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Here are two interviews with Oscar Nunez (“Oscar”):

  • MeeVee talks with Oscar Nunez

    What was the atmosphere like when you filmed the season premiere (The Gay Witch Hunt)? You got kissed by two men in the same episode.
    Two? Oh, that’s right, Rainn (Wilson, Dwight) got one in there at the end too. We shot that awhile ago. It was a wonderful experience. I did a couple of takes, but I didn’t know Steve (Carell) was going to kiss me. When I looked over, everyone was looking down and hiding their faces, laughing.

  • Interview with Oscar Nunez at (warning: website is NSFW):

    AE: So, speaking of actors, what is it like to work with Steve Carell?
    ON: It’s a dream come true. Except for Steve’s drinking problem, it’s wonderful. He rarely strikes me, but when he does, it’s because I deserve it. I mouth off. I’ve been an actor for 20 years, and it’s probably the most fun I’ve had.


  1. HAHAHAHA, WOW i wasn’t really ready for that afterelton site when i clicked on it. i think that warning might need to be a little bigger!

  2. Ha, I missed the warning too but my work filter blocked it for me. Though I’m not surprised it blocks everything! Luckily it doesn’t block OfficeTally yet!

  3. I like the note down there at the bottom of the website…

    “ is not affiliated with Elton John”.

  4. NSFW = Not safe for work

    I think it’s referring to the whole discussion on three ways. Cause other than that, it was fine, not raunchy at all.

    Yeah I agree, it’s cool how OfficeTally isn’t blocked like most things.

  5. I agree with John, below. Even, the description of NSFW you linked even specifically references audio and photographic content. There’s nothing NSFW about

  6. ummm…pretty much the entire overall content is NSE (not safe ever). sorry, no offense oscar.

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