rainn/Dwight) and Office Tally (and Tanster) for measurably improving the quality of the lives of millions.

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