1. Notice the tense Jim used when talking about his brother’s job that the Philly arc is based on: “did,” past-tense. Perhaps an inadvertent slip? A slip that means JAM will remain in Scranton? I’m so glad we’ll finally get our show back in two weeks. Hopefully after this hiatus, there will be no more. Can’t wait!

  2. Terrific press conference. Tanster, were you there?

    [from tanster: no, but it looked pretty cool!]

  3. Please excuse my ignorance, but what is the TCA
    tour ? I clicked on the above link but still don’t know.

    [from tanster: Television Critics Association]

  4. Out of all the conflicts this season, JAM’s makes the most sense. They’ve always been building up to Jim wanting more and Pam finding her place in the office. Aside from the Brian thing, I feel like their story has been building up to this for far longer than season 9. Even though it’s unsettling to watch them fighting, I feel confident that they’ll work it out and that this will just further cement their relationship.

    I understand that they’re trying to bring artistry to the end, but I still don’t think that applies to all of the other situations happening in the series. Although JAM’s situation isn’t unfathomable, I still feel like a lot of other things are being rushed into the series before the finale. Situations and relationships that have developed over many seasons are starting to look like they can’t be properly resolved in the few episodes that are left (Andy/Erin, Dwight/Angela). Adding artistry to the ending doesn’t mean that there has to be drama written out of nowhere. I’m still rooting for a happy end to the series.

  5. Thanks for airing that video. It helps to hear Greg Daniels explain why Jim and Pam are having conflicts — in order to tie up loose ends in their relationship. GD is the boss and if he says so, I believe it. I always appreciate how he acknowledges the fans.

  6. Nice shout-out from GD when he mentions “the websites that follow the show”.
    Yay – the one and only Tally (the best thing on the internet since World War Two)

    Tanster, loving all the new quotes you’ve been posting on the banner/header !

    [from tanster: thanks! the taglines were contributed by fans over the years… they are awesome.]

  7. I love that John can say “That scene in Booze Cruise” and we all KNOW which scene he is talking about.

    And, there are “curveballs” in a marriage. It isn’t ‘happily ever after’. It’s still good and romantic and wonderful. Marriage is not the finale, it evolves and continues, in real life.

    I also agree with #5 “Jan”, it is good to hear Greg Daniels address the devoted fans (us!) and his desire to give us the best possible ending to the show. Not just the quick ending that would happen if the show was canceled.

  8. I hope Jim doesn’t move back to Scranton though! I get that Pam is reluctant to move, but Jim will not be happy in Scranton. We cannot have the season end with Jim returning to Dunder Mifflin for the rest of his days!

  9. I enjoyed this. I have always been intrigued with Jim and Pam’s love story and liked getting a little more info on where things are going, where things went and why.

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