OfficeTally’s ‘Tickled Pink’ tickets giveaway

OfficeTally's Tickled Pink Tickets Giveaway

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I’m giving away ten tickets to the Tickled Pink benefit show!

Answer this question

What’s been your favorite “tickled pink” moment of The Office Season 9 so far?

The prize

Five winners will receive two tickets each to the Tickled Pink benefit show in Riverside, CA, on March 2, hosted by The Office’s Rainn Wilson, and co-starring Kate Flannery, Creed Bratton, and more! The tickets include dinner, show, and no-host bar.
(Mature show, 18 years old and older recommended.)

One more thing: all ten tickets are at the same table. You’ll get to meet fellow Office fans as well as enjoy dinner and the show. That’s a win win win!

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The tickets are generously provided by The Pink Ribbon Place, a breast cancer support and resource center. More info


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  1. Best office season 9 moment. When creed was playing hooky and ended up getting on his coworkers bus! Honestly, creed is the most interesting man in the world. I’m a huge office buff. Also an actor when I was younger I almost had a cameo on the office but I got bested :( . To top it all off, I have multiple family members who suffer from breast cancer so I strongly support this benefit.

  2. Best tickled pink moment off season 9 so far.. When Andy came back from his trip and suspects Erin of seeing another guy..looked through her phone messages, then says to Pete “plop, she’s talking to some guy named Pete”. Later to find out plops real name.

  3. My favorite “tickled pink” moment of season 9 is on “The Boat” episode. Kevin is trying so hard to keep Oscar’s secret from Angela the ENTIRE episode, but forgets at the end and realizes it in a fit a laughter in a private conference room interview. “HER LIFE IS A TOTAL SHAM!”

  4. My favorite “tickled pink” part of season 9 so far is when Erin kissed Pete. I had been waiting for it to happen for so long! The Office is my favorite show EVER. I can’t go to sleep at night unless I’ve watched at least two episodes already.

  5. When Jim and Pam agree that they are going to go home and fight, they both smile. Knowing that, while the fight may be hard, they both love each other and they will come out of it stronger than before. Also ties in the ‘not fighting was the problem’ from earlier in the episode

  6. The best moment of Season 9 is when Jim and Pam decide that they want to fight. It finally made me feel the passion they had when they first started dating.

  7. I gotta go with the episode where Dwight tries to hire his friends to replace Jim. I’m from Indiana, so it was like watching my High School reunion played out as a Sitcom. It was a great comedic reminder of why I left. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you are better off than people you grew up hating. AHHHHHHHH

  8. My favorite tickled pink moment has definitely been when there were butts on Pam’s mural! It just made me laugh how she handled it.

  9. My favorite “tickled pink” moment was when Meredith shaved her head. Now every week we can see what kind of crazy wig she’s wearing. It’s like a gift that keeps giving! Absolutely Love it!!

  10. My favorite “tickled pink” moment of season 9 thus far was from the episode “Lice” when Pam walks in on Meredith shaving her hair off and panics about making things right with Meredith including buying a wig for her (it’s been a treat to Meredith sport a new wig each week!) and having a few laughs.The whole episode was a great one for Pam and for Meredith especially. It was hilarious and nicely executed!

  11. I honestly don’t have one favorite- I’m just enjoying the ride and appreciating all of the “tickled pink” moments in Season 9! I’ve never laughed so hard! =D

  12. My favorite tickled pink moment was when Dwight got hit with the milkshake at the drive-thru! He was cleaning up the milkshake he had thrown previously and then to have the same trick played back on him made me burst out with laughter! “Fire in the hole!” Oh Dwight.

  13. My favorite moments in season 9 were when we saw that Jim was actually a really messy guy! I thought that was adorable and funny and it was nice to see some more of his life outside of the office.

  14. My Office season 9 “Tickled Pink” moment was when Dwight asks the office staff if they have any mare’s milk. Creed looks down, then shakes his head. Such a quick moment in an episode, but absolutely hilarious.

  15. They say love is a young person’s game. But, with age comes a better understanding of love.
    That is way my favorite “tickled pick” moment of season 9 was, when Dwight and Angela were on his aunt’s porch in “Moving on.”
    Dwight was trying to make his move but Angela, very maturely, stated that she was in a a committed relationship (on her part at least) and Dwight’s response really shown how much these two people have truly grown.
    “Stand by your man. It’s what I would want if you were mine.”
    Said perfectly. This wasn’t just a warehouse romp, this was a delicate moment between two former lovers.
    Angela calling him “D” at the end of the night was a perfect way to say, “Even though we are on separate paths, you’ll always be a part of me.”

  16. I absolutely lost it when Darryl shot the basketball off the hoop, into the light, and down into the fish tank. Priceless. Ive been a fan from the start, and im expecting big things from the final episodes!

  17. My favorite “Tickled Pink” moment from Season 9 has to be when Kevin was making his take on mini cupcakes in the episode, Dwight Christmas. Kevin: “Mini cupcakes, as in the mini version of regular cupcakes, which is already a mini version of cake, honestly, where does it end with you people?”. It reminds me of the simple humor that makes The Office what it is, and I have already used his quote in real life!

  18. My favorite tickled pink moment from this season was young Jim’s prank on Dwight leading him in search for the Holy Grail. It is one of Jim’s best pranks just because he did it so long ago he forgot about it, meaning that even though he was in Philly at the time, he still managed to mess with Dwight. The best part is that while everyone tore apart the warehouse, the Holy Grail was being used to dip donuts in. The whole thing was just a really good opening for the show because Jim has been so distant this season and the whole relationship between Jim and Dwight has been missed, the prank made us, well at least me, feel like that goofy relationship is still there.

  19. Season 9, tickled pink moment… many pink tickles this season, but the best is hands down people throwing garbage at Nellie per Andy’s recycling edict, and then later when Andy gives Nellie the letter to support her adoption efforts. So very sweet and funny that he makes fun of her “Queen’s English.”
    And also, my friend and I visited the set recently (during the booger bubble scene) via a winning auction bid, but Dwight wasn’t there! My friend had come all the way from Texas and was so bummed to have missed him! Taking her to see his show next month would be the most tickliest pinkest moment EVER!

  20. It is almost impossible to pick just one “tickled pink” moment. If I must choose, I would say my favorite would be a scene from the Dwight Christmas, which doesn’t surprise me because the Christmas episodes are always my favorite. The most ‘tickling’ scene is when Darryl gets drunk at the party and confronts Jim, which consequently leads to him collapsing on the food table leaving everyone mortified. I replayed that scene at least five times – too funny!

  21. My favorite tickled pink moment from this season was when Pam discovers that Jan is the contact for the white pages contract. It brought back some good, but mostly bad memories.

  22. Dwight bringing all his crazy friends in to interview them and Andy hiring Pete’s ex was classic! Loved it. All these episodes was pretty great. :)

  23. My favorite “tickled pink” moment occurs in “Dwight Christmas,” first and foremost a clever pun, after Dwight is hurt that Jim’s leaving the party early. The moment: Jim comes back to the party and Dwight hugs him. Bitter nemeses took a moment to embrace – in a similar fashion to the impromptu cease fire on Christmas 1914 during World War 1. It is a sweet moment because, with the show drawing to a close, it foreshadows the existential issue of loneliness and death. Like the British Office also argued, we end up potentially spending more time with the people we work with than our friends and family. With the show winding down, it is heartening to see people who have nothing in common on the surface embrace in an instance of common humanity in the face of an uncertain future.

  24. When Dwight and Angela were asking Toby questions about how two men have sex. Hilarious and also made me happy that we can finally watch conversations like that on TV without it being too controversial.

  25. My favorite tickled pink moment from Season 9 is when Nellie forgets that she had kissed Toby and he is now really confident and has the hots for Nellie

  26. There is nothing better than watching Meredith Palmer shave her own head (Lice), or hearing her call herself a flesh hoover (Couples Discount). I laughed so hard I was crying. I also loved when the team was coming up with lies to tell Andy about what had been going on when he was sailing. “We started selling balloons.” Thanks Phyllis!

    I’m so sad The Office is wrapping up, but so excited to see how it all ends!!

  27. My favorite “tickled pink” moment from season 9 (so far) is when Dwight goes on his quest for the Holy Grail. As if the moment couldn’t get any better, the writers improved upon it by making Jim forget that he even created this prank. Jim & Dwight have the greatest love/hate relationship, and it’s really endearing to see that they can still effect one another although they’re hundreds of miles away. In the end, even though the grail is never found, the moment still wraps up hilariously when we see one of the warehouse workers eating out of it! There’s no need for words – the look on his face would make anyone burst out laughing.

  28. After the officemates put their hands together to agree on their espresso pact and break apart:
    Phyllis: Hey, where’s my ring?
    Creed (walking away): I’m sure it’ll turn up.

  29. My favorite “tickled pink” moment was when Andy was attempting to convince Erin to stay with him when he returned from his yacht trip. It was funny because he had this hilarious way of making it seem like the relationship had a chance of success if she would just fake feelings for him. It was also an important character moment for her because she finally stood up for what she wanted and dumped Andy for Pete.

  30. My tickled pink moment:

    Dwight trying to figure out how a man’s vagina worked. “Where are gay men’s vaginas?”

  31. While there is a special place in my heart for all of The Office characters (except for Toby), “Jim Halpert” is always the answer I give when asked, “So, what kind of qualities do you look for in a guy?” Even though Jim and Pam have been struggling this season, anytime they share a positive moment I’m hopeful their marriage will withstand the Philly obstacle. With that said, my favorite “tickled pink” moment was during the Valentine’s Day episode: Pam suggests that Jim stays home so that they CAN fight, right as he’s about to walk out the door. Those flashes of reality, mixed in with the quirky humor, are the reason I love the show so much.

  32. My favorite “tickled pink” moment from season 9 (so far) is when Andy’s bringing back, gabe and plop’s ex girlfriend… “Andy’s revenge” by far one of the best!

  33. My favorite tickled pink moment was in “Moving On” when Dwight was trying to convince Angela to clean up his Aunt. I couldn’t stop laughing as he described her as having “a flap, a prehensile wing”, “hanging parts” and “some parts of her he doesn’t even recognize.” That scene led to the rest of the scenes between them and his aunt which were all tickled pink moments for me. I love that Angela took charge and Dwight and his aunt followed softly and obediently. I love Dwight and Angela and still believe they are meant to be together.

  34. My “Tickled Pink” moment was when Dwight and Angela were talking to Toby about two men having sex. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. And once I finally caught a breath, I hit the rewind button so I could listen to the questions once more.

  35. My favorite “Tickled Pink” part of Season 9 of The Office was when Dwight was cleaning up the milkshake he threw at the employee inside the drive-thru place and then he gets hit with a milkshake. He tried to pull a prank and got the same prank pulled on him! “Fire in the hole!…Man I nailed that guy!” Poor Dwight. But I just love when Dwight tries to laugh it off. Made my day a whole lot funnier! I love The Office!

  36. My “Tickled Pink” moment was the very first scene of season 9 where Kevin refers to his summer and showed the turtle he tried to save. “Turns out the turtle was already dead.” Kevin is my favorite.

  37. My favorite tickled pink episode was Dwights Christmas episode when he did the impish or admirable scene! It was friggen hilarious. That was my favorite episode this season for sure, I love his Julius Caesar thumbs up thumbs down attitude! The office is awesome and so quotable.

  38. “How’s that medicine taste? Your own flavored?”

    My tickled pink moments are the clever lines that are greatly unappreciated.

  39. My favorite ticked pink moment was when Roy played the piano and sang for his wedding. The way he completely subverted not only my expectations, but Jim and Pam’s expectations was awesome. I was also glad he didn’t end up a bum!

  40. My favorite season 9 “tickled pink” moment was when Dwight reveled he and his friends attended an X-Men school. I was literally laughing out of my seat during that scene. I’m going to miss this show.

  41. The whole beginning to “Stress Relief” is awesome, particularly when Stanley has a heart attack and Michael yells, “No no no no you will not die! Stanley! Stanley, you will not die! Stanley! Stanley! Barack is president! You are black Stanley!” Best episode, ever!

  42. My favorite “tickled pink” moment of season 9 so far is during the first episode when Andy calls the new guys “New Dwight” and “New Jim,” and Meredith says “Hey New Jim, sit on my face.” I literally laughed out loud.

  43. Pretty much anything Creed does is gold. When he showed up to the Halloween party with the blood stained shirt and didn’t realize it was Halloween, I was rolling.

  44. This is a combination because I think this line sets up the following:
    Dwight: Trevor’s next, and he’s a real professional. You say jump, and he says, on who!
    Then during the interview

    Dwight: What makes you think you’d be an effective paper salesman?
    Trevor: Ooh, didn’t see that one coming.

  45. My tickled pink moment from The Office came from the scenes with Dwight and Angela. Along with the comedic moments like the cold, hard slap, accidental breast flash, and skunk sac, I love that Dwight finally shows his vulnerable side by telling Angela that they belong together. It was such a beautiful and honest scene between the two. Got to love Dwangela!

  46. Without a doubt it would be Dwight trying to convince David Wallace to come out with his hands on top of his head in the “radio interview”. But that whole episode had me in tears.

  47. My favorite “tickled pink” moment(s) came during Episode 10: “Lice” when Meredith buzzed off all of her hair and then when the lice “smoke-bombs” blew up on Dwight twice; once in Andy’s office and the other in his Trans Am.

    My favorite quote from that episode is when Dwight said, “Of all of the vermin in God’s great green kingdom, lice are the ones I detest the most. My first day of school, I had lice, and no one would play with me. For 15 years, they called me freak and four eyes and sci-fi nerd and girl puncher. All because I had lice when I was 7.”

  48. My favorite tickled pink moment was when Pam left Erin ‘in charger’s of the pen order getting shipped to the office. She made it such a huge ordeal and concentrated on it the entire episode. It showed how quirky and adorable Erin is!

  49. My favorite tickled pink moment from Season 9 would be when Nellie remembers that she had kissed Toby on Halloween, and later after coming on to her again she recalls, “I kissed that man…” Nellie has really been a perfect addition to the cast and is very hilarious but in a very subtle way.

  50. My favorite Tickled Pink moment was the last 5 seconds of the episode 16, “Moving On”. Oscar’s computer gets an advertisement popup, and the camera zooms in on the computer to read the following:
    “Coming this May:
    The Office: An American Workplace. Ten years in the making, a look at the lives and loves of an average American small business office.”

  51. My favorite season 9 “tickled pink” moment was in The Junior Salesman episode 13. Meredith’s “Boom me” line was great. It was a good intro primarily because it was so different from any other cold open during the series.

    •Rolf:yells at a rabbit. Best line: “I hope you like Norwegian Black Metal, because I don’t do ear-buds

    •Dwight, Designer: His designs (summer, winter, jungle and formal) for Dunder-Mifflin uniforms was very funny.

    •Chris Diamantopoulos: Handsome Boom Operator Brian and his loving gaze at Pam gets a nod in the ‘good’ section tonight. Best part of the show.

    •Friends: Dwight’s friends provided most of the laughs, and it was good to see Mose back in action – and lying about his working at Dow Chemical.

    •Jim: Dropped a Florence and the Machine reference into the funny conversation with Clark, which was nice.

    •Clark: Totally holds his own versus Dwight as he jockeys for the sales rep gig. Also, a wintergreen man, and a Dove man.

  52. My “Tickled Pink” moment of the office this season was when Dwight and Angela asked Toby about men having sex! “Is it called red twining toby”?

  53. I loved the opener where we find out that Kevin ran over a turtle in the parking lot and he tries to fix the turtle in a variety of unsuccesful ways. Almost as good as the time he dropped his famous chili!!

  54. I’d have to say when Darryl screws up his job interview, but they hire him anyways. Funny and sweet at the same time

  55. The moment where I found myself “tickled pink” was Episode 9 Season 9. This was Dwight’s Christmas when he dressed as Belsnickel. This makes me laugh just thinking about it. It was just so funny and Rainn Wilson was so hilarious in this Episode. I also love Dwight’s quote, “You quit on Christmas, Christmas quits on you!” Hahhaha! (:

  56. Season 9 did not disappoint the long time office fans with so many memorable and gut aching moments. Meredith: “We’re out there, sweating our balls off every day, busting our balls. We deserve a Christmas party!” My “tickled pink” moment was the Dwight Christmas episode. Dwight (Rainn Wilson) is Belsnickel and judges each of his co-workers as “impish or admirable”, and Daryll has a little too much gluhwein and falls through the table at the end. This episode was without a doubt my favorite holiday episode.

  57. My favorite tickled pink moment was the episode titled lice. Where everyone in the office gets lice and Meredith shaved her head on live TV!

  58. My kids got lice this year, and it was only about one week later when the Lice episode aired. We were laughing and crying at the same time. We said “that’s so true!” and we absolutely loved it when Meredith shaved her head. Awesome.

  59. My favorite tickled pink moments of Season 9 have been many.

    * The dinner scene between Angela and Dwight after Angela takes care of his Aunt Shirley

    *when Erin and Pete send a text to each other from across the room.

    *Erin’s blossoming strength to say no!

    *When Daryl throws a cup on the floor of their apartment to show that their friendship is more important.

    *When Kevin stands up to the Mayor!

    *Clark all the time, every time

  60. The bonding moment between when Daryl and Jim, when Daryl throws a cup on the floor of their apartment.

  61. My tickled pink moment was when Darryl was at the interview with Athlead and he finally gained confidence and began handing out his ideas he had for the company. It was funny and sweet when he threw his voice to say “this guy is prepared!” Definitely a memorable Office season 9 moment for me!

  62. My favorite tickled pink moment was when they all got lice, and Dwight was counting down from inside the office and the bomb went off on him. Also when Meredith shaved her head it was hilarious!

  63. my favorite tickled pink moment is when pam goes to the new job interview and meets the new version of michael scott! it makes me miss michael scott and appreciate the fact that the show still recognizes his personality even though he isnt there anymore

  64. My “tickIed pink” moment from season 9 is when Toby thinks he is in a relationship with Nellie an tries to go for the kiss.

  65. My tickled pink moment was when Gabe came back to the office. He is just too awkward to the point where it’s hilarious.

  66. My favorite “tickled pink” moment during Season 9 was when Pam and Dwight joined forces to take revenge on the warehouse worker by painting his truck. Best prank ever. “Back to work. Draw his penis.” Haha!

  67. Definitely the bug bomb going off on Dwight. Poof! Then a quick cut to Stanley shaking his head and Meredith with her shaved head.

  68. My favorite tickle pink moment from season 9 so far has to be when Dwight gets his head stuck in a pumpkin! It was hilarious when we was reflecting over what he shouldn’t have done and then ended by walking in the parking lot with his briefcase! It was GREAT!

  69. My favorite moment of being tickled pink was when Jim pranked Dwight with asian Jim. It was hilarious and Dwight’s reaction was priceless!

  70. My favorite tickled pink moment was when Dwight made the fake fire drill in Season 3 and everybody’s ridiculously inappropriate reactions to trying to escape. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard in my life.

  71. Kevin. Turtle. Glue.

    I died laughing.

    And when Jim is super pumped about sleeping on a futon. That grin and him jumping on the bed like a 5 year old made me smile.

  72. My “Tickled Pink” moment this season from the office was when Andy (hottie!) comes back from his three month long boat trip. even though he was flustered, it was the best thing ever that the cast was all back together. (this made me tickled pink) the look on Erins face was priceless $$!!
    Me and my guuuurl here need to win this! I promise the night with be a BAJILLION times better with us there! <3 xoxo Angie!!

  73. My favorite tickled pink moment of season 9 was when Dwight was impersonating Andy and that priceless look on his face when Andy returned.

  74. AY, AY, AY
    My “Tickled Pink” moment was Kevin’s ‘Crazy Train’ entrance and “speech”. Kevin is totally the CHARM TYPE! =) I crack up about it thinking about it!

  75. My favorite tickled pink moment this season was when Erin mustered up the courage to kiss Pete before dumping Andy for good. Erin and Pete remind me so much of season 2 Jim and Pam days, which I absolutely love!

  76. When Jim forgot about an old prank that he set up for Dwight years ago. That was such a funny callback! Good luck to everybody!

  77. My favorite “Tickled Pink” moment of Season 9 was when Andy fired Pete because he started dating Erin and while Pete is trying to talk, Andy just continues to sing the lyrics to “Bad Day” over him obnoxiously. I could not stop laughing!

  78. Every moment of Dwight as Belsnickel, best Christmas episode ever!!! Cheer or fear!!! I was tickled pink the whole episode!

  79. My favorite Tickled Pink moment in season 9 was when Darryl was interviewing at Athlead and he shot a basketball and it went in to their fish tank and killed their fish

  80. My “Tickled Pink” moment from Season 9 was when Meredith shaved her head! It looked so real. We couldn’t stop laughing.

  81. my tickled pink moment had to be when jim made dwight think the electricity was right above and it was cooking popcorn so he rented a work bus that was hilarious

  82. My ticked pink moment was when Jim dumped his coffee out of Daryl’s mug in the slowest, most awkward way possible.

  83. My tickled pink moment was when Andy named new employee, Pete, “Plop” because he supposedly farts all the time.

  84. My “tickled Pink” moment was when Kevin told his story about his turtle. It’s one of my favorite Kevin scenes of the whole series.

  85. My “tickled pink” moment is when Dwight and Clark act as father and son just to get a sale. The funny thing is they actually look alike.

  86. Mi tickled pink moment has to be when Meredith shaved her head because of the lice situation. Epic Stuff.

  87. My tickled pink moment is when Pam and Dwight agree to prank Clark but Dwight takes it a bit too far by almost suffocating him to death.

  88. Pam seeing Merideth shave her head was amazing. I really thought she had shaved her head for real!

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