OfficeTally Hot ‘Gossip’ Contest: Finalists

OfficeTally Hot 'Gossip' Contest Finalists

UPDATE: the votes have been tallied and you have selected Jen W. as the winner!

Jen’s entry:
GOSSIP GUY – Michael (Steve Carell) has the office watching seasons 1 and 2 of ‘Gossip Girl’. His recent obsession with the show inspires him to start his own “anonymous” and mostly fake gossip blog. However, one tweet rings true and only the subject of such post knows this.

Congratulations, Jen, your Schrute Farms Beet Watch is on its way.

Thanks to all for playing! (See all finalists on the next page.)


  1. Kudos to all of these wonderful entries! After great deliberation had to choose Jen’s. I can just picture Michael starting his own blog after watching Gossip Girl. Any of the finalists deserve to win, though, so good luck everyone!

  2. Wow, thank you so much for making me a finalist!! :) You made my day! They’re all so good! The Gossip Girl one sounds like something Michael would do. So funny!

  3. #1 definitely. Most of the other descriptions are great. However, most are story-line related concepts, which isn’t what The Office is all about. #1 reminds me just how some episodes can be funny given the way how characters act (like Michael in Cori’s description) and react (like Dwight in Cori’s descriptions). Great job, Cori. You hit the nail in the coffin :)

  4. Thank you for including my synopsis! However, my vote’s going to #10. It’s the best one in my opinion.

  5. I voted for #16. Perfect. Great title, great continuity re. restructuring and Jim pondering his future. Perfect TV language, pondering, showdown etc.

    Descriptive without giving anything away. Really good job alan.

    Special mention to # 8 Cara with the (Teen Choice Award winner, Steve Carell) – it is criminal that he hasn’t been given an Emmy yet!

  6. #2 GMV. Anyways, did these people make all these stories up, or was information given out?

  7. @ #8: I so agree! It seems like something Michael would so totally do and it would cause some serious problems that he has no idea how to fix!! :) Go Jen! Loved the idea!!

  8. Ahh, thank you SO much for making me a finalist, Tanster! Wow, this is great! Vote #15!

  9. Thanks for making me a finalist Tanster, I really appreciate the shout out! Vote #3 all the way!

  10. Thanks so much for picking me as a finalist Tanster! All of these are so great!!! I wonder who will win.

  11. Yay me! Thank you for including me on the list. I’m honored to be among some serious talent here. Now…beer me a vote!

  12. I agree with all the other finalists — it’s an honor to be considered among so many great entries! Excellent job everyone!

  13. Nice, I’m a finalist! :) I don’t want to vote for myself and there are some really good ones… but that is one cool watch! :)

    I also have to say I really like the Kelly Gossip Newsletter idea and any story that involves Michael being kept away from a secret is good. (AKA The Duel) :-D

  14. 5 and 9 are both so good! love the idea of ‘evidence of sexual activity in a bathroom’, but the ‘gossip girl’ obsession is SO michael. Hard decision, but I went with 5 for the added bit about the ‘unexpected phone call’.

    great job to all!!

  15. I voted for 16 because I think it has a perfect balance of vagueness and intrigue (which was the criteria for voting). It briefly summarizes that there will be a focus on Jim and Pam, while also referring to corporate and David Wallace, which always is entertaining and leaves someone wondering – ‘what’ll happen next?’

    Great job Alan, good luck!

  16. Congrats to Jen W.!! Enjoy your new watch! And thanks to those who voted for me (being a finalist is an honor!). Can’t wait for the REAL Gossip episode September 17. Woot!

  17. Congrats Jen!
    Oh and Gayle W., I voted for you, I loved it. But I think they were all great, good job guys for making the top 18.

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